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Vianna Summers: Amy & Chris ("Interrogation")

by Moonlit Sky. 11 months ago in erotic · updated 2 months ago
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Erotic short stories, M/F kink

Amy pulls at the restraints around her forearms, enjoying the immobility it causes. The straps around her wrists, elbows, and ankles keep her on the soft x frame.

The door opens and she glances over as Chris closes it, then he walks over. She eyes him up without meaning to, and he grins at her glance as she rolls her eyes and blushes. Walking, combined with the half sleeve black shirt, collar open about three buttons, enough to be curious, was her weakness. And of course, he knows that.

He stops right beside her, leaning on the frame as his arms flex with the movement. "Are you going to tell me?" he asks with a smile that says he already knows her answer.

"I don't plan on it," she looks up at him with such a smile in her eyes that he has to look away or harden.

"Good," he grins and positions himself partially over her, he puts a hand on her stomach and runs it firmly over her loose shirt. She doesn't make a sound at this, but they both know this is only the start.

After circling his fingers over her clothed body a few times, he pushes her shirt back just a tad and glides his fingers over her bare skin. She gasps and instinctively pulls at the material keeping her in place. He grins and continues moving his fingers caressingly around her sensitive flesh. She starts giggling and soon it's muffled laughing against her inner arm as he works his way up her sides.

She jumps and squeals when his fingers start pressing into her ribs and soon she's laughing loud and clear and her legs jump and lift her temporarily off the contraption. He leans over and blows against her stomach, and she almost screams as she laughs incoherently.

"Now for my favourite part," he whispers through a grin and moves his fingers up around her breasts.

She grins but then erupts into laughter as he squeezes and taps his fingers over her very ticklish boobs. Her lower half tries to bounce everywhere but the restraints keep what they need to in place. His fingers dip into her ampits as she screams louder and starts to halfheartedly whipser "stop", though they both know he can ignore it. He makes smooth motions up and down the hollows of her body and soon he enjoys her shrieks enough to keep his fingers digging into the sensitive area.

"Yellow," she mutters through the tears now streaming down her eyes, and he backs off immediately. He brushes his fingers across her stomach once again and she both calms down and gets back on track.

"Have to admit, I enjoy getting you to the safeword point."

She giggles and starts to reply that she does too, then a moan escapes her lips as his fingers brush against her nipples. "Oh jesus," she whispers without thinking as he circles the tops of her sensitive nipples with his thumbs. He reaches under the table and before Amy can open her eyes to see what he has, she hears the familiar squirt, and then his hands are gliding over her with ease. When his fingers gently pinch her nipples, she pulls hard at the restraints, the fire in her southern area building. He gently kisses her stomach in a line above her belly button, then he lets his tongue dip into her ridiculously soft skin. She moans and arches her back, he lets his hand press into her as he finds her ribs once again. She knows the second before he does it, then she's screaming and twisting as his fingers dig and find every single incredibly ticklish spot on her ribs. He does this for about thirty seconds before letting her rest.

He leans over her and holds her shirt up to her neck, then he leans down and takes her nipples into his mouth. One by one, gently letting his tongue circle and flick against her. She moans and arches her back more, practically pushing herself into him and trying to reach her own body to climax. "Oh my gods!" she whimpers while Chris lets her nipple go and kisses his way across her stomach, Amy now groaning and writhing on the frame.

He stops short of her crotch, and looks up at her sexy body in desperate need of an orgasm. "Ready to tell me?"

She giggles but says, "I'm not that easy."

He chuckles and cuts her thong off, "good." He then adds straps across her waist and thighs to make it even harder to move her midsection around.

He leans over her glistening vagina, she's already pulling at the straps and it's clear it won't take too much to make her cum. So, he does. He positions himself and lets his tongue glide over her, using quick stroking motions and watching her body try so hard to get away from the intesity.

"Oh gods!" Amy shrieks and her whole body tightens as Chris uses his oral skills to make her orgasm in less than a few minutes and she moans loudly and her whole body pulls inwards.

He gently blows on her to calm her back down, and within the minute that she stops cuming, he goes back to her sides. And just as he's reaching across her now twice as sensitive body, she realizes what he's doing.

"No, Chris!" she manages before he makes her scream and thrash as he prods, pokes, and overall tickles the hell out of her sides.

He pauses to let her catch her breath and grins down at her flushed face. "Had enough?"

She smiled brighter than she meant to, and shook her head, "hell no." Then he dug his fingers into her sides and stomach once again.


About the author

Moonlit Sky.

I'm a writer. Often with a dirty mind. I love animals, movies, TV shows and books.

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