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When was the last time you had an orgasm?

by Alexandria Aji 12 months ago in humanity

The desire to have your soul set on fire.

When was the last time you had an orgasm?
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

I'm talking the full body shaking, internal temperature rises 25 degrees, breathtaking, cramp in your leg, rolled over afterward and had to catch your breath... orgasm. Personal, I know. But you remembered didn't you?

When I asked you that question, I bet you immediately brought yourself back the exact moment and remembered nearly every touch and every detail. Even if it was after one too many shots of tequila. But what if the question I asked you was, when was the last time you had your life stimulated? When was the last time you genuinely can remember having your soul set on fire? I'm not referring to your home life, your work life, or even your personal life. I'm referring to your outlook on life. When was the last time you sat back, took a deep breath, and just looked around you and thought "Wow, this is it. This is my life and I love it."?

Far too often as humans we are in search for some sort of stimulation in life. Whether it is stimulation of the mind, body, or soul. You have the sex fantasists, the brain tantalizer's, and the thrill seekers. But no matter what the desire or end goal may be, we are constantly looking for some sort of new adventure or light. Some get off on the risk of getting caught, the memories they are making, or just the pure feeling of exhilaration. Whatever the reason is, it's enough to make us crave more.

With the world hauling itself to hell in a hand-basket, Covid-19 making it's dramatic reappearances in increasing numbers, and oh don't forget the new addition to 2021... the snow Armageddon, we feel as if we have this taunting gray cloud over our heads that is suffocating our thoughts and needs. Rightfully so, we try and avoid thinking about it and before we know it we are sitting in a pool of depression with no want or desire to do anything. Suddenly, everything seems dark and uninteresting and we start dragging ourselves around like the Night of the Living Dead.

We start projects and lose interest. We find a new hobby at 10 a.m. and by 2 p.m. we are stuck wondering what the point even was. Half of us thought we could become Tik Tok stars, yet after finishing our basic "bio's", we forgot why we even downloaded the app. Oh and remember when we decided this was life's way of telling us to sign up on one of those dating apps to look for the "love of our lives"? But after the 25th request for a nude on Plenty Of Fish, we realized that maybe the sea wasn't that big and instead we were searching in a puddle, for a miracle. Forget catching Covid-19, we nearly dodged catching an STD. Don't forget the point in time when everyone suddenly became recipe prodigies and we were dropping new dishes faster than Adele's album 25 sold. Then by week 3 of "cheffin' it up" and challenging Gordon Ramsay to a cook off, we realized there's only so many ways we can plate burrata and make art on our dishes with drizzles of olive oil. Plus ingredients cost money and we were running out of that too.

It's the constant boredom, exhaustion, expenses, and lack of energy that is slowly destroying our desire to look for fun, experiences, and most importantly...adventure.

So this is your reminder to just stop, take a breath, and remember you are FAR from alone. Never stop living your life because you're afraid that you may fail or that you may never find happiness. Adventure is what keeps us alive. As a nation, I think we could use a little support from each other right now. You must refuse to become complacent in life. So go ahead and write that book, buy those ingredients, and press record on that camera. Make that charcuterie board, save up for a vacation, and get off the couch and take a shower... seriously, soap and water, PLEASE.

No matter what it is you choose to do, never stop chasing your passion in life. Reach for that orgasm.


Alexandria Aji

Long Island, New York. Short stories and real life experiences are my specialty. Horror and Humor. Everything is better with a twist.

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