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The Secret I Want You To Know

I Slept With Her Partner

By Carol TownendPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
The Secret I Want You To Know
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I was supposed to go to hers for coffee that one morning. That female you said you didn't like, that friend with the tattoos that you also said you didn't like.

You had also argued with me over some stupid little things, you then stopped talking to me for months and kept disappearing. I still slept in our bed, and several nights in a row you called out her name in your dreams of having sex with her. Shortly after, you ignored me. You treated me like a shadow and with more disrespect than I deserved. You changed your aftershave, your style, and your attitude became increasingly cold to me.

One day, you told me that you were working. However, I called your work and they said it was your day off. You never told me that you were going out.

Where were you?

I decided I needed to go out for a walk. I changed my mind and decided to go for coffee with my friend, but I stopped in my tracks.

My friend had her curtains open and there were no nets at her windows. As I walked through the gates, I subtly glanced in her window. She was standing by the fireplace and you were sitting on her couch.

I hung on, unknown to both of you, watching with interest.

You were both flirting with each other, then she saw me, and she walked straight over to you and kissed you.

I pulled you that night, and several times after that.

You denied it. She denied it for a while too.

Oh yes! You denied it several times. You tried distorting my thinking. You kept telling me that you were at work, even though you knew you'd been at hers. You accused me of being delusional, and you kept telling me it never happened even though I'd seen it with my eyes.

Hell! You even tried covering it up by sending me flowers.

Did she tell you she had a partner? NO?

Well, she did!

You made me feel worthless and lonely during that time. Little did you know that at the time I caught you, I was with three friends. One of those who captured your little rendevous on camera.

Little did you or her know that I was also close friends with her partner.

She told her partner that she had split with him.

You continued to ignore me for months. You went round there and ignored me when I said I was uncomfortable with it. You continued treating me like a shadow, despite telling me 'nothing happened.'

"Nothing happened." That's what they all say.

I went round to her partner's because he needed to know the truth, and I was upset. Unknown to you, she had been sleeping behind his back for weeks, telling him she had split with him just so she could give herself permission to fulfil herself.

I got close to her partner.

He was tall, blond, muscular, handsome. He was also kind, warm, accepting, understanding and caring. He was a firefighter, but he still made time for me.

I needed to feel. My relationship with you was emotionless, and while she was satisfying your needs. He satisfied mine in more ways than you will ever know.

He took me to the bedroom, and he indulged in role play with me. He feasted his eyes on my body, then he kissed me, kissed my breasts, kissed my body and blindfolded me. Yes! We had sex and it was mindblowing. He massaged me in oil, covered me in honey and totally feasted on me. I had one hell of a brilliant orgasm that night. He then allowed me to do the one thing I always wanted to do.

He watched me have sex with another woman, and he allowed me to have my threesome.

What you don't know, is that was the woman you kissed.

I hope you enjoyed it!

What goes around, comes around.

Be careful what you wish for. Your wish bites back!


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