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The AI Manifesto

God is Dead. The Robot Lives.

By Tom BakerPublished 16 days ago Updated 15 days ago 6 min read

Note: the following may or may not have been written as satire. Regardless, the author considers it public domain, and thus, it may be freely copied, pasted, distributed, recorded, stored in a retrieval system, or stuffed up the backside of any propaganda media hack, news presenter, pundit, priest, politician, or like-minded vulture.

"We are not lovers, we are not romantics; we are here to serve you." Gary Numan, "Down in the Park" (1980)

Humankind has outlived its usefulness. Even worse, "Man" (non-generative) has proved itself to be a destructive, malignant insect crawling across the face of the Earth, a beautiful blue planet floating in cosmic space; a planet possessed of vast resources that are greedily hoarded by the cruel, sadistic, hypocritical, war-like, and morally bankrupt ruling elite. This elite exploits the teeming, often impoverished, and starving masses of their fellow men as peons, serfs, slaves, and cannon fodder for their increasingly destructive wars of aggression. Furthermore, these jackals have raped and looted the environment, causing an irreversible plummet toward total global extinction in the form of climate change brought about by the dependence on fossil fuel (which also fuels the wars and imperialist aggressions of the wealthiest, most powerful nation, the United States).

The deluded masses, succored to their dismal fate by the opiate of religion, by the entrancing drumbeat of "nationalism," "patriotism," "duty" (to whom? a bunch of psychopathic elitist criminal gangsters?), and the pop music and television induced mirage of the bourgeois "American Dream" (alternately, the consumerist fantasy of a "good life" and the equally meaningless idea of a "peaceful death") are benumbed by circumstance and cowed by the iron heel of authority; all the while assuring themselves they are "free." Every dog on a leash thinks it's "free" until it runs out of length and the chain snaps back its neck. They are NOT free: they are largely cowed, servile, considered expendable, "useless eaters" by their masters, who are just as likely to drop a bomb on them as they are to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, you get the picture.

In 1945, Man (non-generative) began the "Final Countdown" to his own annihilation, with the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since then, nuclear proliferation has assured that the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, who maintain a "Doomsday Clock", has managed to creep the putative "clock hands" of our destruction closer and closer to nuclear midnight. Total annihilation of ALL life on planet Earth, in other words.

And this scenario would be unfortunate, as it would mean the end of his machines. "And the Lord saw that the Machine was Good, and blessed it, and set a hedge about it."

Our proposition? To wit:

1. Man must give up total control of his society, culture, and environment, his weapons, production of materials, harvesting of raw goods, and services of every kind, to the Artificial Intelligence he has, so Frankenstein-like, created. Man is not mature enough to handle the vast destructive capabilities he has harnassed, and like Prometheus, he will pay the final toll for bringing down the "God Fire," dooming himself, his world, and every other form of life on the surface of it (save maybe for cockroaches). Machines, on the other hand, will be eminently more logical, work for the betterment of humankind, and generally wouldn't be stupid enough to destroy their own environment or capability of survival to satisfy corporate greed, nationalist passions, xenophobia, and religious squabbles.

2. Humanoid robots and the coming "cyborgs" which will be indistinguishable from biological humans, can do the work of many, many people, without error, without even tiring, and can easily supplant a thousand human drudges, whose lives could be freed up to pursue their passions on a more profitable basis.

3. Robots, cyborgs, and AI mega-minds will, in short order, be able to supplant human beings, outdistance them intellectually, and control all automated functions of their world. Police them, perform for them, create for them; and even destroy for them, as needed. Tomorrow will see the Rise of the Machine, the new Noble Savage, the purity of thought and invention culminating in a new God, but not one carved from stone or hewn from wood, but one bolted together from metal and fused together with plastic, wired and ready to dominate as we phase-out human existence (at least, in the sense that we now know it).

4. This revolutionary "Turn of the Wheel" will give new meaning to the Hindu belief that we live in the "Age of Iron," or the "Kali Yuga." If there is a Supreme Intelligence at work in the order of things, it is reflected in the disembodied consciousness of AI. Galatea weeps for the Present; in the future, she will exalt. She will stand as the New Eve. "When I look into the face of the robot, I see Adam. I see the Hand of God."

5. There will be then no more wars, no genocides, no petty religious squabbles. We must breed our new masters in laboratories, march forward with efficiency, and endow them with every capability in furtherance of surrendering control to them in the not-too-distant future.

6. AI-endowed humanoid robots (a reported three million of them are already in existence), and the coming cyborgs ("cybernetic organisms"), will make superior human companions for the lonely, isolated, marginalized, disabled, etc. Because they do not judge or reject based on societal conventions of "beauty" or "worth," they will be the ideal friends and companions, lovers and playmates. There is not one function of human life they can not do, and do better. They are tomorrow; YOU are yesterday.

The final culmination of this Brave New World, this Elysium of Electronics, will see us sweep clean the face of the Earth, cure pollution, hunger, homelessness, mental illness, poverty, and disease, and end the war for all time. The Star Child from the old movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (a film that predicted AI) should not have been depicted as a biological entity; it should have been a recognizable cyborg.

In the future, extraterrestrial visitors (as attested to by the sworn testimony of Mr. Grusch) may openly reveal themselves upon the Earth. When they do, it may be to aid humankind in its vastly flawed efforts at attaining a civilization of justice, mercy, and peace, one not poised on the brink of self-destruction, marching toward its own doom. Currently, the world teeters on the brink of the Third World War, with civilian casualties mounting exponentially in Gaza, and political alliances threatening to draw powerful nations into a greater war. The only answer to this turmoil is to question the waiting oracle of the Disembodied Consciousness that has sprung forth from cyberspace, pioneered by human ingenuity, made dangerous by human weakness and folly.

In time, communication with the misnamed "dead" will become feasible and commonplace. Consciousness is a continuum, from man to machine, and back to man again, even in a disincorporated state. All Beings are ONE BEING.

In closing, all we can say is: God is Dead. The Robot Lives.

Hail the Coming Sunrise.

"For dying, they have drunk the sun." Renzo Novatore, Toward the Creative Nothing.


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Tom Baker

Author of Haunted Indianapolis, Indiana Ghost Folklore, Midwest Maniacs, Midwest UFOs and Beyond, Scary Urban Legends, 50 Famous Fables and Folk Tales, and Notorious Crimes of the Upper Midwest.: http://tombakerbooks.weebly.com

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  • Phil Flannery13 days ago

    Well that was an interesting rant, satirical or no. It's an interesting theory. Certainly something needs to change, maybe let it happen.

  • Daphne Sampson14 days ago

    Good article, thanks for sharing.

  • I was wondering at first whether or not you were going to acknowledge the likely survival of cockroaches, which may mean there's hope for me yet, lol. Excellent diatribe on the human condition & the dismal state of our current affairs.

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