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Human Species, Did We Screw Up?

There is time to change.

By Kristopher KristiansonPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

The human species: supposedly the most intelligent beings on our planet. Yet what type of intelligent creature destroys their only home? You see most intelligent creatures adapt to their environment, living in harmony with nature and the other animals in that area. We, human beings, do not do this. Instead, we adapt everything to us. We don't care how much we destroy as long as it suits our needs. This is not a sign of an intelligent creature. In fact, this is the sign of a primitive being: something that doesn't understand the delicate balance of the planet they live on.

We may have made huge leaps in technology, science and medicine but we have made no great leaps to protect our home. Everything for us has circulated around the almighty (imaginary) dollar. If it doesn't make money, it's not worth anything, well that's how a large portion of the world thinks. But how are we to explain to future generations why we have no clean air, or where all the animals went? Is our greed so bad that we blind ourselves to the fact that in a few generations there will be nothing we can do to save the planet? For such intelligent creatures, I feel we are actually the dumbest. There is not another creature alive that willingly destroys its own home, save for a virus or disease. In a past article, I touched on humans being more of a virus to the Earth than anything else. I just feel we were never meant to be here. This being because we go against everything else in nature; it just seems odd. I mean, everything evolved at the same rate, but somehow, we were the only ones to evolve to the point of creating technology and destroying nature to build our homes.

Another point to add to this is: how in the world did we become the apex predator? I mean we are born unable to defend ourselves for at least ten years, and that's in the best circumstances. We do not have any advantages in our genetics: no claws or sharp teeth, nothing for defence. So, how did we become the top-dogs? It doesn't make any sense what-so-ever. We should have been wiped off the Earth before we could rub two sticks together.

This leaves two options for us really, either we were placed here and given the tools to survive by a higher race or God. I am not going to say which I believe because it has no value here. So an all-knowing superbeing or just a highly advanced civilization performing some kind of experiment, who knows really. In either case, it seems we would have to be given some kind of cheat to make it this far in life.

Either of these two possibilities would make sense of why we are the only creatures to develop in the way we have. It would also make sense of why we don't seem to match anything else's adaptation to their environment. If we were placed here by a superbeing as their master creation, of course, the race would feel we could do anything we wanted with the planet. Then, if we were placed here by a higher civilization, it would also make sense as to why we make everything adapt to us as we would be out of our element entirely. Either way, we do not seem to fit into the mesh of the world. While everything else lives in balance with each other, we disrupt that balance. We do this by destroying entire species and wiping out entire ecosystems. All the while, we pretend like it really doesn't affect us in any way. Well, that is, until what we have done catches up to us one way or the other. Though by that time it may be too late, with the bee population dying out and many other animals on the brink of extinction, it is only a matter of time. I read an article recently that put the human race as a mass extinction event on the world, and it is hard not to believe it. Look at what we have done to our only home. What used to be beautiful beyond our wildest dreams is now a dry husk of what it used to be. Imagine if the world looked like all the protected reserves we have now, because it used to. What was once vast forests are now ever-polluting cities and towns.

We are slowly killing our planet and ourselves and barely anybody seems to care. The general population would rather see a new pipeline built than the forests that pipeline will destroy. It's disgusting what we decide to lose in exchange for money and power. Pretty soon it will be too late to change that. We already use double the amount of resources in a year that can naturally be gained back in that same year. Double: that means it takes two years to regain what we use in a year, which means we are unsustainable. This, on top of constantly poisoning the oceans and air for not just us but anything on the planet. We, as a species, need to change in a drastic way before it becomes too late and we get to reap what we sew.

This is just my observation of the world, of course. Many people see it differently which is fine; to each their own. I, for one, do not wish to have to explain to the future generations why the world is doomed. And even though we had a chance to save it, we didn't. It is time to take a stand and show whatever put us here that we deserve to be here, that we can work with the world, not against it. Be it an alien or a God, I am sure we were put here for a bigger reason than to destroy what we have been given.


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