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The Witch in the Wolf’s Den

A Waltz in Pandemonium Erotica

By T.D. ChroniclerPublished 3 months ago 16 min read

She poured the vibrant black liquid into the pot, stirring slowly, letting her desires seep into its murky abyss. From her dark red lips hummed the incantation. It was in a language she did not truly know, yet, that was of no consequence. For what she now planned, intention coupled with recitation would suffice. Feelings of guilt attempted to creep into her heart. She knew this was wrong, that this betrayal would poison any chance of reconciliation with her sister. She did not care. If a monster were what she was made out to be, then, a monster she would become. The bubbling concoction belched a mist of sparkling violet. Satisfied that her secret weapon was now complete, the only thing left was to lure her quarry to the trap.

He arrived no more than an hour after receiving her call. A sense of foreboding gnawed at his thoughts. He assumed it was due to the circumstances under which they must meet. Juliette would have his cock for supper if she found out he was here, and not in the way he would have liked. Nevertheless, he hoped the risk would be worth the reward. The schism between Juliette and her sister Valerie had caused more than its share of heartache. At first, he too was angry at their fallout. He had thought Valerie vain, foolish, and hellbound on ruining her life as well as those around her. Yet, once the initial rage had been set aside, Jayce had come to see Valerie’s actions as what they were, a cry for help. On numerous occasions, Valerie had mentioned the level of hatred she had towards herself. Often, these revelations were made under the influence of strong spirits, yet, it did not remain that way. A pang of regret struck Jayce as he remembered a night she bore her soul to him. Up till then, Valerie and he had only been civil out of respect for Juliette, but as he listened to the struggles she faced and the demons that plagued her constantly, Jayce developed a deep sense of respect and empathy for her. He too frequently battled his own nightmares and in Valerie, he recognized a kindred spirit. That is why now, against his intuition, he felt compelled to extend the hand he should have given years ago.

He knocked, mentally preparing himself for what he hoped would be a productive conversation. A faint scent tickled at his keen sense of smell. Its aroma shifted, moving from autumn leaves to a salt sea breeze to the juice of various fruits. He found it both captivating and distracting. The aroma never stayed the same, but the craving invoked by it did. Not true, he felt his desire grow as the revolving smells became more pungent. His hypnosis was only returned as he caught whiffs of Valerie amidst the miasma. He had barely gotten hold of himself before she had opened the door. A mischievous grin connected the ends of her bold red lips.

An avalanche swallowed him whole, robbing his ability to think or to act. An unnatural tether had roped itself around his soul, and with unquestionable force, it brought forth the beast he had fought so hard to subdue.

Valerie had got what she had bargained for, or, so she thought. Before she had the chance to utter a single word, rough hands took hold, forcing her from the threshold up against the wall of her home. Intitailly, she was startled. She had been about to protest such harsh treatment when she realized her feet were no longer touching the ground. She was no small woman and had always considered herself no more than a fraction slighter than the man who now pinned her. Looking into eyes filled with inhuman desire, she now better appreciated the difference in their physicality.

“You could at least be a gentleman and shut the door, but then again, that would mean my little experiment had failed”, she chuckled, flicking her finger, which swiftly, but quietly sealed their privacy.

“W-What have y-you done to me?” Jayce’s pained voice broke through the veil of his transformation.

“Nothing, we both know you didn’t already want.”

Brushing her leg against his inner thigh, she gasped in astonishment that was not entirely insincere, “ Oh, evidently you’re bursting with anticipation. Well here I am, take what you want!”

Jayce released her, stumbling back to fight the urge becoming ever more powerful. Valerie was undeterred. She knew he would not give in to this betrayal so easily. He had long fought to restrain his hidden nature to be the man Juliette loved so dearly. Valerie would never have known of it if not for the few occasions she and Jayce bonded over stiff liquor and troubled pasts. It was in those moments, she saw the flicker of the other. The chaotic presence, the wild looks of lust, that great hulking shadow that laid dormant in the man’s heart. She knew that her bewitching elixir was only the first step to her plan. If she were to bring this dog to heel, she would need to take more…direct action.

Jayce was now on his knees, writhing and clutching at his clothes. Menacing growls broke through his many gasps and groans. Valerie undid the lashing of her scarlet corset. Her generous bosom bounced slightly now freed from its rigid confines. With reasonable force, she kicked Jayce, putting him on his back. Planting her pale foot on his chest, she glared down in triumph at the man sprawled on her floor.

Jayce attempted to move her from atop him, but, try as he might, each attempt to harm her resulted in a gentle caress of her intricately tattooed leg. He felt the warring desire to both tear her apart and drag his tongue along the smooth soft skin which led to her sex. The folds of her midnight dress shook as he jerked and writhed to regain his footing, allowing him the venerable glimpse at her vulva. He hated himself for the way he coveted the chance to place his tongue between its pink folds. Oh, how he wanted to take her, to break her, to make her beg him to end his ravaging of her body. He met Valerie’s gaze, wondering if she knew what he was thinking. He was never given a chance to ask.

“Absolutam Nocturna!”

Upon evocation, violet serpent-like tendrils burst from the ground, restraining Jayce’s hands and feet. He snarled viciously, the creature within him breaching evermore through the barrier of his will. The kaleidoscopic aroma began to blend now, fusing its form to lead Jayce to a single source. He opened his eyes to see Valerie standing directly above him. The bright pink lips of her pussy, directly parallel with his face.

The look that his face bore pleaded with her not to do this, that it was not too late to turn back. Valerie would hear none of it. She lowered herself onto him, her breath catching as his own tickled her clit. The stubble of his small beard brushing the skin of her inner thighs sent waves of sensation throughout her entire body. Before she had time to worry if she would smother him to death, she felt the curious flickering of his tongue probing the confines of her walls.

A most unladylike groan escaped her as she felt the agile muscle bend to and fro, periodically jabbing her womb. She grasped a fistful of his dark brown curls as her body began to buck at the emergence of her first climax. Valerie’s breathing became heavier, faster as she endured the desperate creature lapping up her warm spray.

“O-oh…oh my goddess… I can’t… oh fuck!”

Valerie was quickly losing herself. Her mind grew foggier with each blissful squirt. It had been too long since she had enjoyed this much pleasure. None of her previous lovers had much skill when it came to oral, and most were more interested in receiving as opposed to giving. But it wasn’t just the skill or voracity at which his tongue took to its task. With each passing moment, it felt as if it was growing within her. She tried to calculate the possibility of this phenomenon being a side-effect of the elixir, but her mind could only focus on fucking good this felt. Each shudder, each squelch, every single plunge he took inside her sent her spiraling deeper into a Nile of ecstasy. So lost she became in her orgasmic revelry, that she even forgot to maintain the level of concentration it took to keep him restrained. An oversight that cost her greatly.

No longer bound by the magical shackles, the thing that was Jayce wasted no time in reclaiming its freedom. Before she even knew what was happening, Valerie had been thrown from the creature's face and roughly pinned to the floor! She tried to raise herself but was brutally forced back down, a strong grip squeezing the back of her neck. She heard no words of anger or promise of retribution, just the jiggling of a belt buckle along with the heavy breathing of an otherworldly beast. When she finally realized what was going on, true terror gripped her heart as did the regret of unleashing this monster.

Valerie made to cry out in protest but was only able to manage a brief bark of surprise as she felt him breach her entrance and begin ramming into her. Her attempts to fight back were pathetic. She had awoken the creature inside Jayce, and now, was subject to its every carnal pleasure. She knew this was only the beginning. He was toying with her. The cadence of his thrusts remained slow but grew in force. As he rammed home, she could feel his head crash into her womb. She wanted to hate herself for how much she loved each impact, but couldn’t. Truth was she was desperate for more.

Her pride had fled along with her control of the situation, leaving nothing but the starving demand to be used by this beast over and over, until they both lay spent covered in the other's sin. She told herself this was all part of the plan, not caring that it was nothing more than lies. As she joined his rhythm, rocking back as he slammed into her, shuddering as another spurt of her juices alluded to another oncoming orgasm, she told herself that this was what was necessary to enslave him.

Sweet, wet warmth splashed on him once more-a sensation he relished each time. How long had he fought against this very moment occurring, he had lost count. As he lustfully appreciated the smooth alabaster texture of her rump, giving it a swift slap of approval, a gesture she appreciated with a heavy moan, he realized this had always been fated to happen. How could he deny this part of his nature? He was a son of Pandamonia, a direct descendant of the Wild One. A part of him always knew Valerie would overestimate her abilities and give in to her long-abated curiosity. Like Juliette, she believed this side of him was something he kept hidden. An ardent foe he must wage war against for eternity. Both had been mistaken. In their defense, he played his part well. Neither of them could have suspected that this was his true self. When he first met Juliette, he had intended to make her his by way of force, yet, something about her had stopped him. He had been entranced by not only her beauty but also the gentleness of her soul. To know her further, he locked away the lust-maddened creature deep within his soul, only drawing on its power when necessary. Now that it had been truly freed, his original dark purpose could be enacted. But before he would set out on this great endeavor, he intended to have some fun with his new plaything.

Valerie felt a sharp pain as a firm grip took hold of her fire-red hair. Her initial thought of protest was silenced by her yearning to be conquered by Jayce’s new form. She didn’t understand how such a form of humiliating subjugation could feel so powerful. How being rutted like some common heifer could bring her to such earth-shattering climaxes. His inhuman grunts of pleasure as he hammered away at her insides induced a confidence she had never felt before in her sad life. She found her inner voice reaffirming again and again how she would do anything to bring this creature to the ultimate joy. As she felt him leave her, she wasted no time turning about, despite the sheer exhaustion and numbness she felt throughout her being. As she did, she gazed in awe at the entity that towered over her.

Its legs were massive trunks of muscle thick with fur the color of charred wood. Her eyes scaled the intricate mosaic of heavily muscled, vascular flesh as if she were studying the armor of a Paladin. Peering down at her was what appeared to be the face of Jayce, except this version had fangs long and sharp enough to tear the flesh from an ox, a mane that fell to drape over its boulder-like shoulders, and eyes that burned with the color of the sun. Valerie had been stunned, unprepared for what his final transformation would look like. That paralysis was broken when she caught the leering smile of the monster, causing her to look forward. Upon seeing the grey-pink cock that was nearly the length and width of a young child’s arm, her mouth hung agape in astonishment. An action she would come to regret.

With god-like speed, he seized the back of her head, pulling her forward. Before her mind had time to register what was happening, she felt the massive thing forced into her mouth, clogging her throat. Valerie struggled and gagged, striking the creature’s hulking thigh in an attempt to gain air, but merely earned the unusual cough-like bark of its laughter. Finally, she felt her airway clear, causing her to cough as she gasped to draw air into her lungs. She felt the thick globs of spital drip from her lips onto her breast. Without thinking she freed them from the remnants of her corset. The beast made for her again but was checked by a hand, which Valerie held up. Whether it was stopped by confusion or curiosity, she did not know. With a wry smile, she slipped out of the sleeves of her dress allowing it to fall hanging off the corset, giving him a full view of her bountiful breast.

Her smile turned into a slight grimace of disappointment as he did not react as she expected. Feeling the burning rise of embarrassment and rejection, Valerie raised her arms to cover her shame but was stopped as the hulking beast tore the last vestige of her clothing from her. It released a deep growl that for some reason, told Valerie it was more than pleased with her body. For confirmation, she steadily traced her fingers down the length of her curvaceous body, making a point to massage and display her heavy breasts for his enjoyment. She watched with genuine delight as his inhuman member twitched and strained with approval. Lowering herself to her knees, she stroked it gently, her mouth watering at the sight of the small bead of pre-cum dripping from its curved tip.

“If I’d known you were hiding this thing all along, I would’ve bewitched you sooner”, she was not sure if he could understand her in the state he was in, but it didn’t matter. She meant every word.

Valerie leaned forward, first licking the tip of his cock before slowly lowering her mouth onto its head. The taste of it was strangely intoxicating. An amalgamation of flavors she could not describe, yet made her hungry for more. She began to find her rhythm, working him ever deeper into her mouth. She knew she would never be able to fit the whole thing down her throat again without choking in the attempt, but she settled for trying to at least encompass up to the knot-like portion not far from the base. She heard his abnormal growls of pleasure, which filled her with a unique sense of confidence and desire. With one great effort, Valerie lurched forward, keeping her tongue flat on the floor of her mouth as she took in the abnormal thing just under her teeth. She coughed through labored breath, drool spilling onto her breasts as this truly “monster-cock” pressed itself against the back of her throat. She began to feel faint, not sure if from the lack of oxygen or the effort it took to get him this far in, either way, she needed to breathe again and soon.

He heard her gasps as he drew himself from her. He was loving seeing her like this, almost as much as he enjoyed defiling her in such a manner. He breathed in the scent of her arousal, the fragrant tang of her juices mixed with some of his own. It made their dance all the more entertaining. She had thought to enslave him to her with tainted gifts of the flesh. Yet, it was now she who had been enslaved. Not only that but now the beast was free from its cage and had no intention of going back.

Jayce, with clawed hand, held her face so that their eyes were locked on one another.

“You were a fool to believe you could subjugate me by such trivial methods. You awakened a force that you have no concept of controlling”, his distorted words rang through her bleary mind even though she never saw his mouth move.

“Though… your plan was ill-conceived, I am indebted to you.”

He laid her back on the cold floor. The sound of her breath catching as she recognized the chill, filled his body with such perverse excitement. He moved his hand to her breast, fondling them both before aggressively placing it back on her throat.

“As a reward, I shall make you my slave. My whore to whatever I wish, when I wish. Your power, your body, your soul…are now mine”, and with that declaration, he plunged himself deep into the slick cavern of her pussy.

Valerie cried out as his thrust battered her womb with overwhelming speed. Her mind was obliterated as the legion of orgasms shot through like the waves of a treacherous ocean. As he heaved two last powerful strokes, her body convulsed as the warm thick liquid flooded her womb. Just before it all faded to black, Valerie let out one final proclamation. In words barely above a whisper, she uttered, “I’m yours… your whore… yours.”


About the Creator

T.D. Chronicler

Let me tell you a story. Something dark, dreadful, and gory. I shall weave you a world of pleasure and delights. Ones to accompany you on these ethereal nights. Join me as we voyage to lands unknown, some may just claim you as their own.

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