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What to Get Those 2 Silicon Valley Billionaires Who'll Be Stuck Here Because the Simulated Universe Doesn't Exist?

Time travel to the 70s!

By Marshall BarnesPublished 6 years ago 8 min read
"Imagine, being back in the late 70s, in the days where the home computer revolution was just starting to take off, except for one thing - Instead of Jobs and Gates starting it all in those home garages, it's you!"

That's the way I imagine a sales pitch to the still, unidentified, two Silicon Valley billionaires who are allegedly funding (or want to fund) research that will break them out of what they believe to be the simulated universe that we all exist in. As I reported in my original article for Futurism.media in 2017, Why Those 2 Silicon Valley Billionaires Are Wasting Their Time and Money, they're wasting their time and money because we don't live in a simulated universe, something that I proved to be a fact in the most authoritative article written on the subject, 2016's A Participatory Universe Does Not Equal a Simulated One and Why We Live in the Former. I dealt with 100 percent of all the reasons why people think we're in one and showed how they all added up to a house of cards built on a mound of malarkey, without a shred of demonstrable, solid evidence behind any of it. Nothing.

But what to do now? Are our intrepid cash fat entrepreneurs left with no means of escape? Hardly. As I stated in my Futurism piece, the alternative solution is based on real science with real technology and has advanced even closer to reality since then—time travel to the past.

That's right. As I wrote in my Futurism.media piece, Time Travel To The Past Is Almost Here and then backed it up with another Futurism.media piece, Paul Sutter Makes My Points For Me: Why Physicists Don't Know About Time Travel, time travel is more of a real possibility now than ever before and because finally, the real science is being discovered and supported by experiments that are pointing the way. My treatise on the most recent breakthroughs and how they fit with all the related issues and concepts, Using Todd Rundgren's Song Parallel Lines To Prove Hugh Everett III's Parallel Worlds, explains the physics that is laying the foundation upon which the science that will make time travel real, is being set, right now.

So keep in mind that without major funding, all of the progress that now makes time travel look possible in the next two years, has been made. So how much would it take to cut that time by, say half? A measly $100,000. A paltry sum for not one, but two Silicon Valley billionaires if they pool their money. Hell, if they got eight of their millionaire friends, they could cut them in for $10Gs a pop! But, as Todd Rundgren used to say—there's more!

Back in 2013 I thought of this scenario. Not for any Silicon Valley types but for Canadian cash, via Peter Nygård the fashion mogul who was getting press for his life extension research via stem cells which he funded and built his own laboratory.

My thinking was what good is making sure your body can last longer when the world won't ? When the world is going to end sooner than you dare imagine. My well thought out proposal never made it to him as everything sent to Nygård goes through some assistant who happens to have a biology background and that's the worst type of person to try to run theoretical physics by. So he nixed the deal before Nygård could even see it, as I expected. The irony is of course that this has put Nygård at odds with his own slogan—"If you don't risk anything, you risk EVERYTHING." And so he hasn't, and he will lose it all...

However, now the American wealthy principles themselves are the ones looking for a radical way out and I also have solid breakthroughs accomplished, proving that I am the man with the plan, that I didn't have before. With it now being some two years after the word initially broke on this Silicon Valley escape scheme and my progress, putting me within two years of my goal, someone who knows who these guys in question are had better have them get in touch with me soon, or I'll leave without 'em.

However, what good is time travel to the past unless you have a destination and the means to flourish once you get there? Not much, as I well know. What they're going to need is travel plans, logistics and a completion strategy. Lucky for them, they exist.

Now, without knowing who these two are, let's assume that they aren't Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak. With everything that's known about how Gates, Jobs, Wozniak, et al, started the computer revolution and when, the two billionaires in question can go to the past and beat them to it. Now, before I continue, I have to reorient your thinking here as you probably assume that doing this is going to cause some stupid kind of paradox or muck up the time line or some other nonsense you've picked-up from watching or reading bad science fiction or listening to what some foolish physicist like Louise Del Monte has said who—has zero qualification to open his pie hole about the subject (his book, How to Time Travel: Explore the Science, Paradoxes, and Evidence, proves that). Here are the FACTS: All, and I mean 100 percent of any activity that will alter the past (and I'm talking physics here, not getting bad tattoos removed) will result in the spontaneous and seamless causation into existence of a new, parallel universe copy. It's been proven through theory, calculations, and now over 20 different types of retrocausal based physical experiments. Done. Finto. Period.

So imagine, the billionaires have been translated to the past. They've made all the arrangements to take as much money in various forms, back with them (if you're a billionaire, you won't be able to take it all, sorry). Immediately they get a house somewhere and set-up shop. In fact, with a little research, they can house hunt now for properties that will be immediately available when they get there. They'll need a strategy on how to start manufacturing computers and at which level. I'm not a computer geek, I just know how to use them imaginatively in ways most people miss but these two—and their staff will have no problem figuring that out. I suspect that there will be a temptation to skip certain stages in personal computer tech development, which is up to them, however I would advise against becoming too greedy and taking over too many products before they can be created for fear of drawing suspicion from the authorities back there—as well as causing too many anti-trust and monopoly investigations. The key is to develop things, before those who will do so can even think of them, and these two will know when they will—because they'll have a handy-dandy timeline like the one provide by Livescience here. Based on that list, I would strongly suggest arriving in 1973 before Bill Gates can start Microsoft and to get in on the software development for the new personal computers using Basic.

The key thing is to know how you're going to start over in the past before you get there, what to do and when. That's what I write about for myself in my Quora.com blog,Preparation Diary for a Time Travel Scientist. See Professional-Proof-of-Professional-Intentions and The Bosoks Project: The Secret of Synchronicity and Informationthe best examples, but the entire blog gives personal insights into where I will live, who I'll search out, businesses I'll get into and why. It shows that I'm as serious about this, maybe more so, than those two billionaires are, because I'm already ahead of them in achieving my goals. Of course it helps in having one that's achievable to begin with.

Imagine. They can put themselves in a position to re-sculpt the way post-modern civilization develops and without any of the ill informed paranoia about nonsensical, catastrophes resulting to the time line. But what if one of these billionaires is Bill Gates or Wozniak? In other words, someone who was already involved in the formation of the computer revolution which led to their becoming a billionaire to begin with? No problem. They can decide to let things unfold exactly as they did and concentrate on other tech developments which they feel could be or would've been beneficial in some fashion, or have me figure out an alternative.

After all, there's only one way—no matter who these guys are, that they'll be able to even be in a position to have to consider all of these things—if they take their research funding and put it behind me. That's the only way that I'll share what I know and all the details of restarting there. Otherwise, I don't need them and considering that I have every intention of leaving on my own and setting up in a different time period and world, the only way they can help me is to fund my research now, to speed things up, which will also insure that I have the needed funds to spend on developing the method they'll use, which I am anticipating will be larger and station based. I don't expect them to go alone, like I will. They'll want some family and a staff, because no one back then will be able to work for them unless they're trained and that could be problematic. I have no need for anything that big. A modified car will do just fine (no pun intend).

I have access to an experimental prototype that already exists, as you can see...I was there today.

At any rate, anyone smart enough to become a billionaire is smart enough to be able to start over, especially if they have tons of cash and a road map to determine how they want to do it and create a new history in a parallel world of the past. The key is that they can do so and escape what's coming here—the end of civilization as we know it, which is why Elon Musk wants to go to Mars so bad while simultaneously hoping that we live in a simulation, because, as he erroneously puts it, "It would seem to follow that the odds that we are in base reality is one in billions. Tell me what's wrong with that argument...We should hope that that's true because otherwise if civilization stops advancing, that may be due to some calamitous event, that erases civilization...Either we create simulations that are indistinguishable from reality or civilization ceases to exist."

I've already stated numerous times why Elon's so completely wrong, so I'm announcing here and now (and elsewhere and later) that I'll bet Elon Musk $1,000 dollars that I can shoot down his argument, as stated, just to bring the issue back to everyone's attention. However, I am serious about the bet and have the cash to back it up.

I'm sure he does as well...


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