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Would you like to take off my dress?


Droplets of something sweet fall on my lips. It was the blood of someone not from this land, but from afar, almost flowery, like chamomile. I wake up looking to see Vincent standing over me with someone's neck above my face. I pull it to me, too weak to raise up. It was a woman. Her soft, black hair fell on top of me, covering my face. Aromatic waves of lavender and honey hit my nose. I breathed her in like the best cocaine a drug lord kept for himself.

"Mmm," I moaned loudly, relishing in the beauty of such a feast. I peaked inside her memories. A desert flower in an arranged marriage. Although she was well kept, she did not love her husband. She was sleeping with man who kept her garden beautiful. At least that made her happy if nothing else did. I decided not to drain her at capacity, but would try to find her again. I let her go, so Vincent could take her away.

Vincent returned with another meal. A blonde, blue eyed male, possibly in his twenties. I was able to raise myself up. When Vincent was by my side, I pierced this one with my own fangs. I got a hit of bad cologne on my tongue. He was a party fuck boy seeking to fill the empty gap in his life on the weekends. Secretly feeling alone. Sadness crept into my own emotions as I finished.

He returned yet again with another. Long, ebony braids showered around her body. Large golden hoops adorned her ears, brass bracelets surrounded her wrists. Her skin was as dark as the darkest of cocoa and completely naked. The woman's ample bosom hung proud. I brought her close to my mouth, smelling sandalwood, lilies and cinnamon. Delicious. She was a virgin, on her wedding night, afraid she wouldn't please her new husband, a fat hairy bastard from a different tribe. He had better treat her well. If not, I might have to keep her. Vincent stayed with me as we both watched her walk to the open door, her ass like two perfect cantaloupes dancing on a vine disappearing from whence she came.

"Are you alright now?" Vincent asked, looking down at me, a look of concern on his face.

"I feel so much better. Thank you," I smiled.

"I'm so glad." He pecked me on the cheek, climbing in bed with me. I snuggled close to his warm body, laying my head on his chest. "I know the middle one wasn't that great. I was just trying to get you something fast while I could find something more fitting for the rest of your meal." Vincent apologized.

"It's okay. Can they hear me?" I ask, thinking about the boy.

"No, not unless you snap them out of their daze. It's like they are sleep walking, which as you probably already know can be detrimental for them. That's why they are summoned in a sleepy stupor. Less mess," informed Vincent.

"That makes sense," I ponder out loud. The blood was taking affect, regaining my strength to full throttle. Our bodies being so close together shot fire in all of the right places. My breathing deepened. Vincent sensing it. As fast as lightening, he levitated above me, inches from my body. I could feel his breath caressing my face. He lowered his face lightly licking my lips, barely touching. He floated lower, gently lapping my exposed skin in a straight line from my mouth, down my neck, between my collar bones, to my sternum, reaching the end of the deep V of my dress.

"Haaaa", I moaned, my eyes closing.

He teased down the sides of my breasts with each set of fingers, brushing my rib cage, hips and pelvic bones, to my pantiless burning fountain. Vincent's fingernails race back up the dress closer, leaving tingling glory in it's wake, moving in slow circles around my aching nipples. I raised them up enjoying his touch, the inner workings making quiet declarations of love in his name.

I opened my eyes, not feeling his touch. Vincent was taking his clothes off, his perfect body now towering over me. He took me by the hands, pulling. Now, I was weightless, hovering beneath him. I was stifled in my dress, the heat emanating off my body, on to his. Our lips met, tongues kissing wildly in slippery, hungry madness. I felt a hand going for the zipper, unzipping each rung painfully slow as another hand fondled the silk barrier of my peaking mound. I ground my hand on to his hard penis, rubbing in rough strokes, savoring each sinew of raw unadulterated, flawless flesh.

The zipper made its way to the last rung. Vincent placed both hands on my shoulders, sliding the dress purposely slow off of my body, kissing my skin inch by inch, letting silk and lips seduce my body all the way down. When the fabric was past my vulva, Vincent dipped his tongue inside, tasting with a single lick, then continued to kiss all the way down to my feet.

As he floated towards my body, the shaft of his cock writhed forward, between my legs from my ankles, to my inner thighs, until he struck gold. I spread my legs wider feeling him touching, my moist, hairless slit. Vincent moved his penis in an upward motion, teasing my clit, grabbing my waist to intensify such movements. The surge was powerful, pricking my nub to a full bud.

I was then shifted. I was facing his cock, my mouth inches from his bulbous head. I traced it around his edges with my wet tongue, hearing him whimper in pleasure. His sweet pre-cum dropped in my mouth. I brought more to the table by putting my mouth around his head, sucking. Vincent reacted by licking my clit back and forth swiftly. I deep throated his cock in one smooth motion, his girth almost taking up my entire mouth, his length jamming into the back of my throat, squeezing his ass. Then we began to move. I bobbed my head, in correlation with my hips as he fucked my mouth, moving his body simultaneously with mine.

I felt his arm reach around my leg. His fingers caressing my molten opening, in and out, piquing, in rhythmic symphonies, not fully going in. I brought my thighs close to my stomach, spread as far as I could stretch. Vincent thrust his fingers in filling me up, bring my clit closer to his superior tongue from the inside, creating a delectable pressure. I moaned, full of his dick in my mouth, as we undulated in unison. My vaginal wall contracted and released, pulsating as I climbed ever higher, to the peak of orgasm. Vincent pumped his fingers faster, harder, until I gushed liquid and cum, spasms possessing my being. My head flew back, screams saturating the air with my pleasure.

Vincent released me, then spun me back to him face him, driving his penis into my quaking pussy. He positioned us into a standing position with my legs wrapped around his waist, his hands on my hips riding me like a wild mare. My body waved like a flag, nearly upside down, euphoric. I raised up, a high filling my head, opening my mouth to kiss his lips, exploring his tongue. My body was climbing again. His fingers found my little anus bloom fingering it, opening her, entering. My G-spot lit up like stars in the night sky, as I exploded in a super nova of ecstasy. Vincent fucked me ever harder as my voice soared in his triumph of mastery. His voice joined my chorus as his hot cum shot inside of me.

We descended, tangled with each other, with me on top of him, cradled in his arms. I felt him kiss my head as we gently landed on the bed, like falling feathers, succumbing to blissful sleep.

Thank you for reading. Be sure and read the other chapters to get the full story if you loved this last chapter!
Jennifer Cypert
Jennifer Cypert
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