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The Struggles for Women With High Libido

by Dolly Mae 4 years ago in sexual wellness
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Why It’s Hard to Find a Man That Can Keep Up With Female High Libido Sex Drive

Sometimes we may feel rejected when we keep trying to make advances to our partners but in fact we just may have a higher libido then them and at that point it is no ones fault.

By the title I am sure your thinking I am losing my mind, but I promise I am not! I am a young female with a very heightened libido and I mean probably 10 times more than my man. Having a heightened libido for a female can make things very hard (no pun intended) and it can also put a strain on a relationship. So, I decided to do some research on this topic thinking I am the only one with this weird issue. Much to my surprise there are a bunch of women who suffer from this. My man and I are not even in our 30’s and my libido sex games are no match. There are a few different ways women with this may choose to go.

Some may choose to sleep around, cheat on their partners, masturbate or like me do research on how to lower my libido while I sit and suffer. But let’s investigate some of the factors that cause high libido in females you may find that some of these reasons are the same for males too. I have compiled a list of reasons WHY and of some “Cures” that will help lower your libido.

Let’s first get something out of the way. Having a high sex drive is not necessarily a bad thing if it does not interfere with your daily life and responsibilities but here are some scientific reasons why your body is at a heightened rate.

1) Genetics!!

Genetics can play a huge role in this matter, so yes in one way you can blame it on your genes! (the ones that make up YOU and the ones on the floor ha-ha) I found this factor rather interesting due to one simple fact by me looking at my birth mother and suddenly things kind of made a little bit more sense. My birth mother was a prostitute and I lived with her until the age of 5 and yes, I do remember some of the things I saw along with being forced in the closet with my older sister, so she could entertain some guests. So instead of me just deeming her a hoe maybe it was just her genes which turns into an explanation about my heightened libido.

2) The More You Have the More You Want!

This is very true so masturbating and having a ton of sex is also not going to help this issue instead think of it like feeding yourselves. It’s just like portion control but once you step on to the other side and start indulging more and more your appetite just grows more and more to the point nothing can fulfill it.

3) A Disorder

I was very surprised that there may be an actual medical proven disorder that could be causing high libido and that is PSAS also known as Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome which increases blood flow to a woman’s nether region just like the issue with men, but women can hide it better.

4) HIGH Testosterone!

Females and males with high testosterone tend to have a higher sex drive then those of lower testosterone. High testosterone can be caused from many things including genetics, the foods we eat, and even medications.

There are so many more reasons why your libido may be at a heightened rate and if it is a struggle for you as much as it is for myself then keep reading the following list below to see some ways you can take back control of your heightened sexual desires.

1) Hormonal Balancing Supplements

One great supplement would be Provestra. This supplement is used to restore balance to your hormones which will make you not want sex but hold on I know that may sounds scary for both parties it will also intensify the sex you are having so basically, it’s a win-win!

2) Eat healthier!

You don’t have to just flip to all organic foods if you don’t want to but being more cautious about what you eat may also help a great deal in the matter.

3) Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements that lower libido is called anaphrodisiacs. These herbs are taken for many other reasons and usually the lowered libido is an unwanted effect. But when dealing with high libido it may be just what the doctor ordered. Although herbs have been used for centuries they are not a medical “cure.”

4) Go see a doctor.

Because heightened libido may be a result of an actual medical condition going to the doctor and finding out if there is an actual medical cause can be a crucial step.

I hope you have learned something from the lists that I have compiled but please know these are only a few reasons and remedies to high libido there is so much more information out there so if you are experiencing this please do your follow up research to learn more solutions.



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