The Stranger

A Stormy Night to Remember

The Stranger
Who's knocking on my door?

Living alone for the past year in a small country home had its challenges. It was a stormy winter evening in January. Northeast winds were blowing snow hard into the windows, covering most of them up. Lights were flickering once again so it was only a matter of time before the power went out for the third time today.

It's been a rough winter this year so I'm not surprised to be snowed in again this week. Coldbrook County was twenty-five minutes away and I haven't seen a plow in days. Fortunately, I listened to the weather so I was prepared for the storm and didn't need to go out in it. I noticed headlights from an old pickup truck coming up my long driveway. It was barely moving because the snow was so deep. I had no idea who it could be so I ran to the porch to turn on the lights.

Out of the driver's door a pair of work boots hit the ground, they looked to be about size eleven, a handsome man wearing a pair of light blue jeans stood in my view. He was around six feet tall and two hundred pounds. His hair looked to be soft, curly, and long but it was hard to tell because he had it pulled back into a man bun. I could see his muscles through his light t-shirt as he reached for his winter jacket. "Who is this man coming to my door?"

I stood on the doorstep watching him as he pushed his way through the snow up to my front steps. "Hello," he said with a tired voice, "I've been having engine problems for the past ten kilometres and this is the first house I came to."

"It's actually the last house too until you reach the village of Coldbrook," I replied to the man. A look of panic crossed his handsome face and to my surprise, it made me feel a tingle down below. I felt like I could be his savior and that was really turning me on for some strange reason. Maybe cause it's been over a year since I've been laid.

"Come in out of the cold, my name is Amy, let me take your coat." He took my hand and shook it firmly introducing himself as Chaz. "You're freezing! Let me make you something hot to drink, or would you prefer something stronger like a rum or whiskey?" I was really hoping he'd say "shut up and kiss me," though I'm not even sure where that is coming from because I'm not usually attracted to strangers but this man is FINE. He accepted the shot of whiskey and started making phone calls to find a ride out of the storm.

I lit a fire in the fireplace, it made a beautiful glow, warming the room and making it cozy. The crackle of the fire and the heat brings a sense of relaxation over both of us, or maybe it's the extra shots of whiskey. Chaz was glancing at me the entire time he was on his phone. He mentioned that he liked my shiny long brown hair and gave me a little wink. I was thinking would you like it all over your cock or draped over my naked back while I ride you, but I just smiled and said thank you. I could feel this strange man in my living room undressing me with his eyes. It was turning me on and I couldn't believe how horny he was making me without even touching me, I wanted my pussy rubbed.

It was obvious that the storm wasn't going to let up and we had been drinking quite a bit so I invited Chaz to sleep on the couch for the night. He was over zealous with the invitation and had a better chance of finding help in the morning. I wanted badly for him to relax and forget about his engine problems for the night. Wish I could squeeze his shoulders and rub my hands up and down his muscular tattooed arms and chest. I wondered if his chest was bare or had hair. I was willing to bet he had a six pack under there. My thoughts and whiskey are making me frisky.

We chatted about everything, intrigued with getting to know each other. We could feel a connection or chemistry because the conversation was so easy. Apparently so was I because as soon as he leaned in for a kiss, I took him with all the lust I had, climbing right on top of his lap. Excitement ran through us both as our hands rubbed each other's unfamiliar bodies. My nipples shot out like rosebuds and his erection pushed at the zipper in his jeans. I slowly cupped my hand at his growing cock while he rolled my nipples through my shirt with his thumbs and forefingers.

He smelled like sweet, sexy cologne and tasted like fresh peppermint and whiskey as our tongues danced together. I licked both of his lips before giving them a gentle bite, it drove him wild. He held my tiny head in his strong hands as he rubbed his stiff cock firmly against my crotch. I could feel my panties getting wet and couldn't wait for him to touch my bean. There was a pulse between my legs that throbbed and ached to be rubbed but he didn't touch it just yet, his focus was solely on my upper body. He was a pro and new all the right places to touch, lick and kiss. I was squirming with desire.

He picked me up easily and placed me face down gently on the extra fluffy blanket in front of the fireplace. Slowly he removed all of my clothes until I was completely naked and vulnerable to this stranger. My skin is hypersensitive so goosebumps form all over my body making my nipples stand on edge. I feel like electricity is shooting through me from head to toe as I anticipate his manly touch.

He rubs his hands quickly together causing friction, giving them heat. Then presses them firmly on my neck and shoulders squeezing any amount of stress and nervousness that was left in my soul. I felt like putty in his hands. He had the hands of a masseuse and strength of a bear but knew just how to turn every muscle in my body weak. My lower back no longer felt tense and my entire being was full of lust and desire.

There was a change in my breathing as his hands grasped my bottom with firm motions. He rubbed and caressed my thighs always returning to my ass. He loved my ass, I grew wetter by the second. His fingers found the moist honey from my slit and he gently rubbed up and down it with his wet slippery fingers. I let out a soft moan when his thumb pressed against my opening and fingers wiggled in small circles on my clitoris. He kept his other hand busy playing with my wet anus. My god it felt good, this attention wasn't new to me so I welcomed it with a smile on my face. This strange man really knew what he was doing.

I was squirming from all the arousal but Chaz wasn't done seducing me quite yet. He finished the massage down the backs of my legs and gave special attention to my petite feet. My red polished toes slid through his lubricated fingers and almost paralysed me with relaxation. I totally forgot that a complete stranger had me in such a vulnerable position. My mind only wondered what he could possibly do to the front side of me.

He had me lie there until he changed the music. It was an online playlist of very sexy sultry music. I never heard it before but I liked the seductiveness of it. The soft blanket is tickling my clit as I move, Chaz notices and touches his beautiful hard cock as he smiles. He flips me quickly to my back baring my naked breasts and body. He was shirtless and his chest was bare and muscular just like I envisioned. His abs were ripped with muscle and his jeans and zipper were already open revealing his light blue boxer briefs. His erection through his jeans was picture perfect, I couldn't wait to release it into my hands, mouth, and pussy.

Someone is playing hard to get and won't let me touch him yet. He tied my wrists with a black silk scarf, then put them over my head. I was all his and he didn't leave one part of me untouched. He started with my hair rubbing his fingers through it massaging my scalp. At this point I can't keep my eyes open because it feels so good. I can feel his warm breath at the nape of my neck as our nipples touch. My eyes open as his hands touch the sides of my face. He licks both of my lips with the tip of his tongue before kissing me deeply. We are in another world altogether. The scarf came untied and I'm grabbing at his jeans squeezing his tight fine ass ready to see and feel his throbbing cock that has been pressing into my mind since I first noticed his erection.

His jeans came off easy and he had the most beautiful body of a hard working man, not yet thirty-eight. His hands moved up and down my sides caressing my breasts, causing me to let out moans of enjoyment. Finally, his fingers touched my clit and I thought I was going to explode. I was beyond wet and horny and had to control my pelvic thrusts. Both of his hands were busy on my clit and pussy while my eyes glazed over in ecstasy.

Chaz was ambidextrous, to say the least. He had fingers on my clit, in my honey hole and his pinky putting pressure on my puckered asshole. I lost all control and surrendered to the orgasm. Its intensity left me wanting more. He awoke an animal within me and now it was my turn to ravish him. He was flat on his back and his tan muscular body glistened in the luminescence of the fire. It took everything I had not to mount him right then and there. I wanted to ride that enormous stick until he filled me up deeply.

His hard cock was just like I imagined, long, thick and standing at attention. I stroked it with my hand while we kissed deeply, Chaz was moaning between breaths as his head slipped back in euphoria. I kissed his neck, down his chest, across every ab right down to his pubic line. He moaned my name and lifted his hips, inviting me to take his cock.

A drip of pre cum dripped from the tip of his dick, this was about to be used as my new lip gloss. I could feel his legs start to shake as my wet lips hit the head. My tongue parted my lips while my hand guided his large dick across my flat wet tongue. I licked the top of his cock like it was a giant ice cream. I was loving every minute of exciting him and he was especially liking it. I took him deep in my throat sliding up and down his shaft with my moist mouth, he screeched a little but to my surprise, he didn't get off, he flipped me on my back.

He was between my legs within seconds, licking and sucking my bean like it was his last supper. I squirmed in delight as he dug his fingers into my ass cheeks raising me higher to his mouth. His tongue went from my clit to slit and it was so long and wet. I screamed with pleasure and wanted him to fuck me hard. I was beyond horny and ready for him to take me whatever way he wanted me but he didn't stop licking until I lashed and thrashed in an unforgettable orgasm that seemed to last forever.

My pussy was so hot and wet it ached to be filled with Chaz's engorged cock. He made his way up my body and I licked my sweet nectar off his lips before we started kissing deeply. I could feel his upper body meeting mine and my body started to tingle in anticipation. Then I felt it, he slipped the head of his dick in me and didn't move. It drove me wild and I started bucking my hips all around, driving him deep inside me. He fit perfect and I felt like I was going to explode after just a few minutes.

His hands were on my head, lips on my neck as he pumped soft and slow. It slid in and out of me effortlessly and it felt so good. Chaz's body moved to the beat of the sexy music and we brought each other to orgasm. He filled me with his hot sticky cum and left me covered in his sweet sweaty scent. It was the most pleasurable experience I had in years and I was spent. My legs were like rubber so he carefully picked me up and carried me to the shower where he cleaned me up.

The water was hot and the room quickly got steamy as Chaz showered me with a sponge and body wash. The clean soapy smell woke up my senses and I was getting horny again. I took the strangers cock and balls in my soaped up hands and rubbed them gently. I caressed his ass cheeks while he whispered he loved it in my ear. He returned the favor but added a little anal rub. I moaned and he pressed his body to my chest, sliding his dick up and down my wet soapy crack.

The anal attention got me crazy horny and I was ready for him to fill me up again. He picked me up and put me on top of his hard cock and fucked me hard against the shower wall while fingering my asshole. It felt so great I never wanted it to stop. He bent me over and stuck it in me again. My hands grasped my ankles as he went deeper and deeper in my pussy while rubbing my asshole with his wet fingers. We both screamed in ecstasy as he covered my ass with his hot sticky cum.

The night turned to dawn and the snow eventually stopped. Chaz was able to contact a friend for help with his pickup. I didn't want him to go because we had such a great time. We exchanged numbers and he went on his way. If I hear from him that's great, if not he will always be the stranger that gave me a night to remember.

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