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The Pros and Cons of Anal

Pro: It's fun.

By Nancy DPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

I was reluctant at first to write this article due to the fact that it's completely about anal sex... but the truth is that sex positivity is important! If we don't talk about it, problems come with that silence.

Let's start on a positive note. Pros first!

Pro: It's fun!

If you haven't tried it yet, then you are missing out.

Pro: Double Stimulation

You can add sensations to the back while also playing with the front. So when you think about it, adding butt play is just an addition to the fun.

Don't be a dick, reach around!

Pro: It could possibly help you find cancer earlier.

Colon cancer often goes unnoticed due to its location. While unproven, there are rumors that having anal sex can actually help you find a tumor faster. In theory, they might find it sooner. Especially if you do it a lot with the same person since they can tell if there is something new and different.

Pro: You can incorporate butt play into your solo stuff too.

Don't have a boyfriend? No problem!! Buy a butt plug and masturbate away!

Pro: If pregnancy is a possibility for you... well you can't get pregnant if you only do anal!

If neither you or your partner can get pregnant... Then ignore this pro. :P

Pro: It's relatively safe!

It's true there are some health risks that can come from anal play, which I talk about later in the cons section. However, anal sex has a bad reputation. The truth is that is actually pretty safe. So don't be scared.

With all good things... there are some bad.

Con: If you do it wrong, it hurts!

Just to clarify, anal is not supposed to hurt by any means, as long as you do it right. Use lots of lube and a condom! My ex was not the nicest guy and was way too rough to start, it made me never want to try anal again. Next boyfriend comes along and it turns out that it can actually be pretty fun!

If you're too tight, you can bend their dick. So both people get hurt by accident.

Con: It's easier to get STDs through the ass.

The bad news, this is true. The good news, just use a condom and lube. Problem solved!

If this still scares you, I've heard oral sex is safer when it comes with STDs. However, for that to be true you still have to use a condom, maybe even a flavored condom.

Con: Higher Risk of Bladder Infections

Where there is shit... there is E-Coli. Long story short, doing anal increases the chance of getting a bladder infection.

Con: You could get a fissure.

Apparently, tearing back there is a real possibility. However, nothing sounds scarier than actually getting a fissure.

Con: Sometimes there's a smell.

If you use a condom, throw that condom out carefully... because that smell can linger.

Con: Sometimes you get a present when you pull out.

When you play with the butt, there will be butt stuff. If this does happen to you please be an adult about it. Shit happens.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading my article, I hope you enjoyed it. If so, please feel free to read my other articles here on Vocal. I write about both personal and political things, so whatever you are looking for, I’ve probably written about it.

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With that said, I am still going to write more fun stuff sometimes too.

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