The Succubus and Her Prey ~Night 1

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All that her body needed was one thing, but she got much more.

The Succubus and Her Prey ~Night 1

The pain was flowing through her body! Vikila was feeling the pain her body went through when she went without sex for too long. She was your typical succubus. Disguised enough to make any young foolish man fall for her. Her special scent made is so she was exactly the type of woman her prey was into. Different men saw her as different things.

Vikila dreamed of the day that she met her match. That way she didn't have to go out hunting anymore. All she needed was a human man's cum to keep her alive. She could ingest it however she wanted. Her vagina could take it in, or she could swallow it. She preferred to swallow because there would be a less chance of offspring occurring. She definitely wanted to wait to have offspring with her true life mate.

Vikila knew it was time to go on a hunt. She put on a sexy corset, fishnet stockings and over it all, she wore a short black dress. The dress was very form fitting and seeing how sexy she looked, turned her on. The appearance she chose to see in herself was reddish orange curly hair, with a teal blue eye color. She wasn't too thin but was super curvy with a nice rack. She also had a nice supple butt. This would be the version of her, that her true mate would see.

Driving to her favorite club "The Forrest," she was thinking about her perfect guy. Wondering if he was there tonight. Regardless of who was there though, she was going to get some. If she waited too much longer, she would literally start to dry up. That was just how her species worked.


At the club, Vikila grabbed a Long Island Iced Tea and made her way to the dance floor. She was hoping her scent was attracting the perfect sex partner for tonight. She needed a guy who could go all night. Not a one-timer.

She felt someone bump up against her. Whoever it was has a massive cock. She could feel it up against her backside. Damn, she was getting turned on. Which meant her scent was going to expel some more. She turned to face him, her legs a little bit open so she could grind up against it for a moment. She looked up into his eyes and he held her close as she ground into him little by little as not to get caught.

The man she was looking at had shaggy black hair and aqua blue eyes. He was very muscular and tall. She was turned on even more. She needed to get him out of here. She grabbed his hand. Vikila knew the perfect spot to take him. There was a Succubus hang out nearby, where she could go and get a room and do what she pleased to him.

As they ran out of the club, he followed closely behind. The Succubus hangout was a block away. Every so often, she would stop running, turn around and jump on him, kissing him passionately. She could see and feel how hard and turned on he was. Vikila was going to make him hers. For tonight at least.

Approaching the hangout, one of the owners saw her and yelled out "Room 554 is free."

"Do they know you?" the man asked suspiciously.

"Ok, it's not like that. Family friend," she was embarrassed and would let Gunther the owner have it in the morning. That kind of thing could ruin her feeding.

Reaching 554, Vikila shoved the door open and immediately turned around to kiss the man again. She reached down unbuttoned his pants and he closed the door. Dipping down to his cock, she opened her mouth wide. How was she going to fit this huge cock into her mouth?

Vikila made sure to be gentle and not too fast. There was a better chance of her absorbing more of his cum if she came as well. And she was planning on it.

He moaned loudly as she continued to suck his big cock. Making sure to lick the tip gently. Then after a few moments, she decided it was time for a change. Vikila wanted to do a move she could rarely pull off but decided it was time for a change. She jumped up on him, wrapped her legs around his waist and slowly lowered herself onto his cock.

As he held her, she bounced up and down, grinding into him just right. She could feel herself slowly reaching her peak and as she came to the climax of the hill she started moaning and screaming letting herself go completely. The orgasm lasted about five minutes as she kept climaxing over and over again.

This caused her prey to reach climax and as he came Vikila could feel his cum pumping inside of her and her pussy was throbbing around his cock like it was the last time it was ever going to have a cock for dinner again.

The man came so hard that it pushed her into her final climax and it was one unlike any she had ever felt before. Vikila felt calm and relaxed. She climbed down off of him and kneeled down once more, licking his cock to taste some of his juices. He tasted super sweet and she wanted more.

"Can you go again?" She asked as seductively as she could.

"Yes, just give me a few moments to catch my breath." He leaned over and kissed her. "I could go all night if you wanted!"

Vikila knew this was going to be a long, but fun and sexy night.


A few hours later, Vikila woke up to a sensational feeling between her legs. As she moaned out in pleasure, she noticed that the man was still there and he was eating her out.

As his tongue spun in a fast circle around her clit, she cried out. Wanting to cum, but also not quite yet. She wanted to enjoy this for a little longer.

"I want to scream your name! What is your name?" she asked moaning still.

"Chad. My name is Chad!" He stopped licking her clit for a second to answer but dived back into licking and sucking her pussy juices.

"MMM. Chad. Yes... Oh.. Oh my... More... More. Faster," she was screaming and begging. Then he did the most amazing thing, he shoved three fingers into her, making up for the lack of cock at that second.

His fingers went in and out of her, slow at first, then faster and faster until her pussy walls were throbbing and soaking juice all over his fingers. She was screaming louder than ever before.

"Hmm well, that explains a lot," Chad spoke as he stood.

"What are you talking about?" She was confused.

"You are a succubus," he said this without caring or being upset.

"What. How do you... I mean.. what?" Vikila was confused on who this man was.

"I know what you are. It's okay. I have friends who are succubi and incubi. My old school was in an area where that stuff was not unheard of."

Vikila was confused. Their species was supposed to be kept a secret. Plus, how did he know that from eating her out?

"My ex-girlfriend was a succubus. You all have a very amazing scent and taste. That is how I knew."

"Your ex? How does that work? We only mate for fun until we meet our life mate," Vikila was confused more than ever.

"Yes. I wouldn't leave her alone and she figured it would be better to mate with me when she needed it than to have to go find a different guy every time. It didn't last long, because that is not how it works."

"Well, I guess I should get going then. I am sorry," she stood up to leave and he grabbed her arm.

"You don't need to go. Humans need sex almost as much as your species does. I know that you have to fuck someone's brains out on and off for about a week. I also know that it can work with the same person for about three months. So why not give it a try?" He leaned in for a kiss.

Vikila parted her lips and allowed him to kiss her, deeper at first and then more passionately. Chad then laid her down on the bed, got on top of her and started playing with her nipples, sucking and licking them, just like he had done to her pussy minutes before.

She felt her body move up against his on its own. It was like her body had a natural reaction to his. With each grind closer and harder than the last, she felt the tension in her groin build up and as it released itself she started screaming his name again and again.

Vikila then reached her lips towards his and started kissing them again. Chad's kiss melting into hers, she felt him cum once again. This time much slower and passionately than before. He then rolled off of her and pulled her close. At which point they fell asleep, cuddled together.

How does it work?
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