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by Lorah Catherine 8 months ago in fetishes

The facts about figging. put WHAT in WHERE?


(Definition): inserting a piece of raw, peeled ginger into the anus, historically used for torture. This practice is now a method of corporal punishment in BDSM, a popular fetish, and has been altered to also include insertion into the vagina and urethra.

Good, now we’ve got the definition over with, let’s answer everyone’s burning question: why in the name of all things holy would I ever, EVER want to do that, or have that done to me?

Raw ginger contains oils and what’s called "gingerol" which cause that itchy, burning sensation when eaten. Have you ever tried a ginger beer, or a ginger chew? It’s responsible for that lingering warming sensation that you feel on the back of your throat.

When a piece of raw ginger is inserted into the anus, the raw ginger creates that same burning, itching and stinging, but to the lining of your rectum. Some people, masochists included, may find this to be a very pleasurable sensation, while Tops may find their jollies in administering such …discomfort to their willing bottom’s bottom. You could imagine the related sensations of insertion in the vagina or urethra.

To boost, the painful effects of the inserted raw ginger won’t even take full effect until 2-5 minutes after insertion, the sensation even staying with the receiver for a half-hour to an hour AFTERWARDS. It's often said that the burning pain could be compared to painful stinging of ridiculously minty mouthwash, but with a gradual buildup. Talk about an effective means of corporal punishment...


I’d like to add a quick disclaimer here so everyone is well aware: please be careful of what you’re inserting into your anus, vagina and urethra. There’s a lot that can happen when you insert any foreign object in there, and has the potential to do a lot of damage. Please do your research and decide the safest way to experiment!

According to Wikipedia, this was a method of torture commonly used in Ancient Greece, where they used figging to reprimand female slaves. I’ve also found record of this being used in England during Victorian times. Caning was often administered at the same time as figging, so that the recipients could clench their anus and make the pain that much worse.

The practice must have been brutal indeed to have lasted since around 700 B.C…..

As a fetish, thousands of kinksters from around the world currently participate in this method of corporal punishment, whether from the Top or bottom. As is tradition, it’s not uncommon to see figging being done during a caning session, or with any of the hitty-stingy impact play tools that we all know and love.

Having never tried this myself, but having friends in the community who have tried it, figging does not seem to be for the fainthearted. I haven’t personally heard of many situations where ginger is inserted into the anus that wasn’t in line with some sort of negative reinforcement or punishment, not to say that you won’t find any sort of pleasure, but definitely something to keep in mind.

Here’s another fun fact now that we’re friends: the practice of “gingering” has been used on horses by administering an irritant (such as raw ginger) to the anus of a horse to make their tail ride higher. This practice is directly linked to animal abuse, so please, for the love of all things good, do not try this on your poor family pony.


Still interested? There’s a whole community around figging as a fetlish on Fetlife, along with a ton of amazing articles of first-hand experience available across the web and on YouTube. Here's a reddit thread with first-hand experience. Please research the experiences of others before agreeing to anything yourself.

Stay safe!


Lorah Catherine
Lorah Catherine
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