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Unfortunate Incidents

Short story Pt 2

By JadedPleasuresPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
(photo was taken from google images i do not own any rights to this image.)


How is it fucking possible that, that damn safe house is so far the fuck away. The last corner he took should have brought him right to the safe house. His eyes were beginning to blur from the loss of so much blood and his steps were starting to falter. "Well, i think i am a goner this time." he whispered to him self as he lean against a wall before slumping down on to the filth ridden pavement.


That fucking word for fucking gods sake... why must you repeat that damn word its not going to happen now, and honestly hope that I never find that bitch again. But, even though he thought those words in his head he didnt mean them he just wanted to be with her in his weakened state. Have her hands on him, to feel a woman's touch after so many years of not really caring for it. Just to know that His woman was with him and no one else could take her... but how could he feel these feelings even though she was the reason that he was in this spot in the first place.


Wait?!?!?! Close, I'm close to him? Could he seriously be just a corners turn away? she thought as she ran as fast as she possibly could just to make it to the man in time. She turned a corner and saw him and she stopped dead in her tracks she was bewildered at what she was seeing and hearing right now.


the man had screamed as she turned the corner he had lost to much blood and was now in such an uncommon state of mind frame to her. Was he really screaming at his inner instincts? Im not the only one that does that.?what on earth should i do? Her mind raced as she thought of things to do she had to get him some where safe where she could treat him. But, the only place that she could go would be a hotel. And, sadly she was not equip with any cash that she could use to actually pay for a hotel room. She knelt down next to him and began searching his pockets while he was in his delusional state of mind. The man noticed her right away after he felt her touch his pockets.

" Well, would you look at that... she blows me of and not in the way i like i mind you, and now wants to rob me. How unoriginal. Listen here hun if you want the cash then you better shake that ass cause your not getting shit till you make me cum... and lets face it with how long its been it might be to easy" the man had said in his delusional state of mind did he truly just ask her for head then confess its been a long time?

" I am not robbing you, since i live in an abandoned place i dont have cash im looking for some on you to pay for a hotel room to help you recover."

" Oh so you one of them shy bitches that dont like to do it any where at night huh? Well guess what, im dying and im going out with a fucking smile on my face." the man didnt even give the girl a chance and what was odd was that she noticed that as soon as he started getting aroused he was beginning to shift forms. The man ripped the button off his trousers and moved them out of the way, once the offensive shit was out of the wake he grabbed her hair so hard causing her to gasp and in the same moment she gasped she saw her head being forced down to his member.

Her eyes wide she punches him in his injured arm and he howls in pain and passes out.

"Great Just fuckin great... i had to find the one dumb ass man on the planet that instead of thinking of safety wants to fuck... as a MATE!!! Why do you do this shit to me... " she huffed with a sigh before finding some money and lifting him up and hauling him to the nearest place that would be safe for him and her..


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Hello, Greetings, hi, Its been a minute. Just wanted to put a little reminder that my things are for 18+ only. Mainly because they are all Fan Fiction ideas that i write about. THATS ALL FOLKS!!

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