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The grandfather's paradox, the biggest problem for physicists

A little information about time travel

By ghadermPublished 8 months ago 4 min read

One day, specifically on the twenty-eighth of June of the year 2009, the British physicist Stephen Hawking thought of an idea, this idea was somewhat strange. A wheelchair looks at the clock, and waits for the invitees to come to the party.

But the surprise is that no one came to the party. The second surprise is that Stephen Hawking was not shocked because he knew that no one would come, and this party was an experiment by Stephen Hawking to prove that traveling through time to the past to return and attend the party is realistically impossible and the trick that Stephen did Hawking is that he sent the invitation after the party was over. It was a strange experience to confirm the impossibility of time travel and to go back to the past, and what was expected happened, and no one came.

Traveling through time, whether to the past or to the future, is a very, very old dream, whether for scientists, philosophers, or even ordinary people, and of course it is very exciting to go back to the past or travel to the future.

The idea itself is a strange idea, and the idea of ​​time travel was one of the most important topics in science fiction books, novels, and films.

It is theoretically possible for Einstein, provided that we can exceed the speed of light.

But time travel, although it is mathematically possible, is practically and practically impossible because it generates many, many logical contradictions and intellectual paradoxes.

Among these dilemmas, for example, is the dilemma of fate and destiny, which is, for example, suppose that you made a time machine and traveled to the past in order to, for example, prevent thieves from robbing a bank. You tried to prevent thieves from stealing.

One of these dilemmas and paradoxes, which is the subject of this article, is the grandfather paradox.

Imagine with me that you were able to go back to the past, specifically to the day your grandfather was born.

And when you saw him born, you killed him, since you killed your grandfather, then your father will not be born, and therefore you will also not be born, so you were not born, you do not exist, and as long as you do not exist, you will not be able to travel in time to the past to kill your grandfather.

I know it messes up the brain and that's why they called it the grandfather paradox. This paradox isn't just about going back to the past and killing your grandfather so you won't be born.

Rather, it is complicated because it can change the whole of history. Let us suppose, for example, that a person traveled in time to the past and killed the Serbian student who killed the King of Austria, and thus the King of Austria will not die, and the world war will not be in the first place, and measure all events in human history.

The grandfather paradox is considered a thorn in the side of all those who believe that time travel can be a reality, especially time travel to the past, or even think of becoming a reality because it is basically just finding a solution to the dilemma. The solution itself is full of logical contradictions, and among these solutions For example, the dilemma is the assumption of other multiple universes, infinite universes other than the universe in which we live, and these multiple universes are themselves illogical assumptions and there is no evidence for them.

That is, you solve an illogical dilemma with something else that does not make sense.

Although relativity says that time travel is theoretically possible, quantum mechanics gives an answer that it is not possible, and most quantum scientists believe that time travel is impossible on the ground, and that time has one specific direction.

Of course, no one was able to make a time machine to travel to the past, but even the mere idea of ​​making a time machine is in itself an incorrect thing, because if you made it, you could go back in time to the past, so every action you do will have an effect on the future, meaning that you can do something An act, and this act, for example, will prevent your grandfather and grandmother from meeting in an indirect way, and thus cancel your existence from the ground up, and as long as you do not exist, then you will not be able to make a time machine.

Therefore, the mere claim of a person that he can make a time machine is, in fact, a saying that contradicts itself at the same time.

Of course, I know that the issue is mysterious and confusing, and by the way, time is something or one of the biggest mysteries in religion, in philosophy, in science.

It is an incomprehensible mystery even more than the mystery of life and death. Puzzles that have no solutions or it is difficult to find solutions to them are always interesting and you always have a longing to know the secrets of these puzzles.

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