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Vianna Summers, and friends.

by Moonlit Sky. 10 months ago in erotic
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(erotica) Vianna and Adam. (The bedroom)

Pulling at the restraints is one of the best parts of being tied up.

Sometimes you have a lot of movement within the restraints, and sometimes every bit of you is held in place. Your muscles tighten with every pull, regardless of how much you move.

Laying on my stomach, naked with restraints on my wrists and ankles. I have a few inches of movement, and part of me wishes it was less.

Adam sits on the edge of the bed and begins caressing his firm hands all over my butt. Squeezing the cheeks and giving them little spanks in between. My ass, no doubt, raises itself up for more of this attention, and if not, he gives it anyway.

He traces his fingers down my legs, dragging the lightest touch of his nails from side to side. When he reaches my feet, he does the same, lightly tickling the soles though I don't laugh. It feels good, and he does the same to the other foot. Gently scratching the soles, then once again caressing my calves and thighs with sweeping motions.

My toes curl in pleasure when he returns to my ass, and squeezes and spanks it harder this time. Enough for me to happily grunt.

He lays down over my lower body, and when he runs his fingers across my lower back, I arch with the soft tingly sensations. My entire back curves as the gentle lightning works its way from my lower back to the middle. To the more sensitive parts of my skin.

Oh gods, it feels so good. I wish this would never end.

Soon enough his light touches become firm and he massages every heightened nerve back to normal. I wish they'd do this at the massage therapy place, I'd actually enjoy going.

"Would you try the whip on my back?" I ask, remembering the contents of the play bag I brought.

"Of course," he grins and retrieves it. When he returns to leaning on the bed, he runs the tendrils of the whip across my back and it feels similar to his hands, my back arches in response again.

Then he whips me, and it feels kind of nice. It does hurt, but in the same way being spanked does. It's definitely a good pain. He cracks the whip against my back again, and again, running it lightly across after each hit. Then, he hits a little harder and I feel it enough to gasp.

He chuckles, "how does that feel?"

"I like it," I grin into the bed cover.

"You definitely seem to be enjoying it." He cracks the whip again, a little harder, then spanks me with it and I moan in happiness.

He continues using the whip, getting steadily harder until I finally grunt and he switches to only caressing me. "Your back is very red, right now." He says, amused.

I try to look at it but of course, the restrains keep me from seeing much more than reddened skin.

He lays next to me and keeps massaging me with the occasional spanks. Then, I hear the cap of the body oil bottle open. He moves his hand down to my vagina, and oh so gently runs his fingers along my lips and more sensitive areas, the oil making everything smooth and slippery. My thighs initially try to close from the new, intense feeling. But he gently moves his fingers up and down my lips, using the tip of his fingers against my surprisingly sensitive body.

The more he gently moved his fingers, the more the pleasure built and I started pulling at the restraints, wanting more.

"Sensitive little clit, isn't it," he says, pushing harder against me and causing a slight moan to escape. Then he moves his hands in a slow circle, pushing at all the right angles and incorporating his other hand to massage every right nerve in my ass.

I pull harder at the restraints, it feels so good and my body desperately wants to finish myself off. Adam rubs his fingers over the most sensitive parts of me, going faster and faster until the pleasure is building so high that my hands are trying so hard to finish but the restraints keep me in place until-

I moan and gasp and grab at the fabric on the bed, looking for something to hold as the pleasure courses through me and the waves run through my body.


The pleasure subsides, and I lay there breathing a little harder, almost giggling. Adam leans over me and rubs my back, bringing me back to Earth.

"Good girl," he coos into my ear and I can't help but smile back.


About the author

Moonlit Sky.

I'm a writer. Often with a dirty mind. I love animals, movies, TV shows and books.

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