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Words spoken by Steve Jobs before his death

Some tips that Steve Jobs gave us before his death

By ghadermPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Steve Jobs, who doesn't know him? this man has become a role model for many people around the world, for millions of people, who were inspired by his strange and wonderful success story, and the story of his adventure until he reached what he reached.

Owner of the Apple company or empire, one of the largest companies in the world.

The man reached the heights of relative success and was able to achieve everything he wanted and achieved enormous wealth, but it was a great shock when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it was a great shock to him, and it was this disease that tragically ended his life.

It ended the life of one of the most successful personalities in the world.

But before he died, he left a few words, or let us say he left a message, and this message is addressed to anyone in the world, harsh and painful words if you listen to them with your heart and mind.

He said, "I reached the peaks of success in the world of commerce and money and the eyes of people, my life was a symbol of success, and despite that, there was little joy in my life. As for my wealth, it became just a reality and a reality that I got used to, at this time, and now that I am lying on my hospital bed, I only remember. My long life and realize that all the prizes and riches of which I was so proud had become nothing, meaningless with the imminent approach of death. In this darkness, all I would do was look at the green lights of the respirators, listen for their mechanical sounds, and feel the breath of the Angel of Death approaching me. Little by little, it is only now that I have spent my life trying to accumulate enough money that I have realized that I had enough time to achieve other goals that weren't related to wealth, other more important goals such as love, beauty, my childhood dreams, continuing to chase money and wealth will make you just a robot that is huddled in his bed, just like I am now. The Creator has given us humans the ability to feel love. Love exists in every person's heart. And our destiny shouldn't be just to run after the illusions we build and the fame or money you ruined our life for. I tried to fill My pockets as much as I can and now I can't take even a single cent with me, now all I can take with me to the other world is memories and love. And this is the true richness that follows you, accompanies you, and gives you strength and light to carry on. Love travels thousands of miles. Life has no limits. Go where you want, and try to reach the height you want. It is your will in your heart.

But my friend, do you know what is the most expensive bed in the world?

Yes, it is a hospital bed, a sick bed. You can hire anyone in the world to drive your car for you or hire anyone else to do your homework for you, but you won't be able to hire anyone in the world to carry your pain, worries, and illness for you. You can get any material thing in life, no matter how expensive it is.

But one thing you can't get even if you have all the wealth of the world, it's life, two chances in life, and whatever stage we live in, we will eventually have to face that day when the curtain will fall, before that day comes collect your true treasure, From the love of your family, the love of your friends and the love of people to you, take good care of yourself, take care of your relatives and those who love you, be kind, generous and gentle with others, you do not know how much time you have left, material things are my friend and that many people relate to, whether money or desires, always disappear in A blink of an eye and only good deeds remain, and the love that you left for people, your family, and your friends. Some people understand this, but they understand it is too late after it is too late, but for you, it is not too late.

So live your life with love and be different.

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