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Power of Psychologistics

'Psychologistics' is a 1970s operating manual for the mind that still works today.

By Stephanie GladwellPublished 8 years ago 4 min read

T. A. Waters was a lifelong student of the mental sciences. His 1970s book Psychologistics was an operating manual for the mind. The program can allow the brain to:

  • Develop a more retentive memory.
  • Read faster, with full comprehension.
  • Think more efficiently.
  • Discover other people's secret thoughts.
  • Influence others to do as you wish.
  • Work with less strain at the peak of your abilities.

Few of us use more than a small percentage of our total brainpower. Deep down, we know that we are potentially capable of much more than we ever actually achieve. A kind of mental cloud seems to hang over us. Sometimes it lifts a little, and we get one of those wonderful days when everything we do seems easy. If only we could penetrate that cloud whenever we wanted to.

With Psychologistics, T. A. Waters shows you how to do just that. He teaches tapping the virtually inexhaustible powers of your Overmind. Yes, there is a thing called the Overmind.

What your Overmind can do for you is remember practically everything you have ever learned or experienced and then forgotten. The Overmind observes and records details that your conscious mind may never notice . It goes on solving problems while you sleep, or while you are consciously attending to something entirely unrelated . Often it presents its findings in the form of inspirations, hunches, or intuitions. The Overmind can, if properly used, perform mental feats that lie entirely beyond your conscious power.

The Overmind is always there.

Overmind by Adam S. Doyle

It is, in effect, an Overmind. It is always there, ready to answer your questions. If you ask them in the right way. Now, imagine what it would be like if you could, even in limited measure, have access to this Overmind, making it work for you, not sporadically and unpredictably, but at your command.

Mind, Myth and Magick explains fringe science of mentalism. This very unique book has near 250 effects of magic and mind reading. Water's explains book and symbol tests, fortunetelling, as well as tarot card reading and other classic topics such psychometry and billet work.

While insight is very important, it is never enough by itself.

Other books on this subject have often taken a mystical, or quasi-religious approach,as if you had only to become aware of your full mental resources to make them instantly available. Unfortunately, as T.A. Waters points out, it just doesn't work that way. While insight is very important, it is never enough by itself.

In Psychologistics, T. A. Waters offers you a set of specific, practical techniques, which can be applied almost immediately.

The Psychologistics system draws upon all of the things man has learned from ancient times up till today-psychology and physiology, the science of mnemonics and the art of speed-reading, Eastern philosophy, formal logic, the findings of such researchers as Lischer and Birren in the psychology of color. All these and more are made to work together, each supplementing and reinforcing the others, in a program designed to vastly increase the operating efficiency of your mind.

The four steps in talking to the Overmind can be a powerful means of uncovering your real thoughts and feelings.

The Mentalisman is an amazingly effective device for consulting the problem solving modules of your inner computer, or scanning its extensive data base. You can make one in a minute from a small weight and a piece of string.

The revealing parlor game of Mystico. It looks like fun-and it is. But it can tell you a great deal about people's secret thoughts without their realizing it.

New practical uses for old occult equipment. The Ouija board, the planchette, and even the crystal ball, can be made to yield valuable and perfectly valid information-for reasons not in the least supernatural. If you can't get hold of a crystal ball, there is a very good substitute as close as your kitchen sink.

Increase your memory power.

Psychologistics will show you how to increase your memory power. An introduction to the classic mnemonic systems-including the Digital-Analog system, upon which all modern memory science is based. There is also a simple trick with which you can astonish your friends by quickly scanning a new magazine and then rattling off its general contents and illustrations page by page.

Using Psychromatics you can determine what a person's color preferences-and color rejections-can tell you about his innermost personality.

The art of Personalysis helps accurately deduce information about someone simply by looking at him. Here are Sherlock Holmes' famous techniques of observation and analysis, and the basic statistical clues used by expert fortune tellers to astound their customers.

Psycontrol, or the gentle art of persuasion includes three ingenious steps for getting another person to agree with you...by letting him think he's come up with the idea himself.

The hyperconscious mind is a spectacular Psychologistic technique for the adept only, which have been used by some of the master mentalists of all time. Nothing valuable is ever achieved without some effort. T.A Water's vintage books contain exercises, tests, and mental experiments, and you must really practice them. Otherwise, this book will have about as much effect on you as if you were to read a book of physical exercises without actually performing any of them.

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