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Time travel associations are forming and beating preppers at the survival game on all fronts.

By Marshall BarnesPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Time travel isn't just for science fiction anymore. The real thing is just on the horizon.

The World Health Organization has recently announced that as bad as the COVID-19 crisis has been, the next pandemic, which they expect in the next 5 years, will be much worse and kill many more people. In response, decisions have been made, amongst those in a position to do so, to call it quits here and go all in for the ultimate escape plan - taking advantage of the near completion of time travel research to the past.

This may sound crazier than some of the conspiracy theories that preppers may adhere to, but it's not actually. Scientists, mainly in the US, UK and Australia have been looking at various aspects of the question for several decades now, beginning with David Deutsch and Yakir Aharonov in the early '90s - Deutsch applying quantum mechanics to the geometry of time travel to factor out paradoxes. Both he, and another researcher, Ronald Mallett, appeared in the documentary, The World's First Time Machine, together.

Although Mallett stated at the end of the video above that in order to determine if there are paradoxes or parallel universes it would require a time machine experiment, he's wrong. However, the apparatus that did prove parallel universes are real, which I built, will be used in a modified form as a key component in the travel technology being developed now, which has been covered in an upcoming peer reviewed physics publication of Global Journals. The video below shows one of the experiments that proves discontinuous connections with parallel universes.

The experiment, once converted into the function of the machine, is what translates the operator to a parallel universe, though the only indication is with that, a laser hit happens with no laser having been fired. Once it can be configured so that instead of just a hit when no laser has been fired, the operator is also in an entirely different place in time, then that's it - that's time travel. Aharonov designing his theoretical time machine in '92 that would use quantum measurements, is the precursor. No slouch, Aharonov would go on later to win a National Medal of Science award from President Obama in 2009.

Other physicists like MIT's Seth Lloyd have contributed ideas to the field. and even successful breakthough experiments like the one conducted by the team led by Andrew Cleland which involved putting a tiny micro piece of folded metal into a superpositional state that could be observed. Cleland's breakthrough prompted an article from Fox News that predicted the current state of time travel R&D progress.

One of the key research breakthroughs has to do with determining what the nature of time really is. Below, Lloyd discusses the issue.

It has been determined that time neither flows nor is the things that we see happening around us. Attached to all aspects of space, time is what allows things to move, vibrate, and change. It is not those things.

The role of information in physical reality is another aspect of existence that is being researched as Lloyd explains in the video below.

Beyond just the operation of particles, information exists at the most fundamental level of reality which means the existence of events which can't be taken a part on the particle level. Information lies at the foundation of everything that happens, which means it lies at the foundation of time. If the information can be manipulated, then so can time.

So now that the science is almost in the bag, what it all means is that 100% of the threats to the world as we know it - pandemics, war, global warming, AI, overpopulation, pollution, meteor or asteroid strikes, whatever - they will not be issues that will threaten any of the time travel associations or their members, unlike 100% of the prepper schemes. Sure, if you're in shelter underground, you'll be protected from some threats, but not forever. You'll also not have the freedom to be a member of the top tier society as you will be in either Oui-kan-doo or Earth:12KB4. You will always be in that prepper situation with no protection from meteor or asteroids strikes, possible nuclear war, foreign invasion, etc. For association members who travel to the distant past, they'll be the only ones with guns and other modern weapons and they won't be alone. Those efforts include operations and the intention to build a new civilization with the full force of modern technology - boats, planes, small jets, motor vehicles and motor bikes. What we call the New Arrivals, will be vastly superior to any other humans that show up as indigenous and there won't be any of those for awhile - a vastly safer and advantageous alternative to any prepper situation here.

Not only that, because of the uncertainty of how much time is left before the next disaster happens, there's no telling how many people will actually be able to go. Right now, as the work is progressing, there are less than ten planning to go to a number of individual temporal destinations that they have selected. By the time actual time travel associations begin sending members, which could be prior to the end of this year, then more people will be joining to leave but it's first come first serve. Early adopters would get special perks because their memberships would've helped pave the way.

We live in radically extreme times where we can take nothing for granted. Recognizing that fact, as far back as 2015, is why the accelerated advances in time travel have been made, because it was been recognized that time travel to the past is the only escape from a future that no one will really want a part of - if they knew the truth - which is that within 5 years, most of the predictions about the future are all downhill from there.

Look around. As I wrote in Jeff Bezos and the Great Space Mistake, time travel to the past is our only hope and its time to get it done and leave.

Preppers might want to opt in while they still can...


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