10 Ways to Seduce Your Boyfriend

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10 Ways to Seduce Your Boyfriend

When you are in a relationship for a long time, sometimes sex can fall into a routine... which is perfectly okay but every now and again it's fun to add something new. So let's try to spice things up! Here is an effective guide on how you can seduce the man you are already in love with.

1. Sext.

Start the foreplay before they even come over by sending a fun text. The text can be as simple as "I've got a surprise for you tonight" or as straight forward as "Wow, I am really horny today." There's always my favourite: "I want you in my bed when I get home. Completely naked."

The fun doesn't have to stop with texts. You can always send nudes. Just remember, if they aren't used to getting nudes from you, it's best to send a warning text first.

2. Remind him how sexy he is.

We all can get a little insecure sometimes, so remind him how amazing he is! Better yet, remind him that you find him sexually attractive. Compliment them on the little things you love about them, like their dimples or their freckles. If they have any insecurities you know about, don't bring it up in these compliments. For example, never say anything like these: "Your tummy has gotten smaller!" and "I don't know why you worry so much about that curve in your penis."

3. Make him dinner.

Wine and dine him. Everybody feels better after a good meal. Being in a good mood means better sex! Also, it's just a really nice thing to do every now and again. My go-to plan is almost always strawberry salad followed by a main course of spaghetti. However, I also am trying to break out of routines. So if you are looking for good meal ideas, public libraries have cookbooks that you can check out for free.

Make sure to put avocados in that dinner because I've heard a rumour that they can give you a boost in energy... specifically for sexual purposes. Oh, and maybe avoid food that makes your partner gassy... unless you are both into that.

4. Clean up a bit.

Since your goal is to seduce, let's make the gift look a bit more presentable before we start the action. If he's on his way, prep it down there however you want. If you're both already there, why not just have a quick shower together?

For everywhere else, bring a small pack of baby wipes with you. Just sneak off to the bathroom and, well... you know. You don't have to obsessively make yourself clean, but a little effort can go a long way.

5. Tease.

Building up is a great way to make the climax all that much better. If you're still outside, tease him in public! Don't go too far with this. All you have to do is something small, like touching his thigh while out for dinner, playing with his hair, or maybe even whispering something sexy into his ear. If you're at his place, just casually walk around in your underwear... no big deal.

To make it more fun, you can always play an adult board game or get a pair of sex dice. Better yet, play strip poker.

6. Foreplay! Foreplay Foreplay!

This is not a negotiable step. Especially if you're doing something that is more your thing... then you need to do foreplay!

My signature move is kissing the treasure trail then kissing down until... well, you get the idea.

7. Make an effort to know him better.

Everyone has their own kinks and their own spots to touch. If they say they don't, they are either lying or don't even know about them yet. So help them find it! If the same things isn't working anymore, then they probably have a new kink they don't even know about yet.


Bring Your Own Condom. Safety first. Not only does safety make people feel more relaxed but... well... it's safe! So be prepared!

9. Get creative.

Dim down the lights. Bring a bag of candy into the bed with you.

If you're out of ideas on how to get creative yourself then during foreplay suddenly tell them that they can't use their hands to touch you... and then they are the one who suddenly has to be creative. It's fun!

10. Try something new.

If you are normally quiet, try being loud. If you are normally loud, try being quiet. You get the idea!

Once you're both comfy and you have his consent, have fun!

Don't forget to relax and have fun. The fun for both of you really is the important part.

Thank you!

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