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Unfortunate Incidents

short story Pt 1

By JadedPleasuresPublished 4 years ago 5 min read
Unfortunate Incidents
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'fuck' ....

he thought to him self as he ran as fast as he could down the darkened roads of New Orleans, LA. He was badly injured from his encounter with the traitor of his clan. Him, the Alpha got short changed by and Omega in a mask. How could he not have detected her presence, how could it have been possible that she would have wounded him so severely. He didnt understand why he was being foolish and asking questions he had already knew the answers to.


That one fucking word that he had hoped for and had been searching for, for what seemed to be an absolute eternity to find. It was her, that traitorous bitch that has given secrets to every one else on the side that was trying to kill him and his last living clan members had decided to set up so many fucking traps that he had lost count of how many there were. But, when the person he had been hunting to bring to justice for their acts against them he had not expected something like this to take him off his game.

'Why' ....

What on this god forsaken earth could have possessed him to believe that she had to be his? And, yet again he was asking foolish questions that he already knew answers to, it was in his DNA, in his very existence to find the one it wasnt him that had chosen that particular time to just say "Hey, ya know you did absolute horrible things to my clans man and i want to bring you to justice... but umm.... can we fuck first..?" not that he actually said such a thing.. probably would have been better if he had said something instead of having his arm almost blown off by the trap she had set against the tree he walked by. But, noooooo.... the Alpha of the clan of werewolves turned tail and ran as fast as he could yelping like a little bitch.


he couldnt say that word in his head enough tonight, it would seem. This had to be the worst night for him in his 400 years. He rounded a corner of a building almost reaching his clan safe base, almost to safety where he could heal and lick his wounds in peace.. And as he was a few blocks away he came to the realization that he wouldnt have peace not this night not any night... Whom ever that woman was that could get inside the safe house and through to the underground caverns so precisely placed with bombs and traps with out setting them off to feed information to others out there that sought to destroy him and his family. Had to know how to get in and out with out being noticed to many times.

He watched all the cameras before but didnt see anything out of the ordinary. And, because she was his Mate whether she had a familiarity to him meant absolutely nothing at all. That sort of detail no longer can be told of if it was because he actually knew her from his pack or if it was because his blood burned for her... either way at this point and juncture none of that would matter if he didnt make it to the safe house to heal.


The woman in the mask whispered so softly to her self in astonishment. It couldnt be, her parents when the had died at only eight years of age not even fully into her moon cycles was told that her only Mate in life that she was supposed to love cherish and be with for eternity had died in a horrific battle when the clans were divided and killed off. How is it possible that the leader of the last clan of werewolves from her parents past still be alive. How, in the hell is she supposed to tell him she never meant for him to get caught in that explosion. Initially those traps were not set up for him they were set up for other creatures that had meant to cause her harm. She was the only one inside the major city of New Orleans that had no clan, no family, and no protection. She had to learn how to do some chemistry just create a bomb that would harm supernatural beings more so then the human gene pool.


Yeah, yeah, yeah i heard you say it the first time... but, still she was full of questions she didnt have the answers to or even know how she could even ask him. Not that she didnt want to see his gorgeous eyes and long hair that looked as though it was well maintained and groomed on the daily, and just thinking about how soft it would feel if she could just run her fingers through it made her feel all fuzzy inside. But, she was in some deep shit now... She had just blown the piss out of the Alpha of the only strongest clan alive. Whom seems to have survived where her parents did not. She wasnt formally trained to approach an Alpha. What was she supposed to do? walk up to him the next time she sees him on the street and just be like those songs she heard on the radio and be all "Call Me Maybe?"

'Awkward' ....

Well no shit cant just walk up to the Alpha of a dying clan and be all, " soo um yeah ...... Hooooooows the arm? I know it was my trap and all but i seriously didnt mean to blow you to kingdom come... at least not in ya know... the way it happened and all... but ummm apparently your my Mate and umm i was just hoping we could put the past behind either you or me let it be just one fucked up the ass incident with no lube and start over what do ya say?" are you kidding, he is already going to want her head for this and that was not exactly something she was to fond of loosing at this moment.

She casts her eyes downward in utter humiliation and disappointment when she sees trails of red, she bent down on all fours and took the scent into her nostrils.

'Blood..... MATE!!'

Oh shit she couldnt just sit here on her ass she had to find him no ifs, ands, or buts, about it.. He was bleeding to much he could die if he doesnt get some where safe.. and so.. she set off following the trail hoping that she could catch up to him and explain...


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Hello, Greetings, hi, Its been a minute. Just wanted to put a little reminder that my things are for 18+ only. Mainly because they are all Fan Fiction ideas that i write about. THATS ALL FOLKS!!

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