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The Resort

Part One

By Jo. SchmidtPublished 3 months ago 11 min read

After two flights, a 5 hour layover, and a boat ride to the private island, Andi and Rob had finally arrived at the resort. La Isla Sensualidad. After checking in and being shown to their room, Andi immediately threw herself on the soft king bed. She was still wearing her long leggings and light sweater that she had worn when they left their apartment in Philadelphia, so she was very warm and ready to change into her swimsuit and hit the pool. Rob tipped the bell man for helping with their bags and once he left and they were finally alone, Rob joined his wife on the bed, climbing on top of her and kissing her.

“You excited to be here, babe?” he asked her, after their long kiss.

“So excited,” Andi said, happily.

La Isla Sensualidad was a beautiful resort on a private island in Mexico. It had 4 different pools, a lazy river and a beach with gorgeous soft, white sand and crystal clear blue water. There were 5 different restaurants plus an all-day buffet with cuisines from all over the world, prepared by amazing chefs. There was a 24 hour casino, a spa and the resort also offered 2 night clubs that were open from 10 PM until 3 AM every night. Plus they offered many off island excursions groups or couples could sign up for.

This wasn’t a place you could find on any travel or hotel website. It was a special place that you could only go to if you were a member or if you were invited by a member. The reason being, not only was it an ‘Adult’s only’ resort, but it was described as a ‘sexually free and open’ resort. Meaning, not only were clothes completely optional, but sex and sexual acts were also welcomed and encouraged.

The resort did have a few rules and requirements, some being you were required to bring a current doctor's note showing you were clean of any STDs prior to check in, staff were off limits, and the number one rule was everything was to be consensual between all parties.

Rob’s best friend was a member and he and his partner invited Rob and Andi to join them on a trip a few years ago when the two were still just dating. Though they had never acted on it, Rob and Andi had always been open to the idea of an open relationship, or at least, allowing another party into their sex life. So after talking to Rob’s friend more about it, they agreed to go.

This wasn’t the couple's first time at the resort. They had enjoyed their trip so much that when they were invited a second time, they accepted the invite immediately and on that trip, they became members of the La Isla Sensualidad. This was their second time coming alone and first time coming as a married couple.

Lowering his head again and kissing Andi’s neck, Rob said, “we should get you out of these warm clothes. Get you into a sluttly suit and get some drinks.”

“Mmmm,” Andi moaned, closing her eyes as Rob’s lips went up and down her skin. “That sounds amazing.”

It did all sound amazing, but Rob’s kisses and the feeling of his hardening cock in his pants pressed up against her also felt too amazing to make him stop.

Lifting himself off her, he pulled his t-shirt up and over his head, tossing it onto the floor. Andi crawled further back onto the bed so her head was at the pillows and by the time Rob met her there, she had also taken her sweater off. Rob was disappointed to see she wasn’t wearing a sexy bra. It was, what Andi called, her “travel-bra.” So, super supportive and unflattering.

“This just won’t do,” Rob told her, referencing her bra and pinching her hard nipple through the beige coloured fabric. .

“Don’t worry,” Andi told him, reaching behind herself and undoing the clasp, “this will be the only time I wear this monstrosity for the next twelve days.”

After a quick, but still hot, round of sex, the couple showered and finally put on their swimsuits to head down to the pool. There was only a couple hours left of sun before dinner, but they figured they could still go down, get a drink and have a little fun.

Andi had done quite a bit of shopping leading up to this trip. She bought herself so many new bikinis and dresses and even though she barely wore them when she was here, she was excited to have them, nonetheless.

The first bikini she decided to wear was a white top, the cups were the shape of triangles that barely covered her 34C tits. Along with that, she wore a blue thong bottom that tied up at the waist. Wearing clothing items with lots of ties was very important and made things a lot easier in a place like this.

Putting on a baggy white t-shirt that she had tied up just below her hip, a sun hat and a pair of sandals, Andi joined Rob at the door to their room. He was in a small pair of black swim shorts, not quite a speedo, but still small enough that his massive cock was highlighted. Wrapping his arm around her, Rob and Andi headed down to the pool deck together.

As they made their way to a large - big enough for two people - cushioned beach chair, the couple smiled as they looked around at all the activities going on around them.

There were some women with only their tops off, even fewer people still in their full swimsuits, but for the most part, everyone was naked. A few women lay on their chairs, letting the sun tan their naked skin. There were guests swimming and lounging in the pool, some with bathing suits on, some without. There was a couple sitting at the swim-up bar enjoying a cocktail. They couldn’t see below the water, but from the waist up, neither the man nor woman had a top on. Down on the beach, there was a game of volleyball going on. Again, some players wore their suits and some were completely nude. And all over the place, guests were engaging in different forms of sexual activity. There was a man getting his cock sucked by a woman, a woman getting her pussy eaten out by another woman, a couple fucking missionary style on one of the queen sized beach chairs, and another couple doing it in the pool with her leaning against the edge of the pool and the man entering her from behind.

Andi smiled at the scene as she removed her cover-up and got comfortable on the beach chair her and Rob had claimed. She wondered who would be the first person she’d fuck and who Rob would pick for his first of the trip. Well technically second, since the married couple already fucked once in their room.

One rule that wasn’t one of the resort, but one Andi and Rob had given each other was that they weren’t allowed to bring someone else into their room. They could do whatever they wanted with whoever they wanted down at the pool, beach or in the club, but their guest room was for them only.

“Hey Babe,” Andi said to her husband.


Reaching into her beach bag, Andi pulled out a tube of sunscreen. “Could you rub this on me?” she asked him.

“Of course,” he replied, climbing onto the beach chair next to her. He took the sunscreen from her, and as he got more comfortable in a sitting position, Andi removed her bathing suit top, releasing her tits. As she tossed the piece of clothing behind herself, Rob couldn’t help but stare at her perky tits. Her nipples were somehow magically always hard which always drove Rob crazy when they were out together and he could see them through whatever top she was wearing. He was so happy to be somewhere she could have them out all the time.

Andi lay on her front first and Rob began to rub the sunscreen on her back. She moaned quietly as he massaged it into her shoulders and then moaned a little louder as his hands worked the cream into her ass cheeks and between her inner thighs. Her moaning caught the attention of a man relaxing a few chairs away from them and he perked up watching Rob lather Andi in sunscreen.

“Turn over,” Rob instructed Andi once he finished her entire back. She did so willingly and, even though she could have put lotion on her front herself, Rob continued to do so, giving her a full body massage in the process.

The man a few chairs over, stood up and walked closer to them once Andi turned onto her back and her breasts were back out. Andi’s eyes were closed so she didn’t notice they had an observer, but Rob noticed. He grinned at the man as he got closer and even began massaging his lubed up fingers around Andi’s nipples.

Heat started forming betweens Andi’s legs and she moaned. Reaching into her bikini bottoms, Rob began to rub her pussy with one hand while the other pinched and rubbed at one of her nipples. Her moaning was driving their observer mad, so he pulled his hard erection out of the swim shorts he was wearing and started pumping himself as he watched Rob touch Andi.

“Oh, Rob,” Andi moaned, lifting her hips up off the chair.

“You like that, baby?” He teased her.

“Yes,” she moaned.

Leaning down, he whispered into her ear, loud enough for the man to hear, “Someone else likes it too?”

Andi’s eyes shot open and she looked over and saw the man standing right by their chair, his cock completely out and a small bead of pre-cum forming on the tip as he masterbated, watching Andi get pleasured.

“Hey there,” Andi said, seductively. “Nice cock.”

“Nice tits,” he replied.

Sitting up on her knees, Andi moved closer to the end of the chair and pressed her breasts together. “Wanna fuck them?” she asked him.

The man didn’t even need to answer. He took one more step towards Andi and stuck his cock in between Andi’s tits. Andi held her breasts together as the man thrusted himself in and out of the small space between them. They were already lubed up from the sunscreen so he was able to slide in and out of them easily.

Coming up behind her, Rob held her from behind to keep her upright and steady then wrapped one hand around her to continue rubbing her pussy from behind. “Oh God!” Andi moaned loudly as the two men touched her and fucked her.

The man held her shoulders as he plowed himself into her. Andi stuck out her tongue and licked at the tip of his member each time it came close to her face. “Oh, fuck yeah,” he groaned feeling her wet tongue on him.

“Cum on my face,” Andi ordered him. Knowing she was close, she started pinching her nipples.

“Okay baby,” the man agreed and started pumping even harder and faster between her tits. Rob watched and kept the same pace the man was fucking her as he did rubbing her pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Andi moaned, getting closer and closer, pinching hard on her nubs.

The man and Andi both came at the same time. Andi closed her eyes and opened her mouth and moaned loudly and as she did, the man came, shooting a load of hot cum into her mouth and face.

Andi dropped her tits and fell back into Rob’s arms and the man fell back into the open chair beside them. Both of them took a moment to catch their breath and calm down.

Looking over at the man, Andi finally got a good look at him and grinned. “You cum tastes good,” she told him.

“Maybe next time I can shoot it up your cunt” he offered.

“I like the sound of that,” she told him.

Standing up, Andi told the boys she was going to go wash her face, and began making her way to the restrooms. She didn’t put back on her bikini top before leaving, just readjusted her bottoms as she walked over.

Rob watched her walk away, staring at her perfect ass as she went, then looked towards the stranger his wife had just allowed to fuck her tits. He had already put his semi-hard cock back into his shorts.

“Rob,” Rob said, holding out his hand and introducing himself.

“Mike,” the man responded, shaking Rob’s hand. “First time here?”

“Definitely not,” Rob smiled.

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