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Whimper with Anticipation

by Rose 2 years ago in fiction
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A gentleman always lets you cum first

Whimper with Anticipation
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Your reflection caught in the mirror is enough to send shivers done my spine, I can see the scope of your naked body from the corner of my eye. How odd it is that I find you most attractive during everyday activities? Your arms are strong and lean, not hulking bundles of muscle but there is a comforting strength to them. A secret only I know, with your arm hugged tight around my body an all-encompassing warmth lingering long after your embrace has been removed.

For a moment I wonder what it would be like to be bent over in front of the mirror watching as you fuck me from behind, seeing how your hard-throbbing cock rocks in and out of me, and I can’t help but whimper a little.

You catch me mid-daydream. I know you can see the lust dripping from eyes. I know you are craving me too as you turn around and hold my face in your hands, gently stroking the strands of hair back behind my ears. Before you lean in and plant a gentle kiss upon my lips. A kiss that doesn't take long to turn into a deep passionate tongue tangling moment of ecstasy. You make me feel alive.

Your hands are trailing down my body, cupping my humble breasts, flicking my now erect nipples, making me whimper just a little. But your hands haven't finished their journey yet, they are still traveling the expanse of my un-clothed wanting body. The passion has been ignited inside me.

And I know it won't be long until your fingers hit my sweet spot and I moan a moan filled with a yearning anticipation. You don't keep me waiting for long, neither of us are in the mood to play games. Both of us wanting to scream each other's names loud enough that the neighbours can hear us and we are left blushing at our own pleasure. Your fingers curve around and hit the sensitive nub in-between my legs, you know how to please me and so you get to work letting your index finger, gently and yet vigorously circling my clit, my body convulsing and gyrating, wanting nothing more than your cock deep inside of me, as you make me cum undone so easily, I moan loudly as I reach my climax, letting all my juices come rushing out.

You do not even wait a second before you thrust your hard thick length deep inside of my tight throbbing, wanting entrance. I can not contain the moans that fall out of my lips one after the other in a loud audacious constant repeat. Your balls slapping against me as you pound frantically in and out of me, adding only more stimulation, to my already overly sensitive body, now tingling with so much pleasure I can't contain it.

Every thrust every movement bringing me closer to the brink of cumming for the second time. Your dick feels so good inside me that I never want you to stop thrusting into me. No one else's cock could ever be as good as yours is and I know in that moment, I'll be yours forever and you'll be mine.

I know it with absolute certainty because just as I'm thinking it you let out a grunt of passion as you shoot your hot sticky load deep inside of me. You pull out roll onto your side and watch as your cum drips out of me and runs down my thighs.

You lick your lips and say next time I'll make you watch as I fuck you senseless.


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Hi, I'm 21 and this vocal media profile is dedicated to giving you the pleasure freedom and inspiration you deserve. Read my stories, subscribe and let yourself relax.

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