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by Juliet Adelaide about a year ago in erotic

Playtime with Pete

Pete and I decided to have an afternoon date at his place. He has his own business and works at home so he could just work in the morning and take a half day off. We would have the whole afternoon for play time. I reminded him that he lived by my favorite pizza joint so I offered to pick up a pizza on the way over. I hopped in my Jetta, cranked up some tunes, lit a cigarette and headed to Pete's. 

     We kissed hello at the door and I set the pizza in the kitchen. Pete hinted that we could go fuck first and then have pizza after but I was hungry and my favorite pizza required immediate consumption for optimal oral pleasure. Other oral pleasure would have to wait. I popped open a Heineken. 

     Pete got some plates and napkins and we sat down for lunch. We caught up over meat lover's pizza (not a surprising choice for me), chatting and laughing about current events and whatnot. Sometimes I think that I shock him a bit. Pete laughs at some of the ridiculous sexual things that I say and then he blushes. I don't think that he's been around the type of women who speak so openly about sex. Don't get me wrong, so far he has seemed very naughty himself. We were still just getting to know each other really. I liked him though and he seemed to like me. 

      After an après lunch smoke, we went to the bedroom. He put on some music and had these cool colored lights on. We had texted about the fact that he hadn't given me a facial yet nor had I given him a blow job to completion. I had been the one to bring up these points of course but I thought a good blow job for Pete would be a nice way to start our play time. 

      Luckily, we had been together before so I knew that Pete was good for a couple of rounds. There would still be time for sex later. He might need a break between sessions but I felt like sucking cock. I enjoy giving head. I like to feel a man weakening as I pleasure him. I love to hear the moans, the heavy breath and to feel the throbbing in my mouth. It's kind of empowering. It also makes me very wet. 

      Pete stood bedside as I positioned myself sitting on the edge between his legs. He lifted my dress over my head. I kept my panties on. We got his shorts off and I started by grabbing the head with my hand. I looked up at Pete's sexy face before I took his cock into my mouth. I took it in and out of my mouth, slowly at first, and then popped it out. I licked up the length of his shaft, looking up to make eye contact and smiled a naughty little smile at him. I gave Pete a few strokes with my hand before spitting on the head and taking it to the back of my throat. I held his cock in my throat until I gagged and began to drool. I discovered that he seemed to especially enjoy when I used my hand to squeeze and twist the head as my mouth drooled on the head. I alternated my mouth moves and Pete announced his impending orgasm which I find very hot. I felt the throbbing, followed by warm cum filling my mouth. To be a little shocking, I opened up my mouth to show him my mouthful before gulping it down. 

     I got the sexy smile, a little chuckle and that blushing effect before he was pulling me into bed. I wasn't expecting him to return the treatment immediately. Pete slid my panties off and dove head first into my pussy. What a gentleman. He kissed the inside of my thigh as he used his fingers to rub my wetness all over my cunt. The warmth of his tongue on my clit made me let out a moan. I arched my back and then Pete lifted my hips upward. I could feel myself nearing orgasm as he alternated using his fingers and mouth along my lips and against my clit. I reached down to toy with his soft wavy hair. I came with a loud moan and we both collapsed, trying to catch our breath. 

     Just as I was thinking of heading out for a smoke, Pete began to kiss me. He cupped my breasts and kissed my nipple. I could see he was fully erect again already as we were laying naked in his bed. I thought about a few toys that I had brought with me but we were too deeply into heavy petting to bother. We played mutual masturbation for a while before a condom was opened and I found myself climbing aboard Pete. 

       We had discovered on our first date that we have good sexual chemistry. We found our rhythm quickly and I rode him sitting upright at first. He leaned up to feel my breasts and then pulled me down on top of him and kissed me. He was now rubbing me the right way, so to speak, and I could feel my pussy tightening around his cock as we fucked. I came with a shudder and was flipped onto my back without a break in the action. He moved my legs up and then out, getting deeper and harder, going faster and faster. "I'm cumming" was said in a breathy whisper. I could feel his cock throb in my pussy before he pulled out, collapsing next to me. He seemed to want to say something but then said that he was speechless at the moment. I laughed and figured that was a compliment too. 

      After a few minutes of cuddling and collecting ourselves, we went out back for a smoke. I had another Heineken and we got back to just chatting about life. He had big trees that had owls that visit from time to time. He showed me some pictures of them but they weren't around today. There were some cute quail that ran along his backyard wall. 

    It was quite warm out so we headed back inside. We relaxed in bed and it seemed that a round three was starting to develop. I had time to tell him to wait while I grabbed my bag of naughty things that I had brought with me. I went in the bathroom and cleaned up my toys. I lubed up my bum and put in a plug. It was a black silicon one that resembles a small dildo. I brought a jeweled steel one but frankly this one felt better for fucking. I grabbed my Lelo clit sucking vibrator and threw on a white sheer teddy. 

     Pete smiled when I came back in dressed in lingerie. He seemed surprised and smiled, pulling me close and kissing me. I let him know that I had added the plug. He had made the request when I had asked him what I should bring. He hadn't fucked anyone who had a plug in. It creates a double penetration effect that I know my husband loves as well. I do too. It feels very intense. 

     Pete went between my thighs to lick my kitty again and felt the plug, moving it gently into me. I could tease and toy with his cock in the position we were in and soon he was on top of me, slowly sliding into my pussy. He moaned as he began to fuck me. I asked him if it felt different and if he liked it. He laughed and said that it felt amazing. He held me closely as we got into our rhythm again. He leaned back just a little so that he could use his fingers on my clit as he fucked me. I came very hard. 

     I asked Pete if he wanted me to get on my knees. We actually hadn't fucked doggy style yet. I really like to be fucked while I'm on my hands and knees plus Pete would get to see my tattoo better. He grabbed my thighs as he slid back inside of me. He was kneeling behind me and fucking me hard and fast. He gave my ass a little slap and I felt him slowing down to a stop, followed by a moan and a shudder. I felt his cock throbbing in my pussy even more intensely with the plug in my ass. I excused myself to clean up and came back for post orgasm cuddle number three.

 - Juliet Adelaide 


Juliet Adelaide

Hotwife and erotic author Juliet Adelaide aka mrs Sexy takes you along her journey from monogamy to polyamory with her true erotic stories about her sex life. For more information, please visit

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