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Accidental Summoning


We stayed in the shower for hours, fucking, kissing, biting, growling, cumming. Our bodies wrapped together in gravity defying acrobatics, never tiring. The one thing that made us stop was our will, yet, even that was hard to tame.

The hunger was back again. I could feel it pulsing through my new veins. Before I could feed again, my blood had to be extracted. This made me nervous. I never donated, because I was deathly afraid of needles. It couldn't be avoided now. It was life or death.

"Don't you have a guy hidden in the basement? One wearing a lab coat, with a maniac laugh and tubes everywhere, ready to do your evil bidding?" I ask as we dry off.

"Well, aren't we in a sardonic mood. Yes, darling, I do have a guy. No, he does not live in the basement. That would be terribly cruel. Nor is he chained up, if that was going to be your next question. Constantin... will be here in half an hour," Vincent replied, laughing. He wrapped his towel around the lines that curved into his groin. The woman in me wanted to undo it, and lick those lines repeatedly like a horny mongrel. He noticed me staring, flitting over like a giant nymph on steroids.

"I need you to behave yourself long enough for you to do what it is we need to get done. I can't have you dying of starvation the first day. Okay?" he ordered, the tone of his voice sounding like honey induced drugs dripping from of his lips.

"Alright, I'll be good. I am getting pretty hungry. Am I always going to be this hungry?"

"No. As soon as you get an ample supply flowing through you, the hunger will taper off. Technically, you are an infant vampire. As you know, infants eat, a lot. Your vampire age depends on the amount of blood you will consume," Vincent informed.

"How long can you go without feeding?" I asked curious, brushing my hair, purposely topless, a towel covering my bottom half.

"I can go at least two days if I choose. I don't because I really like the taste," was his reply as he grabbed my ass. The way he said it, and his touch made my nipples harden, as my breasts rose inches from his chest. "Let's hurry and get this done. You are too damn intoxicating for your own good. Here, I have something special for you to wear for the occasion." He opened the closet door. Hanging from it was a slender blood red gown. The gown was floor length, fitted, with a deep V-cut bodice stopping before the navel. It's long sleeves slightly flared at the end.

"Oh Vincent... it's gorgeous!" I exclaim, running my hand along the dark satin.

"I know it's a little stereotypical, but I have always loved this look on a woman," Vincent commented.

"I love it, Vincent. Very classic," I walk over giving him a sweet peck on the lips.

"Put it on, so I can take it off of you later," he says, stripping me of my towel, brushing his hand against the top of my groin, leaving the room. Little flicks of heat tease my skin where his fingers graze.

I step into the dress, careful not to rip it as I fit the gown to my body. As I look into the mirror, I can't recognize the woman staring back at me. She is a far cry from the one that went unnoticed all of those years ago. Glad to have been invisible then. I step into the matching Stilettos that Vincent had set by the dress and slowly walk into the gigantic living room. Vincent is sitting on the end of a sectional that faces the bedroom door. When he notices me, he stands, a look of awe beholding his face.

"You are unequivocally majestic," he complimented.

"Thank you. You clean up pretty handsomely as well," I say prancing to him. He swiftly grasps my waist, seizing my lips. I feel his fingers traveling their way up and down my back as he squeezes me to his chest. His want presses through his tailored suit, the cloth an annoying disturbance.

"I want to rip this off of you right now."

He kisses my neck. I feel fangs delicately piercing skin. I whirred in a cougerish purr.

"That would be a terrible waist of a dress," I gasp.

The doorbell rings, breaking the spell. Vincent answers it. Sharp burning pains surge my stomach. This had better be quick, or I might eat his mad scientist.

In steps in a short pudgy, swarthy man in gray scrubs carrying a a large medical bag.

"Constantin it's been too long, come in!" Vincent bubbles, embracing him. They exchange pleasantries, recalling the number of years it had actually been. I was starting to feel a tiny bit queasy. I pictured a lovely neck before me waiting to bite into it. Suddenly, the high pitch noise rang in my ears and a man appeared. New instincts took over as I leapt on the victim, teeth grazing skin, then he was gone. I hit the floor smarting my knees. Vincent pulled me up gathering me into his arms my strength drained. My eyes closed, rolling into the back of my head.

I opened my eyes barely conscious, looking to the left of me seeing a tube connected to my arm covered in a bandage. At the other end of the tube was a small ornate, tear shaped bottle filling with my blood. On the right side of me was Vincent holding my hand.

Jennifer Cypert
Jennifer Cypert
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