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Twisted Rings

Living Through the Space of You

By Jess HaightPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
"Life, and all that lives, is conceived in the mist and not in the crystal. And who knows but the crystal is mist in decay?" The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Five twisted lines link to create a stable ring. There are four in total, and four bridges connect them, forming a circle around the group, four gateways pass into the physical world. Universe (one song) plucks these strings in space to the tune of time, playing the spectrum of colors in mind’s eye. Vibrations ripple out from a point, then sink into the abyss and disappear.

Sounds like a romantic story. What does it mean? Are we like those twisted lines running amuck, trying to manifest solidity, but destined to dissolve into nothing?

Why are humans confused about what we are?

After all, a cat knows who it is. A stinkbug knows what's up. Seems like other living things have a clue about why they're here.

But people? We act as if we're separate from nature when we're crafted from its very breath. Nature lives through us and shows itself in our waking visions. We revel in it, curse it, destroy it, cultivate it. We manipulate nature in every possible way, yet there seems to be no escape from its clingy grasp.

So, why do we refuse to believe we're part of it? For what purpose do we perpetuate this mentality? Running to and fro, competing with each other to no end, picking sides, making a million decisions in an attempt to figure things out. WHY?

As a species, we're breaking our backs on a fluffy mattress uniquely designed for a sound rest. Every point of contention becomes moot when realized it's contained within form; a light flickering through the gray folds of matter inside the brain.

What's really here?

Not one person on Earth can tell you. It's a concept in mind; a theory given labels to signify universal meanings. Soon, science will allow us a first look at the event horizon of the black hole in the center of our Milky Way galaxy. It's sure to be a brilliant and mesmerizing event, and new wisdom will be gained as we learn more about the space we're in. But, whatever images are revealed, wherever the light is vanishing off, you'll think about it in your own way.

The good news is, if you enjoy being you, there's eternal liberation! No one can mess with your essence. Energy can't be created or destroyed, it can only change forms, so you're safe within your cells.

To think for yourself and trust your intuition is key. After all, you're made of tissues and goo; compounded particles in form, seeing via a pupil. The words we claim point to the obvious, though meanings are cloaked in veils.

Why all the mystery? Similar to writing a book, humans must imagine things to relay messages, and therein lies the spell. The enchantment can be seen in its simplicity; possibility through emptiness.

The body is similar to a prism in that it allows light to shine in the mind. You are the brilliance occupying that space. Meanings are conjured by thought; thought is influenced by experience, experience is illusory and inevitable. How a person interprets information is entirely up to them. Moral positioning for common peace is easy when this concept is fully understood.

Treat others as you would be treated.

Emotions are like putty in our hearts. We shape and mold them based on our situations. Your presence feels vibes, like how mountains conceal caves or lakes hold water. The shifting scene is forever here, as it has been and will be. Nothing lives outside of experience, and as events are perceived, you are first and foremost aware. If you can remember this, then you'll find you're always viewing whatever happens from within, and there's no one else in that sacred, non-existent place.

Nothing gained is ever lost, and you can't un-know the truth of the matter.

Our unfolding reaches into a vast chasm of mysticism, banishing the notion of linear time. All things are here now, contained within form. As above, so below; ano, kato (up, down). Matter shifts when what was neutral receives a charge.

All timelines connect on this event horizon. You can flop like a fish out of water for as long as you like or you can swallow the ether and evolve. The evidence of our sovereignty is clear and thrives in every breath we take.

Here are three truths and a quote to keep you on track while immersed in the cyclical processes of the human experience:

1) Matter is empty and subject to thought.

2) Measurement of space isn't possible.

3) Forms change; embrace them all now.

"Three things that cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon, and the truth." - Buddha


About the Creator

Jess Haight

Jess Haight likes to be a writer and artist. Animals, rocks, and books are her jam. She was probably the town lamp lighter in a past life, either that or a crow. Both sound fine to her.


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