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Teacher, Teacher, Pt 3

Part 3 of Allie and Jason

By Jo. SchmidtPublished 3 months ago 8 min read

I mean, I shouldn’t have been surprised when I got the text from Jason telling me he needed to see me in the basement of the school immediately. In fact, I was hoping for it.

When I had walked into his class that morning, I took a seat right up front and as soon as class had started and all the other students were seated, I spread my legs wide, showing off the fact that I wasn’t wearing any panties under my skirt. I have to say, Jason did a great job of continuing his class acting as unbothered as he could while I crossed and uncrossed my legs over and over again throughout the length of the class.

Usually after his English literature class, I would go back to my dorm since it was my last class of the day, but today, I went to the school library and pretended to study while I waited for him to finish one more lecture.

I knew his lecture finished at 3, and, like clockwork, at 3:02 on the dot, he had sent me a text. We normally tried not to meet up at school, but I was horny and clearly my plan to get him as hot and bothered as I was had worked.

After collecting all my books into my backpack, I left the library and headed down to the school basement. The basement had a couple classrooms but it was mostly used for storage so there was almost never anyone down there. I took the stairs down with the intention of keeping Jason waiting. The library was on the third floor of the school, so I passed a few people on my way and I’m 99% sure I may have flashed my under the skirt nakedness to a group of boys as they were coming up the stairs and I was going down. I grinned a little to myself as I heard them questioning each other if they saw what they thought they saw.

Pushing through a set of doors at the bottom of the stairs, everything became so quiet without the chatter of students on their way out for the day. I walked down the hall, looking at the classroom numbers as I went, searching for the one Jason and told me to meet him in. Finding it, I opened the unlocked door and went inside the empty classroom.

It was a lot smaller than most of the university's lecture halls, clearly designed for smaller, more intimate classes.

After closing and locking the door, I dropped my bag on the ground. I looked around the room, Jason was nowhere to be seen.

“Jason?” I called out, as I began to unbutton the top I was wearing. “Come out, or I’m just going to have to play with myself.”

I had undone all the buttons and taken my top off completely, dropping it on the floor when Jason suddenly appeared out of nowhere, coming up from behind me, pushing me forward and bending me down on top of one of the desks. I could feel his bulge pressed up against me as he bent over top of me and whispered into my ear, “you fucking little tease.”

Standing upright but keeping one hand on my back, holding me down on the desktop, he used his other hand and pulled my skirt up, exposing my bare ass to him.

“You have no idea how hard it was to get through class and my last lecture,” he told me.

“What’s the matter, professor?” I teased. “I thought you liked it when I didn’t wear panties to your class?”

His hand smacked hard down on my ass making me jump a little.

“Don’t talk back to me,” he warned. “Now spread your legs.”

I did so and he bent down, putting his face between my legs and finding my sex.

“This pussy,” he said, his mouth so close to it, I could feel the words coming off his lips, “is going to be the fucking death of me.” Then he buried his mouth into my cunt and I moaned loudly.

He kept going from hard and long glides of his wide tongue to small and delicate licks on my clit using just the tip. My hands gripped onto the side of the desk as his tongue worked its magic on my sex.

Using just the tip of his tongue, he circled and flicked at my clit over and over again. He kept playing with my clit and I was moaning loudly, until it changed to a gasp of pain when I felt his teeth clamp down on my clit. Only for a moment to shock me before he went back to his tender licks.

“That’s what you get for teasing me,” he told me in between licks. “For flashing your sexy pussy during my class you slut.”

Boyfriends I had in the past had gone down on me, but no one had ever done it the way Jason did. He lusted for my pussy and ate it like it was his last meal every time he had it.

I squealed as I felt his tongue inside me. “Ohhhhh,” I moaned loudly, as he stuck his tongue in and out while his fingers rubbed at my swollen clit. My body tensed up knowing I was so close to cumming but Jason didn’t stop touching and probing me. Only when I audibly moaned my climax did he slow down, taking his fingers off my pussy and his tongue returning to slow and tender licks as my body shook from its orgasim. Finally, my entire body collapsed onto the desktop I was laying on.

Releasing my pussy, Jason stood up behind me. “Did you enjoy that, slut?” he asked me. I heard the sound of his fly zipper being pulled down.

“Yes,” I gasped, still trying to catch my breath.

Grabbing me, he picked me up and sat me down on the desk so I was facing him. At some point while he was eating me out, he unbuttoned his shirt because his dress shirt was open and his chest and abs were on display, along with his cock which he had pulled out from his pants.

Pulling one of my tits out of my bra, he played with my hard nipple. “I didn’t even ask you to do that,” he pointed out. “What made you come to my class with no panties on?”

Leaning forward, I got close enough so he could feel my breath on his lips, but I didn’t kiss him. “Are you complaining?” I asked.

“God no,” he replied. “I thought it was so hot and the fact that I wasn’t expecting it made it even hotter.”

Grabbing the back of his head, I forced our lips together into a passionate kiss. His tongue plunged into my mouth and I could taste my salty juices on it. As we kissed, he kept one hand on my breast, pinching and playing with my nipple. I felt his other hand down between us, pumping his cock. I could have stayed like this all day. Making out with him while he played with both himself and my tit. It made it even hotter knowing we were in a classroom in the school and there was a chance someone could walk in on us at any second.

After a few more minutes of making out, Jason picked me up again and carried me over to one of the classroom walls. He had picked me up hundreds of times but he was so strong and carried me as if I was weightless.

He pressed my back against one of the cold stone walls and pulled his lips from mine for an instant to whisper, “wrap your legs around me.”

I did so and he released one arm from around me for a moment to take his cock and line it up with my entrance. Once he had done so, he pushed himself inside my cunt.

“Oh God,” I moaned loudly, feeling his length and width enter me. We had fucked so much but I could never get used to the feeling of his giant cock entering me.

“You like this?” he asked me, thrusted in and out of me, over and over.

“Yes,” I groaned.

We had never fucked against a wall like this before, but thankfully with him getting me nice and wet when he ate me out, he slid easily in. Even though he was holding me up and the weight of both of our bodies was held up by his legs, Jason was still able to fuck me hard and I was enjoying this new angle we had never experimented with before.

“Fuck,” he groaned, pumping in and out of me and I knew he would climax at any moment. He thrust himself inside me several more hard pumps, then one extra long and hard one as we both came.

He held me up against the wall for a moment longer, before placing me down onto the closest desk.As he did, he cock, still hard, came out of me, a string of our mixed fluids going from his rod into my snatch.

Once seated, he leaned in and kissed me again.

“That was fun,” he told me.

I smiled. “Yeah, it was.”

Pinching my nipple that was still out, he teased me. “Are you coming over to my place now or what?”

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