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Black Lace and G-Strings: Part One.

A Strip Club Story

By Carol TownendPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 7 min read
Black Lace and G-Strings: Part One.
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Harley glanced at her watch. She was really pissed off with her boss now. She had been waiting outside Secrets Strip Club for almost an hour. The show was supposed to have started at 9 p.m. and it was almost 10 p.m now! Sighing, she pulled out her phone and punched in her boss's number wildly. She was fucking fuming. Her boss was always telling his strip workers to be punctual and on time. He constantly told them that they shouldn't wait outside long for their own safety, in case they were identified. He reinforced these rules time and time again, yet

he was always fucking late!

Twenty calls later, he finally answered the phone.

"Where the fuck are you, Simon?" Harley asked him angrily.

"I'm on my way. I'm stuck in traffic." Simon replied.

"The show was supposed to start at 9 p.m. Am I expected to freeze my vagina off for another hour while you get here?" Ainsley asked him.

"Hang on in there. I'm on my way!" Simon answered, feeling annoyed that one of his strippers dared question him.

Simon was almost always late. He felt that he owned the right to be late without question, and he didn't like being questioned by his strippers.

After all, they still get paid either way. It was his club and he run it by his rules. The strippers had rules because they showed naked parts of their bodies in the club.

Rules didn't apply to him!

Harley shoved the phone back into her pocket. She kicked the bench out of annoyance.

Simon could be a total arsehole! She knew they got paid for doing a job, which most of them loathed, but they were no fucking submissive or slave. He had no right to dominate them!

She was tired of him. He made the rules up as he went.

One rule for him, and another for them. She was going to have it out with him at the end of the night.

Simon finally turned up.

However, he wasn't the only one who was late. He had picked up Charlotte, another stripper on the way.

Fucking knobhead! He knew it was against the rules for the boss to pick up a stripper. He invented that rule.

Charlotte was really hot. She was tall and slender with really long brown hair. She looked good in almost anything, and she was a top dancer at the club. Simon had a crush on her, and all the other strippers knew it; though he had no idea they knew. Harley was seething. She drew the conclusion that Simon was late because he had stopped to pick up Charlotte.

The bastard had used traffic as an excuse to pick her up.

"Don't tell anyone, Harley!" Simon pleaded with her.

Simon knew his strippers would walk out and go elsewhere if they found out the truth about why he was late. There were many strip clubs in the town of Ainsley that made big money from their business, and Simon needed that money. If his strippers left, he couldn't keep the club going, and then he would end up with more creditors on his back as he was in a lot of debt.

Harley threw him a hard stare. She decided the time wasn't right to say anything to him. She waited for him to unlock the door, and headed to the changing rooms with Charlotte in silence.


The club finally opened. Only, it didn't open until 11 P.M. The club's members were not happy.

The guards on the door were having problems. They were being insulted by the customers waiting to get into the club. Tonight the club was charging $200 just to get in.

Simon's flimsy idea about earning cash so he could revamp the club!

Nobody could blame them for being mad.

After all the club opened later than expected tonight. Simon could have reduced the price!


A commotion broke out in the dressing rooms.

"Get out of my way you bitch! I'm on stage in 10 minutes and I need the makeup studio now!" Carmen snapped at Hayley.

Carmen was the bitch of the club. If she couldn't get her own way, she would cause a stink. She didn't care what the others thought as long as she stayed in the limelight. Tonight, she was extremely pissed off! She had 5 minutes to get to the stage, but fucking Hayley had locked herself in the makeup studio, and she was refusing to come out. Carmen didn't want her show ruined.

If her show was ruined, she would make less cash. Her customers trusted her, and they don't pay well for late performers.

Hayley stomped out of the dressing room. She wasn't impressed with Carmen's bitching at all.

Why did that fucking tart always have to be the star of the show?

She stuck two's up at Carmen, then walked away.

She couldn't be bothered arguing with her tonight. She had been in a rush to get ready for the show, thanks to Simon's untimeliness. She was in a bad enough mood already, and that didn't make for top performance. Hayley ignored Carmen's insults as she passed her. The stupid girl wasn't worth wasting her time on.


Carmen gave her makeup and costume a check. She wanted to be sure she was perfect for the stage tonight. In a job like this, you had to look your best. The performances were not just about dancing on the stage; you had to dance for individual clients who paid money for it. Carmen smirked at herself in the mirror.

The clients were stupid, but her body was worth a million, and she intended to make some good cash tonight.

She headed for the centre of the stage. She assumed her 'cat lady' position, curled up on all fours with her back arched, showing just a little of her cleavage in a bid to tease the crowd. The lights finally switched on and the beat of a dance tune began.

The crowd went wild and Carmen was beaming.

Carmen always got a buzz from showing her body off on stage and around the club. It gave her a sense of danger and a thrill.

Strippers had to be cautious. The sense of danger and thrill could overtake them, and it could lead them into the danger of assault, rape and worse.

However, tonight, Carmen didn't care. She needed the cash, and she was going to flaunt as much as she could in order to get it.

The beat became faster, and Carmen slowly unbuttoned the lace top she wore over her catsuit, revealing more cleavage. She shimmied halfway down her strip pole, swooping into a semi-circle, purposefully allowing the whole of her catsuit zip to undo showing her entire breasts. She then spun seductively away from the pole and centred herself to the middle of the stage, where she wiggled her curvy hips from side to side, shimmying to the floor and dropping her entire catsuit to reveal her black lace G-Strings.

The crowd was wild tonight and she was tempted to remove her G-Strings altogether. However, this wasn't allowed. The dancers were allowed to remove anything from the top of their bodies, but they weren't allowed to fully expose their private parts.

"Go! go! go!" the crowd of raunchy men chanted. The club was men only. Carmen had plenty of arguments with Simon over this. She was bisexual, and she often felt that Simon didn't take sexuality into account. In fact, most of the strip clubs she had worked in didn't take this into account!

Strip clubs were only ever seen as men only. No one who worked at them ever accounted for sexuality. It was seen as a taboo subject, and Simon didn't even think about the possibility of the money he could make from it by making the club more sexually friendly.

Carmen was extremely turned on by the whole show. She was so tempted to break the rules. She wiggled further to the ground and bent her flexible body backwards while sticking a finger in the front of her G-Strings. She pushed them slightly down, revealing her hips slightly then pulled them slowly up again, taking care not to uncover the whole of her vagina.

She then jumped off the stage and chose her first client. She imagined dancing for a female because tonight she just wasn't in the mood for dancing for just men. When Carmen was in this mood, her dances tended to be dull and bland, but the image of a beautiful full-bodied woman with gorgeous chunky legs and beautiful breasts no matter what size got her juices flowing fast. She wiggled her hips and allowed her catsuit to fall down her legs, showing her breasts. She knew that showing her whole body wasn't allowed, but she wanted to break the rules. Carmen had no bra on underneath her costume. She reached her nipples and twiddled them while bending over backwards into a full swoop leaning over the man's legs. While bent over his legs, she pulled the entire zip down on her catsuit, revealing her g-strings. She tugged at the side strings, allowing them to fall just enough to reveal the curves underneath.

The man had his eyes all over her.

He was frustrated by the beauty in front of him. He knew he could look but could not touch, and he had an extreme hard-on down there!

He took in Carmen's breasts, legs, stomach, curves; even her beautiful smile. He then noticed her seductive fluttery brown eyes, and he became absorbed in her.

At the end of Carmen's dance, he tucked $1000 into the front of her G-Strings. Carmen smiled, and he placed one finger on his lips to ask her to keep it quiet as the customers weren't allowed to pay that much to the dancers. They had a limit of £500 per dancer only.

Carmen nodded with thanks, and she beamed as she shimmied away from him at the end of her dance.

The man had also left a note with his mobile number wrapped around the cash, asking her to call him.

Dancers were never allowed to call the customers. However, there was something about this man that deeply attracted Carmen.

Carmen chose to call him anyway.

Part two coming soon...

Thank you for reading my story. Hearts are always appreciated as are tips. Tips are completely optional, but your kindness motivates me to write better and more often.



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