Gene Key 1: Truth and Beauty

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Platonic Ideals Embodied

Gene Key 1: Truth and Beauty


Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty. We find things beautiful because they resonate at the frequency of love. Their inherent beauty is an expression of truth. It resonates with our soul because our soul recognises love. And love is the only truth.

The shadow state of ENTROPY is something we often mistake as numbness, nothingness and even depression when in fact it is an important part of the creative process. Just as important as the physical creation of something, the 'down time' or period of nothing, the vacuum has to be allowed to exist so that the spark of inspiration can rush in to fill it.

Too often in today's society we are bought into the idea of continual and linear 'progress'. This erases any understanding of how our nature, like nature around us, truly works - it is cyclical. We cannot live in a perpetual spring, or perpetual summery autumn or winter. The deep dark days of winter where nothing appears to grow, is in fact vital if things are to be allowed to germinate in the spring.

Likewise farmland, you cannot continually plough the soil and force productivity from it on your schedule. You must allow the land to lie fallow in order for it to return to full health before you begin again. We are the same ENTROPY, although defined as a shadow is as much of a gift as anything else. Periods of entropy allow us to return to life, feeling energised and reinvigorated if we just allow it to run its course.

The trap we all too frequently fall into is believing we much somehow 'snap out of it' or 'push through it's. Wrong. This is not a process that allows us to hurry it. It must close itself out in it's own time else you are running on only half a battery.

FRESHNESS is the state we would all rather remain permanently in bit we cannot remain in this state without having first moved through the state of ENTROPY. From darkness into light. The spark of a bright idea, a sudden flash of illumination must come from the darkness. It is only then we are able to see the world again with new eyes and recognise those ideas for the spark they represent. Just as a seedling requires certain conditions, so does the gift of Freshness if it is to bloom. Creativity does not and cannot come through force of will. Ultimately we are just a clear vessel allowing the creative process to both move us and move through us until we are emptied out and the process begins again.

Beauty is indescribable to our level of awareness. The closest we have come to understanding the true nature of beauty is Plato's articulation of the 'Form' of Beauty in his Symposium. Beauty is inexplicable but intrinsically tied to life. We are only able to comprehend beauty through the FORM it takes (light, sound and I would add fragrance to this) because they are vibrations we are able to perceive from our dense 3d state.

When we are moved by something we find beautiful, we are responding to something intrinsic within it. For me this is love- the source of all things. In my interpretation of this, beauty is the physical manifestation of love which is one with truth. Whether we actively seek god, search for love reflected back in the form of another or just sigh at a sunset, what we are doing is responding to the vibration of life, of divine love. And when we reach a stage of greater knowledge we recognise that this beauty is present in absence as much as presence. It is at this point we are able to find beauty in nothingness, in the void.

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