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The Resort

Part Two

By Jo. SchmidtPublished 2 months ago 11 min read

After relieving herself and washing the strangers cum off her face and out of her hair, Andi made her way back to the chair she left Rob at. When she came out of the bathroom, she noticed he was still talking to the man, so she went to the bar and grabbed some drinks for the three of them. Beers for the men and a cocktail for herself. The boys welcomed her back and took their drinks from her, thanking her in the process as Andi sat down on the chair, next to her husband.

“Babe,” Rob told her, “this is Mike,” he said, introducing the man to her.

Reaching her hand out, Andi and Mike shook hands. “Can’t really say ‘nice to meet you’” Andi joked, “since you already had your dick in my tits, but, hello,” she giggled, “happy to have met you.”

Mike laughed. “Happy to have had my dick in your tits.”

They all had some of their drink before continuing the conversation.

“Rob tells me this is your fourth time here,” Mike said.

“It is,” Andi said. “We were invited for the first time six years ago and we just love it. How about you?”

“My wife and I come at least once a year,” he told them. “That’s her at the bar,” he pointed towards the swim up bar where Andi and Rob saw a thin blonde woman wearing a sheer cover-up with nothing underneath talking to another man. She looked like a playboy model and was clearly at least 10 years younger than Mike, which Andi and Rob held no judgment towards. It was very normal to see couples like that here. Rob himself was 8 years older than Andi.

Rob tried not to stare at Mike’s wife. She had small but very perky tits and a sweet looking pussy. He couldn't help but hope Mike would return the favor of fucking Andi’s tits and allow him to do the same to his wife.

“Well,” Mike said, standing up. “I’m in desperate need of a nap before dinner. Your tits are the third thing I’ve had my cock in this afternoon and I’m an old man,” he joked. “How much longer are you two here for?” he asked them.

“We just arrived,” Rob told him. “We’re here for twelve days.”

“Nice,” Mike said. “We got here a few days ago and we have five days left before we head home. Hopefully we can meet up again.”

“Definitely,” Andi responded, smiling.

“You’ll have to meet my wife next time,” Mike said, mostly to Rob. “She’s quite the vixen.”

“I look forward to it,” Rob smiled.

With that, Mike picked up his towel from the chair he had been sitting at prior and headed towards the guest rooms.

Finishing off her drink and putting on her sunglasses, Andi laid down on their chair. Her breasts were still out and she made no attempt to hide them, allowing Rob and anyone else passing by to stare at them. “Well this trip is already off to a great start.”

“I’ll say,” Rob agreed, laying down next to her. “Barely down here for ten minutes and you already got cum in your face.”

Rob settled in next to his wife. He had barely begun to relax when he noticed from across the pool, a young redhead woman staring towards him. She was sitting on a stool at the bar drinking a bright blue drink, sucking on the tiny straw in her drink and licking her lips with every sip she took. She was still wearing her bathing suit, not that was hiding much. The black one piece she wore had a plunging neckline that went all the way to her navel, putting her massive round tits on display. They were bigger than Andi’s. Probably 34DDD, if Rob had to guess.

As soon as she noticed Rob’s eyes also on her, she began crossing and uncrossing her legs. The fabric covering her crotch area was so narrow, it seemed like it was barely covering her pussy lips and one wrong move and she’d be flashing her cunt.

Staring directly at her, Rob bit down on his bottom lip as she finished her drink but took the straw and played with it. With her eyes locked on his, she licked up and down the black straw, slowly spreading her legs wider and wider.

He could no longer contain the erection growing in his shorts. Leaning over, he told Andi, “I’m going to go make some friends.”

“Okay,” Andi said, not even opening her eyes. “Don’t forget, dinner is in an hour and a half.”

“You’re okay on your own?” he asked her.

She nodded. “I’ll be fine, dear. Probably just lay here, maybe go for a swim in a bit.”

“Alright, I’ll be back later,” he said as he started to stand up.

“Go get that cock of yours sucked.”

Looking back at his sexy as hell wife, Rob smiled. He loved her so fucking much.

“Hey,” Rob said to the redhead woman, taking the seat next to her at the bar.

“Hey yourself,” she responded in a southern accent.

“I’m Rob,” he told her.

“Charity,” she said. “Were you enjoying the view?” pushing herself forward so her breasts were nearly pressing up against him.

“Very much so,” Rob answered, smiling at her. He reached out and ran his fingers up and down her bare arm.

“So was I,” she commented. “I was watching you with that woman while she got her tits fucked.” Leaning into him, Charity whispered in his ear seductively, “I bet you got her pussy so wet rubbing her like that.”

Rob grinned. “She was pretty damn wet.”

“You look like you’re good at that,” she said, signaling to the bartender for another drink. “Getting a woman wet.”

“I like to think I know what I’m doing,” he told her.

A drink was placed in front of her. Charity took it and sipped from the thin black straw. Rob watched her lips wrap around the straw and hoped she’d wrap those big red lips around something of his.

She was almost finished with her drink and she “accidentally” poured the last few drops of the liquid down her neck. “Oops,” she said. “I’m so clumsy.” The blue coloured drink stood out against her fair skin as it dripped down her neck going between her tits. “I’m all sticky now, Rob,” she fakely whined.

Rob pretended to look around the bar. “Shoot,” he said. “No napkins.”

“How ever will I get clean?”

Grinning, Rob leaned into her and licked at the sugary drink. He was normally a beer man himself, not usually going for cocktails, but when it was presented and served on the neck and between the massive breasts of a gorgeous woman, he didn’t mind it at all.

He licked and kissed at her neck, tasting the alcohol from the drink, then moved his lips down and licked up the drying juices that had fallen into her cleavage.

Once he had cleaned her up completely, he continued kissing her breasts. He kissed the large globes that were exposed in her skimpy top and then pressed his lips on the fabric where her nipples were. He continued kissing the fabric for a moment, teasing her, then moved the black material to the side, exposing one of her dark nipples. It was already hard which made kissing it and sucking on it easy.

“Mmm,” Charity moaned as Rob’s tongue circled around her nub.

Rob felt her hand on his hard dick as she began rubbing him through his shorts.

“Oh my,” Charity said in her southern drawl. “Your cock feels enormous.”

Releasing her nipple and bringing his face back up to meet hers. “Maybe you should stick your hand down there and feel for yourself.”

Grabbing his hand, Charity led Rob away from the bar and to one of the pool side chairs. The back of her swimsuit was backless and had a thong bottom so Rob got a great look at her ass as she walked in front of him.

Charity sat down on the pool chair but motioned for Rob to remain standing. He did so and stared down at her as she undid the tie of his swim shorts and slowly pulled them down his legs, releasing his erection in the process. His 9 inch dick strung out, nearly hitting her in the face.

Without missing a beat, Charity wrapped her lips around Rob’s dick and started sucking it.

“Oh fuck,” Rob moaned as her head went back and forth along his length. Every once and a while, she’d take her mouth off it and lick at the head of his rod to tease him and once he was begging her, she’d take his whole length in her mouth again.

As she sucked, Charity looked up at him with her gorgeous blue eyes as if she was watching him to make sure he was enjoying every second of this.

As he got closer to exploding, he grabbed onto her red hair and held her onto him so she couldn’t tease him anymore. He thrust himself into her mouth over and over again and Charity just took it like she didn’t even have a gag reflex.

A few more hard pumps inside her and he shot a massive load deep into her throat. He loosened his grasp on her hair but continued to hold cock inside her mouth as he let her mouth milk every last drop of him.

As he slowly pulled his semi-erect dick out of her mouth a mixture of her spit and his cum dripped from her lips. Rob climbed onto the lounge chair with her.

“Open your mouth,” he ordered her. She did so and Rob saw she had swallowed his entire load. The sight of that made him grin. “Good girl,” he told her as he leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips.

As they kissed, Rob pushed her further back onto the lounge chair so they were laying completely on it, Charity on her back with Rob on top of her. Her tit was still out of her bathing suit, so Rob took her exposed nipple and pinched it between his fingers while their tongues played together in their mouths.

Charity moaned into his mouth and pressed her groin up towards him, rubbing herself against his cock. After getting a blow job from her, he was rocking a semi, but the feeling of her grinding against him, had him hard again in no time.

His hand that was playing with her nipple, moved down between her legs to her sex. Through the fabric of her swimsuit, he could feel she was getting wet, so he moved the nylon to the side, exposing her pussy. Without any hesitation, Charity spread her legs and within an instant, Rob pushed himself inside her wet cunt.

“Oh God,” Charity moaned as his length entered her. She was wet, but she was also tight.

“You like that?” Rob asked her, as he ground his cock deeper into her. Charity nodded.

He thrusted himself in and out of her wet snatch, making her gasp and moan with every movement he made.

As he fucked her, Rob pressed his lips against her neck and sucked on her skin. Charity’s hands gripped onto his back and he could feel her long nails digging into him as he drove himself into her over and over.

“Oh fuck!” Charity nearly screamed.

Rob knew she was ready to cum as he could feel her pussy tightening around his cock. Lifting himself off her, he pounded into her three more times as hard as he could then watched as she groaned out loud as she hit her climax. He pushed himself into her one more time, then pulled himself out and ejaculated all over her stomach and breasts.

Charity laid back, catching her breath. Rob watched her chest as she did so, staring at his own cum as it trickled down her big tit.

Lifting himself off her, he laid beside her on the chair. Looking around the pool area, other members continued about their afternoon, whether they were laying out, swimming or also having a good fuck. Rob loved that about the resort. If someone wanted to join in, like Mike had done with him and Andi, they could, but if you were in the middle of a good fuck, you were left up to your business without any interuption.

Tucking his semi-hard cock back into his trunks, Rob looked over at Charity who was examining her black bathing suit.

“You got cum all over me,” she commented.

“Sorry about that,” he said, though he was not sorry at all.

“My husband is going to be so jealous when he sees it,” she teased.

“Where is your husband?” Rob asked. “Maybe if he’s going to be jealous, he should be up here fucking you himself.”

Charity smiled, climbing onto Rob and straddling him. “He’s on the beach playing volleyball,” she told him. “I promised him I wouldn’t be too naughty while he was gone.” As she said this, she reached behind her neck and undid the tie that held her swimsuit up. One of her tits was still out from when Rob was playing with it at the bar, but as the fabric dropped, Rob stared at both of her amazingly perky breasts. His hands wrapped around them and his thumbs circled her hard nipples.

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