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My Open Letter to Mr. Musk...

A not so subtle missive to the most famous geek in the world and the rest of it...

By Marshall BarnesPublished 3 years ago 19 min read
"Civilization can end here on Earth with a bang or a whimper..."

...Matt Klontz: 7 months ago

Dear Elon Musk,

Forget about Mars and your Tesla...build a time machine and take us back to the 80's!!!


Generation Xershttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0JqC2UDpoE&lc=UgyMnfqegi1V-d94Hq54AaABAg

Dear Mr. Musk:

The above sentiment is an actual comment posted on Youtube in the comments section for the music video of Eddie Money's song, I Want To Go Back, an '80s hit about longing for the "good old days" of the past. If you take the time at all to read through some of the remarks there, you will notice that Matt's sentiment is not alone.

I'm the* Marshall Barnes, advanced concept, science and technology R&D engineer and super innovation expert, with fundamental research background in temporal physics and the practical applications of the extreme implications of quantum mechanics. Among other things.

For all of the familiar pangs of nostalgia that everyone can have for the past, Matt has a point that goes to the very heart of the fear that you and I both share and is the driving force behind our biggest projects - the end of the world as we know it.

Remember the Code Conference where you admitted that you hope we're in a simulation? Remember why? 3:08 on the video counter: "We should actually hope that that's true because otherwise if civilization stops advancing, then that may be due to some calamitous event that erases civilization".

You asked what's wrong with your argument. That's simple - it violates causality. We can't be in a simulation based on what a predicted future is that hasn't even happened yet. If civilization stops advancing - so what? If we're already in a simulation, that means that the civilization that created it didn't stop. It only matters if that future hasn't happened yet.

That end of civilization that we both fear isn't the only reason why the future is nothing more than tenuous - that expected increase in computing power, which is the impetus behind all of this speculation, may not happen based on the fact that VR easily uses video live action footage that's created without computers and an explosive increase in such production would render increased computing power an unnecessary component in the quest for greater realism. Live action video, while it will increase realism, doesn't require the computing power that could then be extended into mimicking our reality down to its function on an elementary level in a simulation. I know. My background was in video technology and advanced production and I've been developing mind interfacing software for realistic integration that's not computer based.

I already mastered psychoactive video entertainment back in 1991. That background led to my 2006 invention of technocogninetics, with the encouragement of Dr. Itiel Dror - then of the University of Southampton which led to development research of such applications to solve psychological challenges for long manned voyages in space. I presented two such talks for the Mars Society in 2010 and 2012.

Graphic from Mars Society web site showing the abstract for my 2010 presentation.

1991 Post magazine article on Seeing the Breykiot, first and still only psychoactive rock video album

Projecting the power of what I was just seeing as possible with mind/machine interfacing, 1991.

Remember what you said at the Code Conference?

1:38 "If you assume any rate of improvement, at all, then the games will become indistinguishable from reality."

And how much time did you give for all of this to happen?

On the counter - 1:57 "Let's just say it's 10,000 years in the future, which is nothing on the evolutionary scale."

That may be, Elon but we don't have 10,000 years. In fact, you and I both know that. Remember what you said about how long we have before an AI becomes intelligent enough to take over? At 6:44 in the video below:

You predicted the year to be 2025. That's 3 years from now. So that means 2 very important things. We're not in a simulation by your own standards, and we're running out of time if you're correct about your AI prediction. Not only that, there are now predictions that we are facing civilization collapse in 5 years. And that means SpaceX can't save us, or Neuralink, or your boring, Boring Company nor any of the other space exploration dreams by anyone else. I already proved that in my articles, Jeff Bezos and the great SPACE MISTAKE and Elon Musk's Losing Bet.

I used to be a space advocate and involved with the space industry until I realized that civilization itself was being threatened and space was no solution, not only due to the cost and inefficiency, but the simple fact that we could be running out of time.

But it's not AI that worries me. I know how to destroy AI, all of it and have for some time.

There was an AI secret resistance group formed back in the '80s that I knew about, who planned on assassinating AI researchers when things started to get on the verge of AI development becoming dangerous, which is probably about where you think it is now. Why no killings yet? Because now, anyone smart enough, to eventually take the subject seriously, already knows that AI can be killed and they don't tell how because in a war for survival you don't give your secrets away to the enemy.

As much as you've pondered the AI issue, I'm surprised you haven't figured the true gambit out. Perhaps its the level of digitalcentrism that you have, that propensity to see things through the lens of late 20th century computer culture. You know, Zuckerman's got it bad, which is why he disagrees with you so vehemently over AI. You've got it enough to be distracted by the tech of it, so much so that you think the only way to beat AI is to get plugged into it. "If you can't beat them, join them," remember? And that's why you mention what to do about the mass unemployment, that I agree will be the result that AI will create, is Universal Basic Income...

THINK! If unemployment gets so bad that there will be no one to buy the goods and services being provided by robots and AI unless people get UBI - the government might as well give the money straight to the companies! None of the candidates running for President of the United States in 2020 even addressed the issue, except a few pathetic attempts by Yang.

So this is your Soylent Green moment, Elon:

The reason no one is addressing what to do about massive unemployment, caused by AI and robots, is because DEAD PEOPLE DON'T NEED JOBS! It's not my idea but for decades now, there has been a plan to reduce the Earth's population to .5 billion and the easiest way is disease, war and rigged natural disasters as well as real ones. AI and robots will diligently clean up the carnage and the mess from the next World War which is probably already being planned, as you have suspected, and then rebuild and create a high tech utopia for the survivors who have spent most of the apocalypse living underground.

Now, this is something I'm sure you haven't seriously considered but I have. A world with less than a billion people, all labor being done by automation and the vision of a Gaia utopia realized - the world restored to what it once was. That's what it's all about.

One example of this train of thought is the first statement on the Georgia Guide Stones, the huge mysterious slabs that were paid for by a secret group. It states, to limit the WORLD POPULATION TO 500,000,00.

So much for your fears of population collapse! But there are more people preaching population reduction like this girl at a Tedx talk.

Or this former Baywatch actress.

And of course plenty of so-called, "intellectuals" like University of Texas biologist Eric Pianka who allegedly received standing ovations when he called for a 90% reduction in the Earth's population from Ebola. Of course his type never think that they should be the ones with multiple organ failure, severe bleeding, delirium, seizures and coma. Oh nooo...

So, in the end, it doesn't matter what you think, Elon. Somewhere in the shadows there is an agenda to get rid of most us on the planet. Population collapse is what is wanted. The horrific solution to your upside down pyramid population model - where the few young have to work to maintain a social safety net for a vast number of elders, is right in front of you. That's the reason to fear AI robotics - because it makes possible the mass extermination of billions of people by letting the robots run the things people would! Add that to the laundry list of doomsday scenarios you're already afraid of - pretty much the same as the Dooms Day clock list, and something must be done or most, if not all of us are dead.

So what's the solution? Time travel to the distant past. I've done a research study which concluded with a project report called Temporal Escape for Earth:12KB4 or Earth 12 thousand years before now, when all of the major calamities of the ancient past are out of the way and the world population is small. You've said it yourself -

"You gotta take big chances in order for the potential of a big positive outcome."

I've already taken those chances. Shifted the majority of my focus to this end, as I determined in 2015 that the world is most likely headed to an apocalyptic reality and this is what the best chance of 100% survival of all the potential threats is. I've studied the applicable science based on what it would take to succeed and anyone thinking that such a model stems from Einstein's theories of relativity hasn't taken a serious look at the problem or lacks, quite frankly, the mental acumen to even be allowed in the conversation.

You've often said that the best way to approach a problem is to boil things down to first principles, the fundamental truths of the matter and then reason up from there, especially if you're trying something new. As you know, physicists have used that approach to figure out counter intuitive subjects with much success. The problem is, as I've written before, no one has taken time travel to the past serious enough to apply the same methodology to the problem.

In particular tech geeks, who believe that getting their time travel science from science fiction is getting time travel science. They would have to know all of the following subjects and their applicability to the time travel issue, to even be taken seriously as far as resolving a solution:

1. Both theories of Relativity (just so you know what everyone else knows and why you can avoid it)

2. Teleparallelism (Einstein's unfinished Unified Field Theory of gravity and electromagnetism. Because it provides the power solutions without the enormous requirements of General Relativity)

3. The Principle of Resonance (just do it so you'll know how to apply it to #4)

4. Rene Thom's Catastrophe Theory ( the study of how things can build up within a system and cause sudden changes )

5. Crystallography (the study of crystalline structures, i.e. metal - think fuselages, vessel bodies)

6. Buckminster Fuller's designs (think fuselages, test chambers, and time stations)

7. Black holes (as an extension of GR)

8. Wormholes (as an extension of GR and understanding multiply connected spaces and exploration of Wheeler's suggestion that where they connect could be influenced quantum mechanically.)

9. Spooky Action at a Distance (beyond quantum entanglement )

10. Bell's Theorem (standard entanglement)

11. Quantum Teleportation (entanglement used to teleport information)

12. John Archibald Wheeler's 'it from bit' (pertaining to the information basis of the universe)

13. Torsion physics (the effects of twisting on space-time structures which could lead to the creation of controllable wormholes)

14. Closed Time-like Curves (to understand theoretical space-time geometries which others think are connected to time travel)

15. The Five Factors Proving the Parallel Universes of Hugh Everett III and John Archibald Wheeler (so you can know why parallel universes are now proved real and why)

16. Tim Folger Discover's a Time Machine (time machine structure)

17. Tesseracts (for geometric descriptions of multiple realities)

18. Spatial 4th dimension (same reason as #17 and as how other spaces can connect outside of those that are compactified)

19. Retrocausality (to understand a basic, conceptual element of time travel)

20. Quantum Mechanics (to understand a key element of time travel and the nature of reality

21. Temporal Mechanics (to understand the nature of time)

22. Synchronicity (to understand a key link to the Participatory Universe)

23. The Participatory Universe ( to understand the nature of reality and how to manipulate it)

24. Nikola Tesla's Intelligent Energy (to contemplate the application of esoteric physics)

25. Information physics and a digital universe (as a basis for reality, i.e. 'it from bit')

26. Quantum and Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling (think travel methods)

25. Time slips (anecdotal evidence of natural time travel geometries that mimic the latest time travel method discoveries)

26. Time Travel Paradoxes (by reading my book, Paradox Lost: The True Geometries of Time Travel based on my special report for select members of the United States Congress)

27. Chaos Mathematics and Fractal Geometry

28. Differential Equations (As a means of mental programming and exercise to recognize relationships across multiple systems and causal relationships)

29. Necker Cube Physics (How the geometry of the Necker Cube and beyond, can lead to a superior understanding of the inherent nature of geometrical configurations that relate to translational states.)

Bell Labs' information wizard, Richard Hamming, had this to say about "important" physics problems not pursued at Bell - "The three outstanding problems in physics, in a certain sense, were never worked on while I was at Bell Labs. By important I mean guaranteed a Nobel Prize and any sum of money you want to mention. We didn't work on (1) time travel, (2) teleportation, and (3) antigravity. They are not important problems because we do not have an attack. It's not the consequence that makes a problem important, it is that you have a reasonable attack..."

It is that lack of a "reasonable attack" that has stymied progress on time travel for so long and makes the excellent chance that everything you know about time travel is wrong because most of the available information on it, is wrong. All of it, if it's all paradoxes, changing the past to change the future, going faster than than light to reach the past, closed time-like curves, needing a black hole, needing a wormhole, and all of the tropes from Hollywood's badly written and theorized pretensions. There's not one time travel book or movie that gets it right and the writers and producers don't care. I know. I've even lectured on it at science fiction conventions like Silicon Valley Comic Con.

So the best solution to the problem of the future is one that no one has considered. It gives us a place to go with all the resources we need and none of the downsides of establishing bases on some dead planet in space. It's a thousand times cheaper to get there than the moon or beyond, if it succeeds.

I've been researching the concept of time travel, off and on since 1991, but in 2012 I got serious about it and it was becoming part of my fundamental area of research along with advanced propulsion ideas in aerospace.

Now, three years after, Canada's Neil Turok of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, told the BBC program, Horizon that the answers for time travel to the past would be found in quantum mechanics, I am the first ever to publish a double blind, peer reviewed paper establishing the basis for that statement as a fact. The paper did so with photographically documented physical experiments and the creation of a device based in part on the 1992 theoretical time machine idea of 2009 American Medal of Science award winner, Yakir Aharonov. It demonstrates decoherence from a superpositional state into various anomalous results matching those predicted for a successful test for the many-worlds interpretation by German astrophysicist, Rainer Plaga, in 1995 and published in the journal, Foundation of Physics, in 1997. Even the source for all the extra energy for these other universes has been dealt with by Nobel Laureate, Frank Wilczek, in his paper, Remarks on Energy In the Many-Worlds . Proof positive that I certainly have what Hamming would call, a plan of attack and thus an important problem.

I know you seem to be quite enamored with the Chinese...

Well, the Chinese, after hemming and hawing, are covertly trying to figure time travel out, linked to my exposing the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, for fudging their PR on discovering a photon will never go faster than the speed of light. Their argument - it would make time travel appear impossible. Not so. Not even remotely related.

Then after I started to get exposure for my own breakthrough work in the Pacific portion of the world, via Australia's New Dawn Magazine, a sudden rumor broke out, but was then withdrawn - that China was building a time machine!

After studying the technical information as closely as I could, I recognized that some effort was made to at least look like there is interest in building a serious time travel technology effort in China, and the "yes, we are", "no, we're not" game is their version of 3 card Monte in hopes of attracting foreign interests in the possibility of doing a time travel project there or to just challenge the West with the ultimate level of technological development - with plausible deniability.

From what I've seen, they're barking up the wrong tree. It looks like they don't even know half of knowledge on the subject that I do and I could actually save them a lot of money and probably get the job done - if I was inclined to work with the ChiComs which, as a patriotic, true American, I'm not. However, more than half of the claims made in the released Power Point report are rubbish, derived from misinterpretations of relativistic physics, which I know will get them nowhere except some bizarre and potentially dangerous results that would be great theoretical engineering porn to watch.

In contrast, I have an active facility for my project, which we've begun to raise money for, with a $100,000 cap. The reason that the alleged China project requires so much land and so much more money is the nature of what they're trying, how, and their interpretation of the physical requirements. We're at the end of our conceptual research and looking for the last experiment to conduct that will prove we're on the right track, before we take everything black for security reasons.

This situation of China's propensity for attempts at mimicry (to say the least) I know you are well aware of.

But China is nowhere near having the knowledge to attempt any serious time travel project with a chance of success at all - so rooted as it appears in what we space-time engineers refer to as "brute force physics". They need someone like me that's qualified to be a director as well as project manager and principle investigator, but I certainly won't be revealing the knowledge to them, let alone anyone else, due overwhelmingly to it being a violation of US Code 35 Chapter 17, Seg. 181 and all of the US ITAR regulations.

I would like to suggest to you, that we join forces on this problem. I'm now less than $100,000 away from my goal, the total which may not even be required in full in that we're preparing to start the final stage of experimental research. Either it works or it doesn't, but if it does, I'll have the way to escape the future we both fear and the control over who gets involved further or not. There's more than just escape at hand as well. There's a tremendous amount of money that could be made, before the civilization collapse and beyond. We've started to raise money for funding by selling original art registered as a new kind of Non Fungible Token so people are buying for the authentic collectible nature of the art that's funding the first serious push for time travel which could turn highly profitable. More than anyone would think possible.

The entire planet, in a parallel universe copy, will be open for exploration anywhere, even in China and the ChiComs here will have nothing to say about it because it's not the same China that's here and the connection between the two will be noncausal and discontinuous. Remember - this is no longer theoretical. The parallel worlds of quantum mechanics are real. That means that if I start mining rare Earth minerals there, it will have no effect on the amount of minerals in China here. It will not be a temporal version of the across border, slant drilling oil thievery scheme that Saddam Hussein accused Kuwait of - that started the '90s Gulf War. Besides, China won't even know. They won't have access to the technology or know how to find the version of Earth I'll use, to begin with. In fact, on the broad scale, Elon, I should say versions of Earth, because according to the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics this is based on, there are a near infinite number of Earths and they will all be far easier to access than Mars. Far safer than staying on here as well.

So, aside from providing an escape from the future that could be expanded to move far more people to safety, sooner than could be done with space travel, if this works, the money will dwarf all expected projections from the entire space industry, at least. It will make more money than the entire global space industry ever could because we'll have access to all the rare Earth minerals and more, than anyone could ever need. When I say, "ever", I mean that. After all, Elon, what good is time travel technology when you only use it to acquire riches from the past but are not smart enough to sell to other markets, on other Earths - strewn throughout the eons of time?

Operations to sell gold, silver, copper, whatever - in whatever version of an Earth in the past when it will fetch the best prices throughout their histories, could be within grasp. There will never be a fear of flooding a market and driving down prices. You would be in a position to never have to worry about your companies needing cash flow, ever again. It would pay for the entire national fiscal budget and retire the national debt. And I've begun to get positive queries from some mining companies.

Our 21st century tools and toys could be moved to Earth:12KB4. Spy satellites to monitor the globe and the development of other peoples, and our aircraft, ships, eventually all of it. Best yet, it would be a world without your dreaded AI. And for that matter, a world without the ChiComs, the Russians, the Iranians and anyone else that just wants to be a pain in the ass of the West. Even a few I can think of in the West.

I'm currently preparing to look for volunteers for initial excursions once the methodology for travel has been successfully established. I'm considering some that made the cut from the failed Mars One project. I also have a few early individual investors who are only interested in one way travel without a return, as I will be doing myself after I get Earth:12KB4 established, as I have every intention of retiring in 1971. That would put me in a position to choose who runs it...

If you get involved, this would happen sooner and easier but I am determined that it will happen nonetheless, with an expected launch of initial testing for travel to begin no later than after the 2021 holiday season.

When the story broke in The New Yorker, where Sam Altman talks about 2 billionaires in Silicon Valley wanting to fund research so they could escape what they believed was the simulation we're in, I immediately took note, compared the facts to what I knew to be true, and determined the common ground we shared was escape . That, instead of a simulated universe, we are in a participatory one as surmised by the great physicist John Archibald Wheeler which I wrote an authoritative paper on. The Atlantic wrote a rather detailed review of the whole concept which named you (as other media have done) as one of the potential suspects, but I've saw no real evidence of that and I'm still open to such discussions if I find out who those two are.

Be that as it may, my initial intention for the "2 billionaire problem" was to get them to switch their focus, from funding this fanciful "simulated universe" research to time travel to the past, and even factored in an alternative destination for them - late '70s-early '80s where they start over and control the PC industry. Along the way was when I attracted the attention of other, smaller investors wanting to support the research and escape to their own individual destinations. It wasn't until 2018 or so that I broadened my horizons to include the Earth:12KB4 project as an alternative to saving Humanity via space travel, prompted in part by such concerns as those of the Lifeboat Foundation and yours.

In closing, I'm not asking for money as much as I am your interest. That alone will draw more of everything that's needed - from the entrepreneurial and technical communities, to make this effort significant enough to bring it to reality - if it has any chance of working at all. So far we've had no failures and we're almost at the end. I've just contacted the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and I will be making a major announcement about our latest breakthrough on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory Monday, December 13th. Beyond that will be the extraordinary effort to begin what will become the next human civilization pioneering adventure. Handled properly, full operations could be underway by 2024 and it would resolve your fears of another dark age, a World War 3, an AI take-over, not extending Humanity beyond this Earth and all of the rest of it. Done.

This is a chance to save humanity that is not just a dream. If it works, it's economically feasible, technologically feasible, and strategically feasible in a way that space travel will never be. But we're not talking one or the other. Both efforts can proceed as planned, it's just that if the time travel option works, its obvious benefits will rapidly come to the fore and make space travel look like an expensive and quaint old idea.

Benefits that may just be in a nick of time.

from Quora.com :

Q. "Why isn't Elon Musk focusing his resources on time travel technologies?"

A. Elon Musk is letting theoretical physicists do all the heavy lifting. In other words, he’s waiting until someone produces promising research, positive test results, and then like his battery technology, he’ll grab the best and the brightest scientists to turn the technology into something commercial. The fact that Elon is ignoring Time Travel at this time should tell you it’s still a dead end.

- C.D.

Well, we'll see about that.

Best Wishes for the Future (wherever that may be...),

Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng


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