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The Resort

Part Three

By Jo. SchmidtPublished 2 months ago 10 min read

Charity and her husband Steven had been laying on their beach chair for about an hour, enjoying the sun, when he started getting restless. Rolling towards his wife, Steven kissed Charity’s arm.

“I’m going to go down to the beach and see if there’s a volleyball game I can join,” he informed her.

“Okay, baby,” she replied. “Have fun. Make sure to put on sunscreen.”

Loving that his young and sexy wife always took care of him, Steven smiled at her. “I will. Do you want to come?” he asked.

“No,” she answered. “I’m good here.”

“Okay then,” he said. “You be a good girl, okay? Don’t get up to anything too naughty while I’m gone.”

Charity looked at Steven. “Me? Naughty? I would never.”

Steven grinned at her then leaned in and nipped at her neck before getting up off the chair, making her giggle.

Making his way down to the private beach owned by the resort, Steven looked towards the volleyball net. Usually there was a game going on that he was hoping to join. He enjoyed playing one-on-one or in a large group. Didn’t matter to him.

He was happy to see two young girls playing one-on-one at the net, rallying the ball back and forth between the two of them. On one side was a blond girl with her hair tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing a black thong bikini bottom and a white crop top that was wet from either ocean water or sweat so her black bikini top was visible through the thin fabric. The woman on the opposite side of the net had her light brown hair tied in a single braid going down her back and was wearing a matching plain blue bikini. Both women had decent sized breasts. Not as big as Charity’s 34DDD tits, but still big enough that they bounced about as the girls ran around the sand court and set or spiked the ball to each other. Steven bit his lip as he imagined both women playing without either of their tops on, their breasts and nipples free to move without the support of the bikini tops they were in.

Approaching the court, the brunette girl pointed towards him smiling and the blond turned to face him.

“You girls interested in a game?” Steven asked them.

The blond smiled at him. “Sure,” she replied. “Do we want to take turns playing one-on-one?”

“We could play two against one?” the brunette suggested, having come up to the net to join the conversation.

“So, me against you two ladies?” Steven confirmed. Both girls nodded their heads. “That works for me.”

The blond turned away from him and joined her friend on the other side of the net. Steven got a great look at her round ass as she bent down to go underneath the net.

As the blond stood in the corner of the court, preparing to serve the ball over to Steven, he worried for a minute. He was pretty good at volleyball, but it wouldn’t be easy with the constant distraction of these two gorgeous and practically naked women playing against him.

“I’m Jenna,” the brunette told Steven as she backed up onto the court. “And that’s my friend Chloe,” she said, pointing to the blond.

“Steven,” he responded.

Chloe served the ball over the net and Steven ran to its location, setting it back over the net. The rally went for a few minutes before Jenna missed it and the ball landed by her feet in the sand.

The ball was served again and the group continued to play for a while, not keeping track of the score, just having a fun time playing in the warm sand. At one point, Chloe spiked the ball down onto the ground on Steven’s side of the court, gaining a cheer from the two girls and earning her a hard smack on her bare ass from her teammate.

During another play, Jenna dove to the sand in an attempt to save the ball from hitting the ground. She was able to get it back in the air and Chloe set it up and over the net. When Jenna stood back up, the impact from her dive had pushed her bikini top down and her breasts were now showing. Steven couldn’t help but stare at the gorgeous tits. Even though they were covered in sand, he could see her dark nipples and areolas. The ball hit the sand and Chloe cheered for the point, before turning towards her friend and seeing her tits had come completely out of her top.

“Oh babe,” Chloe said to her friend, “you might want to fix your boobs there.”

“I mean,” Jenna said, looking down at herself, “maybe I shouldn’t.”

Steven’s eyes widened as she reached behind herself and undid the clasp of her top, taking it off completely.

“Clearly someone was distracted and lost the point because of it,” Jenna pointed out.

“Oh, I see what you’re saying,” Chloe said. Following her friend's lead, Chloe pulled her crop top off and over her head. The black bikini top she had on was so small, it was barely covering anything, but Chloe undid the tie of it, removing it from her body and let her tits drop free as she tossed her top into the pile of clothes her and Jenna had started.

Where Jenna’s nipples were round and dark, Chloe’s were pink coloured and had diamond barbell piercings in each one. Staring at both girls, Jenna only in a blue bikini bottom and Chloe in only a thong bottom, Steven was instantly hard. Both girls giggled as they watched his cock rising in his shorts.

“How about,” Chloe said, “next point has to get naked.”

Steven’s brain snapped back on. “You’re on,” he said, picking up the volleyball that was still in the sand at his feet.

It was their longest rally ever, both sides wanting the other to strip naked. Steven struggled and did his best to keep his eyes away from two sets of bouncing tits and after almost a five minute long rally, Steven smacked the ball hard into the sand between the two girls.

“Oh darn,” said Chloe, sarcastically, staring at the ball.

“We lose,” said Jenna.

Walking over to the other side of the net, each girl took Steven by the hand and led him over to one of the beach cabanas. They sat him down on it as they stood in front of him then at the same time, they both took off their bottoms, pushing them down their legs. Steven stared at the naked women in front of him. Both had completely bare pussies and Steven noticed a tiny diamond piercing on Chloe’s clit that matched her nipple piercings.

The girls climbed on top of the lounge chair on either side of Steven. Jenna started kissing him first, holding his head against hers as she plunged her tongue into his mouth. Chloe undid the tie of his shorts, then pulled his cock out and began sucking, putting almost his entire length into her eager mouth. Steven’s hand went to Jenna’s pussy and rubbed her wetness as they made out. She was so wet and he could easily stick one of his fingers inside her after only a minute of rubbing her. Jenna moaned into Steven’s mouth as his finger penetrated her. He moved it in and out, curling it inside of her.

Chloe sucked on Steven’s rock hard dick, moving her hand up and down it as she did. She could taste pre-cum coming out of him and she happily licked it away. Now that he was nice and lubed up, Chloe released her mouth from around him. Sitting up, she straddled him then slowly lowered herself down onto his length. Steven had been so preoccupied making out and fingering Jenna, he didn’t even realize what Chloe was doing until he felt her tightness around him.

“Oh shit,” he moaned. He stopped kissing Jenna to look towards Chloe who was riding his cock, her tits bouncing each time she went up and down on him.

“How does his cock feel?” Jenna asked, pinching one of her own nipples as she watched her friend.

“Big,” Chloe moaned.

Leaning into her, Jenna planted her lips on Chloe’s and the two girls started kissing right in front of Steven’s face. As he watched the girls making out, he continued fingering Jenna’s snatch, now sticking a second finger inside her.

He felt her start to tighten around his fingers so he moved them in and out of her, turning and curling his fingers until she moaned deeply into Chloe’s mouth as she came.

Steven pulled his fingers out of Jenna as she rested for a moment from her orgasim and he focused his attention on Chloe who was still riding him like she was on a bucking bronco.

“Ride me, you sexy thing,” Steven ordered her. He grabbed the diamond of one of her nipple piercings and held onto it as her tits moved, sending intense pains into her. She groaned with each sharp stab she felt, loving each one and just making her ride him even harder.

He felt her tighten around him and knowing he was ready to fire his load, he let go of her nipple and held onto her hips. He pressed himself as deep as he could into her cunt and shot into her as she also cried out in pleasure.

Feeling drained, Steven fell to his back on the chair, breathing in deep to catch his breath. Chloe continued sitting on him for a few more moments as she let her body come down from its climax then she slowly pulled herself off him. As she climbed off him, she purposefully crawled over his face, letting her wet pussy that was dripping in cum float over his face. Her pussy was just out of reach that he wasn’t able to taste it, but he could smell her wetness as she hovered above him. The diamond piercing in her clit teased him. He wanted to bite it and pull on it to make her scream. But he was also a 51 year old man and needed a moment to recover.

Chloe had crawled over to where Jenna had been laying, watching the two while she rubbed her pussy. Chloe grabbed her friend's face and started kissing her again. Steven turned and watched the two naked girls entangle themselves as they made out with one another. Watching their tongues going in and out of each other's mouths, it didn’t take long for him to be hard again.

Standing up, he stood at the foot of the chair and lightly smacked Chloe’s ass. She stopped kissing Jenna and looked towards him. “Jenna’s turn,” he told Chloe.

Grinning, Chloe rolled off her friend and Jenna smiled seeing Steven standing there, his cock ready and waiting for her.

Getting on all fours, Jenna backed herself up to Steven. He could see her wetness between her folds, the sight of it making him lick his lips. Taking a step towards her, he lined himself up and pushed his cock into her wet snatch. “Oh fuck!” Jenna exclaimed as she felt his length inside her.

Leaning back, Chloe spread her legs and started touching herself as she watched Steven fuck her friend from behind. Using two fingers, she’d rub her pussy lips, every once and a while, pulling on her piercing for a different sensation.

Opening her eyes, Jenna saw Chloe pleasuring herself and grinned.

“Give me that pussy,” she ordered Chloe between grunts.

Moving herself into a better position, Chloe laid down with her crotch right at Jenna’s mouth and spread her legs wide, putting herself on full display for Jenna. Dipping her head down, Jenna kissed Chloe’s pussy lips three times before sticking her tongue into her folds and running it from bottom to top.

“Ohhhh,” Chloe moaned, pinching her nipples as Jenna licked her.

Jenna’s tongue circled Chloe’s clit, every once and a while, nibbling on her flesh and even biting down once on Chloe’s piercing to pull on it, which had Chloe almost shrieking.

Watching Jenna lick Chloe’s snatch out got Steven even hotter and he started pounding even harder into her. Sticking his thumb in his mouth, he wet it then brought it to Jenna’s asshole where he circled it with the wetness. He did this a few times before pushing the tip of his thumb into her ass, then Chloe wasn’t the only one shrieking.

As he felt himself getting closer to cumming, he gripped onto her hips and held her in place as he pounded himself in and out of her as hard as he could.

Sticking out her tongue, Jenna stuck it into Chloe’s snatch and fucked her with it, matching Steven’s pace and every thrust.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Chloe moaned, holding Jenna’s head against herself while the other hand continued pinching and twisting her nipple.

“I’m gunna cum!” Steven exclaimed. Pulling out of Jenna only a mere second before, Steven exploded, shooting his cum up Jenna’s back and even so high, it landed on Chloe’s stomach.

As the remaining bits of his cum pumped out of his cock, Jenna continued eating Chloe, replacing her tongue with a finger then lapping the juices as they flowed out of Chloe. It only took a moment before Chloe was also moaning as her climax took over her.

Jenna rolled off her friend and the two lay beside each other, looking up at Steven. “That was fun,” Chloe said, smiling.

Bending down, Steven kissed each girl on the lips for a moment before standing back up.

“You ladies here with anyone else? My wife would enjoy you two.”

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