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Wet P***y Goals of 2019

by Kai Storm 2 years ago in erotic

A Chocolate & Sunshine conversation!

First I want to take the time to say happy holidays from Kai Storm Books at &! I absolutely love and appreciate everyone that continuously follows, loves AND tips my blogs; I wish you all a happy & prosperous let's get into the turn on!

If you haven't noticed, my last three blogs were parts to one story and this here will be another leg to that story. I'm not sure if it will end here but as one of your favorite erotica bloggers, I have to keep you abreast of the situation. It all started when a woman who called herself Chocolate wrote me an email about her love live. The saga began with Sex Magic then we dived a little bit further into the story with Tables Turn then the temperature went all the way up with A Sexy Xmas Gift. After that last one, I felt the need to schedule a whole interview and honestly, it was an eye opening conversation. Please check it out below:

Me: "I thank you big time for telling me your story, allowing me to blog about it and the fact that you tipped me personally warmed my heart. Each blog has gained quite a popularity, especially the last one. I have to say my curiosity brings me to ask you a couple of questions about your relationships; to be more specific the relationship between you and Sunshine as you call her. You mentioned that she's you're best friend so I assume you've known her a long time. My question is how is it possible for y'all to maintain a relationship where y'all are fucking each other's men and there's no jealousy? I guess I could ask Marlon the same question based on the fact that he had no problem with his best friend fucking you but since I'm talking to you, that's where I'll keep my focus."

Chocolate: "Kai, if anything I'm thanking you because I love the way you've been telling my story, it's fun to see it through your eyes. Sunshine...that's my girl, it's just as simple as that. We recognized from the moment we met that we were attracted to each other, we loved to fuck and fake dicks or dildos won't do. The way we work it out is we both get a dude that love to fuck and love the fact that their girl has a girl therefore we always have two different dicks to play with. The only commitment we make is between us, the men are our personal toys; they get played with and tossed if they don't get down with our clique. Pussy runs the show Kai, you already know!"

Me: "I concur absolutely! I'm sure it's not hard at all to find men that would decline on that offer but do the relationships last or are they just part of a game that eventually ends? Am I wrong to assume that both of you appreciate variety?"

Chocolate: "We do and it depends on the dude actually. For instance, Sunshine had a dude named Michael and for a while in their relationship, she didn't tell him about me and I wasn't excited about meeting him because she said he had a little dick. Sunshine liked him because he looked like a big teddy bear thug and thugs were her thing. Ruff neck, tatted up, blunt smoking and gun toting, that was all Sunshine. Don't get me wrong, I have a thing for them too but mine are usually artists of some kind, deep souls with big dicks. Michael started getting jealous of all the time Sunshine spent with me so she decided to show him what we do together. Sunshine told me that Michael was great at eating pussy but every time he did, he never let her cum. He would always pull away from her just when she was about to so the first time he met me, I showed him the correct way to eat Sunshine's pussy. She told him to watch and pay attention while I slowly sucked and caressed her pussy lips with my mouth, tongue fucked her wet hole, sucked and slurped on her clit. Her moans alone made him realize that my skills were far superior over his and when she came, he watched me drink from her fountain. With my glossy lips, Sunshine told me to kiss Michael so that he could have a taste and at first he tried to refuse me but when I grabbed him hard by the neck and forced my tongue into his mouth, he eventually gave in while his dick rose to the occasion, showing me that he was turned on by my use of force.

While Sunshine was laying down and playing with her pussy, I told Michael to get on his knees and show me what he learned on Sunshine's pussy. I straddled my wetness on Sunshine's lips and directed the whole show:

'Suck on her pussy lips slowly, lick them up and down. Yes, she loves her pussy to be licked like that. Spread the lips wide and tongue that pussy, get all that juice....swallow it! Yes, just like that! Now get to that fat clit, suck on it, slurp on it, swallow it! Right there, that's her spot, keep sucking on it till she cums! Suck on it!'

Sunshine coated his lips with her juices and I coated her lips with mine and just when he thought we couldn't take it to another level, we did. I didn't want to fuck him because his dick was truly that little but at the same time I didn't want to embarrass my girl over a dude she was feeling. We decided to make him lay down while we took turns sucking his dick. For me and Sunshine, sucking dick makes us cum real hard so while I slurped on his little lollipop, Sunshine rode his lips and made sure to have multiple orgasms. She was determined to drown his ass. When he came in my mouth, his cum had a hot n salty taste but it turned me on none the less. Sunshine and I switched and she tried not to laugh while I made faces as she swallowed his little stem. Michael ate pussy like a pro but that night he got extra lessons on swallowing cum as I surely drowned him, bouncing my wetness on his mouth. After that night, she had to stop seeing Michael because as much as a good time we had with him, we both wanted someone who was slinging way more wood than he was and from that point on, we both made it our business to get two men that we could switch up with and still get the quality that we both seek.

Me: "So...based on my last blog, I can assume that she's good with Marlon so does Sunshine have one too or...?"

Chocolate: "Sunshine's current dude is a cappuccino colored though named Idris and after a night of introducing Marlon to Sunshine, Sunshine invited Idris to my house to so that I could meet him. His dick was so delicious and the wonders he does with his tongue Kai....I'm telling you Kai, variety is the spice of life!"

Me: "Indeed it is!"


Kai Storm

Awesome author of 7 novels, mom of 3 daughters, brand ambassador of Sugarfoot Shoetique, Co-Host of Motherhood Sex Marijuana the new podcast coming to YouTube on Mother's Day 2020!!

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Kai Storm
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