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Hong Kong University of Science and Technology gets spanked for a big mistake

By Marshall BarnesPublished 4 years ago 7 min read
The scene of the crime...

The headlines were splashed all across the world. Time Travel Proven Impossible. Time Travel Is Impossible: Claim Scientists. Researchers Claim Time Machines Are Impossible, Why time travel will remain a sci-fi fantasy: Scientists prove nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, etc.etc.etc. So much so that it seemed that it was a done deal - time travel is impossible and there was nothing to be done about it, except, the headlines were wrong. Any astute engineer or quantum mechanic that paid attention to some, such as the last one listed here, or read the articles, realized that the media madness was all bullocks based on baloney. What was the clue? The fact that this profound proclamation was derived solely from the discovery that a photon couldn't go faster than the speed of light and the outdated assumption that going faster than light is the way to flip the direction of time and thus accomplish time travel. That's right. Outdated. As in no one that knows anything about time travel pays attention to that anymore. That's like taking seriously the scene where Superman flies around the Earth in the opposite direction of its rotation to go back in time to save Lois Lane.

Watch the following video to see why...

Below is yet another example of a discovery by physicists who then try to apply it to time and by extension, time travel - arguing that it would prevent it, which isn't true. Just as with the HKUST discovery, it has nothing to do with time travel. This is all because true time travel science is not known by much of the science community, let alone the media and by extension, the general public.

"HKUST Professors Prove Single Photons Do Not Exceed the Speed of Light", read the official press release issued by HKUST on July 19 of 2011. According to it, a group of physicists at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology led by Professor Shengwang Du reported the direct observation of optical precursor of a single photon and proved that single photons cannot travel faster than the speed of light in vacuum. It also stated that HKUST's study reaffirms Einstein's theory that nothing travels faster than light and closes a decade-long debate about the speed of a single photon.

The actual paper, however, doesn't mention the phrase, 'time travel' at all.

The press release also stated that it was the fifth time in the last two years that Prof Du's team had their optics research published in Physical Review Letters, one of the most prestigious scientific journals in physics, and the second time their papers were selected as editors' suggestion for reading. The research was also highlighted as a Physics Synopsis by American Physical Society with a title "Single photons obey the speed limits".

However all of this very legitimate cred has been ruined by the outlandish statements made in the press release that are pure nonsense.

"Discovery of superluminal propagation of optical pulses in some specific medium 10 years ago has evoked the world's dream of time travel, but later scientists realized that it is only a visual effect where the superluminal 'group' velocity of many photons could not be used for transmitting any real information."

No one of any credibility what-so-ever was looking at any test where it appeared that photons were going faster than light as any indication that time travel was possible, and I defy anyone at HKUST to prove me wrong. It's ridiculous and patently stupid and I don't know what moron it was that told the HKUST communications department otherwise. Again, that quote is not from the media but straight from the PR department at HKUST.

Making matters worse is when then university president Tony Chan chimed in:

"HKUST President Tony F. Chan said, 'We are most delighted that Prof Shengwang Du and his research group have confirmed a key feature of a fundamental law of physics, which also has important implications for communication technology. It epitomizes the mission of our university - to both produce fundamental knowledge and technological impact. As a research university with a focus on science and technology, HKUST will continue to push the limits of frontier knowledge by fostering basic as well as applied research, which is best demonstrated by this breakthrough discovery'."

Well, I'm sorry Mr. Chan, on this matter HKUST will be getting some push back on their pushing the limits of "frontier knowledge". Because what your PR department did was pushing false hype. Because I'm fair and I believe in promoting truth, I'm going to prove that its wasn't Du that was behind the PR slant. In the article, Time Travel a No Go? No Way by Richard Adhikari dated Jul 29, 2011, it states, "'Impossible', however, is a very powerful word. Has this research truly proven that traveling in time is absolutely and without a doubt out of reach? In fact, the discovery does not rule out time travel per se, Shengwang Du, who led the HKUST research team, told TechNewsWorld." The article goes on and states that Du admitted that spacetime continuum is curved, and the HKUST's experiment was performed in a flat time and space.

This assessment, on the part of Du, just goes further to underscore his overall ignorance when comes to temporal mechanics. Why? because the phenomena that time travel is derived from has nothing to do with the geometry of spacetime that it happens in, that's why. It's very clear from his statement that Du's a relativist, so he has zero credibility to talk about time travel, at all.

"Then people set their hope on single photons because in the strange quantum world nothing seems impossible -- a single photon may be possible to travel faster than the speed limit in the classical world. Because of lack of experimental evidence of single photon velocity, this is also an open debate among physicists. To tackle the problem, Prof Du's team measured the ultimate speed of a single photon with controllable wave forms. The study, which showed that single photons also obey the speed limit c, confirms Einstein's causality; that is, an effect cannot occur before its cause."

And so the press release confirms that whoever wrote it has no comprehension of what time travel is about. Time travel isn't about effect happening before cause. That's a complete misinterpretation. If anything, time travel is about effect without cause because the act of time travel causes a disappearance in one time and an appearance in a copy of another.

I've stated this before but it's worth repeating again - time travel solutions are not found in relativity theories of Einstein. Those who continue to press on there are only making fools of themselves. I know. I've seen the debates on Quora.com and the traditionalists lose, badly. The professionals, the stupid rank amateurs and the armchair know-it-alls, like Ray Orion of Australia. What they're learning is that the evidence is now stacked against them and they're on the losing side.

Below is the great, late physicist, John Archibald Wheeler, describing how delayed choice, retrocausal experiments, seem to change the past of a particle.

Arvin Ash explains more in the following video but then concludes that he's not sure if the future is actually changing the past or not.

The answer is that it's not. It's changing the present into a new parallel universe copy with a different past. The source of this I argue is the Participatory Universe model that Wheeler conceptualized. It is my contention that the Participatory Universe is responsible for all of the weird things that we observe from quantum mechanics. The video below shares an extreme version of this view, as I think our measurements of the age of the universe rules out any requirement for us to be around in order for the universe to exist. However, because we are here, we can participate with it, which includes influencing its past as Wheeler intimated.

This is more than just a theory. It's a fact demonstrated in part by the experiments that I conducted which I named, retroworldality, to be more specific than retrocausality. The main difference is that I was able to show that a laser pulse subjected to the delayed choice, which-way-path set-up, will disappear and reappear seconds later as a hit where it had already appeared before. In other words, there will be a hit when no laser was fired. The fact that it isn't a pulse that shows up, just a hit, indicates that the Participatory Universe is involved because instead of a process being repeated, we're just getting the result - the answer, which is the hit. Wheeler talked about interrogating the Participatory Universe in the May 31, 2002 issue of Discover, with writer Tim Folger. So in my experiments, the question could be seen as, "what happens if the conditions are such that the past of the pulse is changed?" and the answer is, "there would hit over here" and that's what we get - that hit.

Laser retroworldality test set-up for the Parallel Lines experiment, action moving left to right. Bottom photo shows same set-up with no laser fired but an anomalous hit, lower center of pic. This experiment also proved the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics by presenting a single anomalous hit out of a potential of 5, leaving the rest to appear in parallel world copies as predicted by Rainer Plaga in Physical Review Letters, 1997.

The key to time travel is in the inducing of a quantum shift along temporal lines and not space or velocity or gravity. Out of the confluence of quantum mechanics, temporal physics and information theory comes the only path forward for time travel and so far, nothing is blocking it. Not failed notions from relativity theory and not misinformed physicists from media hungry universities with their PR departments. It is just solving the last step which, upon that accomplishment, the result will be a time travel event, and then the door will be open for the serious application of this new breakthrough - the development of repeatable, back and forth travel to a selected target in preparation for the first major time travel research effort - the Mission - Earth:12KB4 project which is already getting funding for the purpose of starting settlements in the distant past, some 12 thousand years ago.

For the same purposes as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are trying to go to space, this will be ready sooner, cost less, save more lives and make far more money than anything estimated from the space industry. When that first successful experiment is accomplished, we'll have to toast HKUST with a drink and a press release of our own - "Time Travel Now Real: HKUST Pushing The Frontier Limits - Impossible!"


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