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Elon Musk's Losing Bet

It's not about having big ideas...it's about big ideas that REALLY MATTER...

By Marshall BarnesPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
"Tell me what's wrong with that argument." OK. It VIOLATES CAUSALITY, ELON!

"Specialising in all things that are strange, unconventional, or more poetically, eclectic since the dawn of mankind."

So writes "student writer" Matthew Lee, who aside from writing posts on Quora.com, actually has written for International Business Times. He wrote an homage on Quora to Musk, saying he's as "predictable as the lotto", citing all the different types of industries the founder of Pay Pal has been involved in. That's when the theme of this article came to me because of the obvious linkage to other themes. Like disruption, innovation, and competitive creativity. All things I've exhibited expertise in where, and above, what others haven't.

But before I go into that, I want to point out a key flaw in Elon's thinking. This is related to a concept that he and others were driving the discussion for, back in 2016, supported in part by hype generated by Merryl Lynch, the Bank of America's wealth management company, who sent out a briefing note to investors outlining their take on it. Simulation theory - the idea that we're all living in a simulated universe and nothing is real, all created in a distant future, according to financial media reports, led by Myles Udland of Business Insider. According to the Daily Mail out of the U.K., "The note said, 'Many scientists, philosophers, and business leaders believe that there is a 20-50 percent probability that humans are already living in a computer-simulated virtual world.'"

What the analysts did cite is 12 elements concerning the development of VR technologies and products and just plopped in there, in the midst of it all, the statement, "20%-50%. Enter the Matrix. Probability we are living in a simulated virtual world" and attributed that to a conglomeration of data from MarketsandMarkets, Survey Monkey, IDC, Digi-Capital, Nick Bostrom, Neil DeGrasse(sic) Tyson, Snapchat , CompanyDisclosures, Ericsson Consumer Lab, and a number of other various market wonks, none of whom contributed one iota to determining, on any factual basis, the probability of non-human entities from an advanced civilization in the future being responsible for this hot mess that we're in, right now. I realized that The Daily Mail had no speculation on what's in it for Merrill Lynch - "It is also unclear what the investment implications are for Bank of America".

Of course if they were talking to me, the financial benefits would clear - the establishment of a 2012 (the movie) style insiders club whose membership gets to"break-out" and enjoy life somewhere in the late 20th century where all the comforts of home are still around and wealth can be easily transferred via gold, silver or some kinds of hard assets. Profit from billions of dollars in revenue generated while our civilization is slowly being transferred, in another scenario, 12,000 years in the past from mining precious rare earth metals in places like China - before there were Chinese.

Of course there's no reason to tell the Chinese about this because the China where all this mining would be happening is not only in the past, but because it would be in a new, parallel universe copy of that past - with no causal link to the China here in the present. If they checked - they would find no missing minerals from their mines here - not a one. Thus, this China would have no legal claim if they were to find out.

Speaking of China, they seem to have a love-hate relationship with the subject of time travel. About 10 years ago they were banning time travel entertainment, then allowed the time travel movie, Looper, to be filmed there, which included the country heavily in its plot line.

Then the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology declared that time travel was impossible because of an experiment they did showing a photon can never exceed the speed of light, which has nothing really to do with time travel. I spanked them over it which got notice around the Pacific rim. Six months later, plans for another Chinese university and a private company, leak out concerning the construction plans for a time machine followed by denials of any real plans, which is just as well. What I saw was all based on outdated, relativistic physics.

Speaking of research, mine doesn't need Merrill Lynch investors or Bank of America to move forward - that's just the logical trajectory from any queries they might have. $100,000 is the top dollar amount required to see if the technology can be scaled and function as predicted. So that means that #1 billionaire tech investors have no financial advantage over anyone else. It's all first in and for how much - with a low ceiling. There's ways to cover that investment, even if it doesn't work out, so it's just a matter of time. After that, the research can fund itself while making obscene profits. Mining companies alone may fund it, the creative financing potential is unprecedented with the possibilities, as well as those of the 2 Silicon Valley billionaires that Sam Altman talked about wanting to fund research that they believed would get them out of the simulated universe. Of course it doesn't exist. This is the only valid alternative as I wrote in 2017.

But as Musk told the audience at the 2016 Code Conference (see video header above), "Arguably we should hope that that's true, because otherwise if civilization stops advancing, that may be due to some calamitous event that erases civilization," and that's a problem for several reasons. First, it shows Musk suffers from digitalcentrism, the psychological disorder that inhibits the ability to see things outside the prism of late 20th century computer culture, although his case is mild compared to what Zuckerberg suffers from, with his love affair with AI.

Second, it shows Musk lacks the intellectual ability to see how that scenario would be a major violation of causality. At 2:26 on the video counter above, Musk states that the odds that we're in "base reality", meaning a real world, are "one in billions", and then he actually says, cluelessly, "Tell me what's wrong with that argument." Think about it - we're in a simulation now because of what's happening now that's going to influence the future to then create us, NOW. Never mind that that future HASN'T HAPPENED YET, and is therefore undetermined, which of course is why he's saying that we should hope that we are in a simulation. THAT's what's wrong with it! But we're not, which I proved in my 2017 paper, A Participatory Universe Does Not Equal a Simulated One and Why We Live in the Former and that brings us to the problem that Musk and I and all of you share - Musk fears that "if civilization stops advancing, that may be due to some calamitous event that erases civilization". Guess what? There are far too many such events on the horizon - with a high likelihood they are already part of the shapes of things to come. That's why the Lifeboat Foundation exists - to deal with the mitigation of those extinction level events - hopefully.

So if that's the problem, what's Musk, with his highly lauded genius, doing about it? The hyperloop? Self-driving Tesla vehicles? Starlink? Not even going to Mars is going to make a difference - something I dealt with in my article, Jeff Bezos and the Great Space Mistake . Space exploration does nothing to seriously mitigate the problem, but cost lots of money. These are all cool ideas but in the face of the fact that the event that Musk fears - the end of civilization, has already sent in its advance wave, those big ideas don't matter! I used to be a space technologist and advocate and instead, I'm using the propulsion technology I've developed as a hedge against raising the funds for the real ultimate frontier - time travel to the past. Not because it's cool but because I want to survive, which nothing that Musk is doing will ensure for him.

I often said, when he was still alive, that Stephen Hawking could solve string theory if someone attached a head piece to his noggin that was holding a gun pressed against it and a timer set to go off in 365 days to the second - unless he came-up with the answer. Something I'm sure he would've been amused by if he had learned of it. Musk has no such compunction, just fears that he's wishing away. I do, because I don't believe in the future here and I'm doing something about it a lot more productive than even what the rich preppers can afford, as I described in Joining the Supra Survival Elite.

"Will You Profit From the Biggest Game-Changing Technology of the Next 5 Years?", read the headline from an advertisement by Michael Palmer for Empire Financial Research. The next 5 years? We'll be lucky if that's what we have left, like that David Bowie classic from Ziggy Stardust, now remade by Duran Duran.

Remember? Before the COVID virus got serious, the hands on the Doomsday clock were being advanced to 100 seconds to midnight.

This happened after I had already released my report, Temporal Escape, which outlined the need, the science and the process whereby the project to save more of humanity than space exploration ever could and make billions of dollars while at it, could be done. Since then, despite major disruptions due to the pandemic, the research has continued and been vindicated by being published in a double blind, peer-reviewed journal, Global Journal of Science Frontier Research Interdiciplinary while at the same time Bulletin of Atomic Scientists decided keep the Doomsday clock at 100 seconds to midnight.

Yes, I know this may all sound bizarre and unbelievable to you but that doesn't matter. Who would've thought we would be in the middle of a pandemic, that the country would be so divided that the Capital would've been attacked, people killed, and that many elected officials would be OK with that? That people would've been tossing around terms like civil war the way they used to the names of college bowl games? That we'd have .5 million Americans dead while half the country pretends that bodies weren't ever in refrigerator trucks?

It's a reality, just like all these other tech developments that these "experts" like Jeff Brown tout before anyone else hears about them. This has been on the horizon since 2017 and a number of people got involved early for personal reasons. And now the R&D is almost complete for the first phase, with just one more to go. That a peer-review journal of Global Journals, published the science under pinning it all, proving the parallel universes of quantum mechanics are real, demonstrating the quantum measurement process to control a time machine as suggested by 2009 American Medal of Science Award winner, Yakir Aharonov, is viable with features predicted by German Astrophysicist Rainer Plaga.

What this all means is that the quantum mechanical basis for time travel has all but been realized, as predicted by the Perimeter Institute's director, Neil Turok to the BBC in 2018 and all those popular Relativists, like Paul Sutter, Michio Kaku and Ronald Mallett, are irrelevant. Talk about disruption to the max. This is the dawning of a new era for the United States, or at least a few involved, private Americans. Sorry. ITAR regulations and US Code 35 Chapter 17 Seg. 181 prevent me from allowing any direct foreign involvement or the release of any further technical information. That goes triple for anyone representing Chinese, Russian or Iranian interests. You'd be surprised who follows me on Researchgate.net and Academia.edu.

The Aharonov Optical Manifold, or AOM in full operation. Named for Yakir because of its capability of operating as an automatic measurement device and its functionality as a quantum trigger. I created this one in 2017.

Top photo, experimental set-up with laser pulse going from left to right. Bottom photo, faint laser pulse hit inside AOM without any laser being fired, it appears from "nowhere" as predicted by Plaga, included in the, "Souping-Up" Aharonov's Quantum Measurement Engine with a Plaga/Wheeler Apparatus, paper.

"Is there anything Elon Musk can’t do?" The Legacy Report asks in one of their "advertorials". "Well, for anyone who still has doubts about Elon…He’s about to shock the world again."

Regardless, Elon doesn't have too many more times to do that before it'll be too late...and my associates and I won't be around to give a damn...

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