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Unable to Resist Temptation

by Rose 2 years ago in lgbtq
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In Lust With You

Unable to Resist Temptation
Photo by Roman Khripkov on Unsplash

You walked in the room with a dirty little smirk on your face, I knew you were going to tell me something good.

And you did.

We were in our second year of university both of us just having moved into our new apartments, we didn't yet know that we'd accidentally,moved into the same block of flats, but as you told me your address and I let a crude OMG slip from lips, as I shouted with excitement 'i'm underneath you', your cheeks flushed a deep shade of red I'd not seen before.

You looked so cute standing there and I wanted to know what had made you so embarrased.

"you're underneath me" you stuttered out.

I was now more intrigued than ever as to what the problem could possibly be, after some pleading and begging, you cracked and told me you'd been masturbating to my moans.

I gasped, it excited me to no end the thought of you getting off to my satisfaction but I wasn't sure you were ready to hear that yet but, I also wasn't prepared to let this opportunity go unmissed.

I told her if she was that into it, I could send her video of me touching myself, be her own personal source of porn, the blush on her face spread across her nose but I could tell from the way she bit her lip and the sudden clapmping of her legs together that she was into it.

I had made my move for now and would wait for her to come to me now.

That night I got back home and whipped off my clothes, so pent up from the events of the day that I needed release, I thought about her touching herself to the sound of my moans, I knew she was in I could hear footsteps above my head and so I lay myself down on my bed, spread my legs open and reached over for my vibrator.

Knowing she was listening made me even louder I wanted her to want me, wanted her to be unable to resist, the noises I was making where beyond pornographic, I was going to drag this out, driver her crazy, I wondered how many times she would cum to the sound of my self-exploration.

My phone buzzed, it was her a message splayed across my phone simply saying 'show me', I groaned in approval to her text and began making a little home movie of my own, the camera was positioned at the perfect angle showing off the scoop of my breasts and my exposed clitoris being flicked back and forth by my index finger.

I sent the video after I'd climaxed and soon enough I could hear her groans and I couldn't help but imagine all the naughty little things I would do to her. She didn't stop moaning all night, I must've heard the video play at least ten times, it was still playing as I'd gone to sleep.

The next day when she walked into our calculus class, she seemed different somehow, she had a determined look in her eyes and she was heading for me with such a stealy lustful gaze, her long blond her resting on the top of her cleavage that was begging to be sprung from her top.

There was only the two of us in the room at the moment and thoughts about stripping her and making her climax on the desk were not far from the front of my mind, but she had other plans.

I was surprised when she crawled under my desk, what're you doing I exclaimed the class was filling up now and she hushed me, told me to relax and enjoy, or we'd both be caught.

I could feel her fingers tracing the in-between of my thighs and wandered where this would end and that's when I felt her tug down my lacy thong, I was soaked through and needed to cum now more than ever and so when her tongue flicked my clitoris I had to bite down on my lip to try not to moan out, I noticed the lecturer's eyes were on me, he seemed to know that something was happening, maybe it was the fact that my nipples where very erect and poking through the sheer white material of my skin-tight dress that clued him in, or the fact that when she started sucking I couldn't help but let out a small moan, I was going to cum in her mouth for the third time in that hour as the lecture reached its close so did I.

She crawled out from under the desk and took her usual seat next to me and no one seemed to notice except for the lecturer who was doing a poor job of hiding the bulge in his pants, it turned me on even more that he had been watching us, I wanted to know what dirty little things he wanted to do to me and apparently he wasn't about to wait to do them.

He asked for us to wait behind after class and we did, he went towards the door and locked it and I took that as my que to strip and he approved, he was on me like an animal in heat, his hard cock already let loose from his pants and he bent me over the table-pounding into me from behind while she sat and watched as my big breasts bounced up and down with every thrust, he told her to strip and she did and then he demanded she sucked my clitoris so he could see the time. He liked to spectate, he removed his still hard cock and she replaced it with her mouth.

sucking and licking and nibbling, my clit pulsating beating like a heart, my moans echoing in the room, him calling me a naughty horny girl, tipping me over the edge for the fourth time today, he came all over bum as I reached my orgasm and made her lick it up and she did so eagerly like it was her life source.

I had thought that I had been the one calling the shot but I had been so wrong as she stood up walked over to him and said 'i think we've found our selves a great sex toy babe' he nodded in approval and I gave my consent to let them fuck me whenever we wanted some fun. And I was absolutely ready to cum again as they tied me to the chair and fastened a vibrator to my leg watching as I squirmed.


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