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Sole Survivor: Chapter 3


By Mel E. FurnishPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Sole Survivor: Chapter 3
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"We'll be arriving soon," Dr. Z'las's voice echoed into the study from the strange device he left. Lithia sprinted to his desk from a nearby bookshelf with a book in her hands.

"That's his tele; he will most likely hand us all our own once we land. He doesn't want anyone to be left without a way to reach out," Kyth explained as he grinned.

Lithia smirked as she turned away and continued reading the book she carried. The pages were filled to the brim with information on the planet they were about to land on, Dr. Z'las's homeworld. The unique world was called Lasyca, home to billions. Long ago, Lasyca was plagued with war and destruction, so the inhabitants nearly wiped themselves and many other lifeforms out.

0 B.S. (Before Space) is when the planet first had contact with outsiders beyond their world. Over the thousands of years prior, millions of lives were lost to war. The book described a vast timeline of events that shaped the direction of history for generations. Within its lines, Lithia learned that strangers from the stars declared a new era to start anew and bring peace. These explorers were from a distant galaxy, revealing incredible technologies and building powerful ships and structures unlike anything before.

200 B.S. was when an ancient city known as Gorvita was destroyed within seconds by the hands of the society that once thrived there. The aliens had claimed this event was what finally pushed them to begin making efforts to save Lasyca from its own people. They began helping the various races and species of the planet to form more effective groups that worked together toward common goals. The strangers quickly became mentors, friends, and soon family within the next several years.

The new knowledge of Dr. Z'las's home planet spun Lithia's mind, yearning for more answers as questions surged through her head. Before she could ask Kyth about the aliens who saved Lasyca, a loud rumbling shook the entire spaceship.

A large door opened and inside stepped Dr. Z'las. "We're here. If you'd like to join us for a little tour before the speech, you're welcome to. If you'd rather stay on the ship, that's also fine."

Lithia glanced at Kyth with furrowed brows. "What's the speech about?"

Dr. Z'las chuckled. "It's a speech to celebrate the 8,100th anniversary of the day that my homeworld started advancing beyond the chaos that was once celebrated," Dr. Z'las clarified. "I was born in 8,056 A.S., so the planet had already made it over 8,000 years without the same levels of destruction it suffered before.

"Unfortunately, the mayhem isn't fully eradicated; of course, battles of different sorts still leave a lot of pain. Hopefully, one day there will be better peace; I know a utopia is unlikely," he smirked as he shrugged. "Nonetheless, we shall continue to celebrate the progress that has been made, so that is why we have an annual festival for it."


Brilliant sunlight nearly blinded those who strolled down the packed streets. All over, species of all kinds, some human and some humanoid, wore smiles as they prepared for the upcoming event. Cheers roared throughout the city as many surrounded a vast, spiraling building with thriving plants shrouding its exterior.

Lithia tried to stay close behind Dr. Z'las as they exited the vast spaceship, clutching her tele tight in her right hand. Around her neck hung the heart-shaped locket she soon grasped with her left hand. Her breathing quickened as the overwhelming thunder of voices and cheers exploded around them. Z'las calmly strolled by as various guards with thick armor, and dark-tinted helmets stood tall, holding a line to create a walkway for them.

Lithia's pulse hastened as her brown eyes darted back and forth, trying to take everything in. Skyscrapers with unique structures and various plantlife swarming their balconies and windows stretched high into the sky. Enormous dome-ceiling structures stood throughout the city. Lithia's jaw dropped as she scanned the scene. The spaceship landing was at the top of a large building with many tall, open corridors connecting hundreds of establishments throughout the city.

As they passed through, Lithia glanced over the railings covered in ivy and assorted flowers to see canals below that rippled through the city next to sidewalks covered in blossoms and bushes. They approached a balcony in the middle of the soaring spiraling tower within a few moments. They entered a vast terrace when they reached the bottom of the tower.

Encasing the streets and parks around the balcony where thousands of civilians were. Once Dr. Z'las stepped closer into view, their cheers echoed throughout the city. Lithia stood close to Kyth as the people unleashed their excitement.

"Now here he is, one of our very own from here in this beautiful city of Solisa, the founder of Nivera Tech, the descendant of our world's saviors, Dr. Z'las Ryx Korin!" announced a woman's voice from a nearby balcony. The speakers blasted an upbeat tune as a band played a passionate symphony.

Dr. Z'las stepped toward the Nivera Tech Building's balcony railing and waved with a grin. As he started his speech, Kyth leaned closer to Lithia and whispered, "Nivera was a young, gorgeous Seraphis - an angelic humanoid, with powerful wings and exquisite abilities. Her home planet was destroyed when she and Z'las were very young; they were misfits together on a refugee ship that Z'las's parents drove across the universe.

"Over the years, they fell in love, and before she mysteriously was murdered, it was rumored they had a child. He named this building after her to open up scientific opportunities for civilians here in the city known as Solisa. No one knows where their child is, not even Z'las… I believe he's been hoping to find answers on our travels."

Abruptly a loud boom shook the balcony as fire engulfed shattering glass and crumbling beams and pillars. Lithia's eyes widened with sheer terror as her heart pounded against her chest. Kyth curtly grabbed her hand and pulled her away toward their destination, back to the ship. As they raced from the bombs, Lithia tried to look over her shoulder to see Z'las. All she could see was smoke rising and people flooding the streets out of utter panic.




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