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The next day…

by Kit Kitsune 2 years ago in fiction
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Part 3 - Sari & Noor

The next day…
Photo by We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash

Rising from the depths of sleep, Noor is comforted by Sari's warm and still form nestled with her back next to him. The light from the high window spills into her room and sets off the lavender walls and rich purple bedsheets. Sunken into the downy mattress, Noor inhales deeply and revels in Sari's clean scent. Stiffening slightly, he knows better and slowly runs his free hand along Sari's curvaceous body and hips. Every so often, he reaches in front of her and slides his hand over her taut stomach and lower abdomen, trying to simultaneously rouse her interest and her sleep laden mind.

Sari starts to dream she is with Noor, she moans lightly as she feels his hand running over her hip, she turns slightly so that she's on her back, instinctively reaching for his hand to guide it towards her sex, her eyes flutter open as she realizes his hand really is there. She smiles up at him sheepishly. "Good morning, love." Reaching up to kiss him softly on the lips, she unashamedly pulls his hand back towards her wet lips. Her other hand wraps around the back of his neck, pulling him into a deeper kiss as his fingers explore her.

"Good morning to you, too, babe." He answers her kiss and entices her lips to open for his probing tongue. As hers meets his, they dance, retreat, and press forward within their mouths. Noor is propped up on his arm as he lays next to Sari, leaning over when they kiss. His leg tangles with one of hers as she widens her posture a bit, allowing him to slip unabated over and in her slit. He would tease her clit with a flurry of motion before descending and running over the inner lining of her lower lips. Then he would come back to tease her clit again, before pressing slowly into her with one or two fingers and scrub against her inner walls before returning again to her clit.

Holding him to her as he kisses her, their tongues entwining slowly, she suckles his tongue into her mouth softly. Feeling his fingers flit over her clit, she moans softly into the kiss. Groaning as he dips his fingers inside of her, thrusting her hips up slightly to get more of him inside of her. She writhes under his hand as he plays with her. Reaching for his shaft, she strokes him lightly, playing with his balls lightly, stroking up towards the tip, squeezing it gently. She groans as she feels him growing harder and harder within her grip. Trailing her lips over his jawline to his neck, kissing him beneath his earlobe softly.

Noor breathes ragged breaths as Sari breaks their kiss, and fondles him. "You know just how to play me, love." He grinned and chuckled as she played with his ear. He continued playing with Sari's pussy, leaving trails of wetness up and down her crotch. Leaning further down her body, Noor kissed her collarbone, and then traced his lips over her chest to the top of her cleavage. He nuzzled between her breasts, and kissed the area between them, before settling on one. Noor flicked his tongue with the lightest of touches on her nipple before descending upon her and suckling her. Occasionally, he would suck with a constant force and just tease the over stimulated tit in the vacuum of his mouth. With his hand wet from her crotch, slipped the short distance to the bud of another entrance, and began to pester her there, pushing gently with his fingers, but with a certain... inevitability.

Sari groans as Noor kisses her down towards her breasts. Moaning as he flicks her nipple with his tongue, she cries out softly as he begins to suckle at her. Her moans changing from soft to loud as he alters the way he sucks at her, she keeps her hand at the back of his neck, holding him to her, not wanting him to stop. As she feels his fingers roam towards her bud, she groans even louder, automatically spreading her legs wider to give him better access. Her excitement causes her to stroke him firmly, reaching down to massage the base, squeezing the tip lightly as her hand reaches the top. Pushing her hips up, she cries out as she feels him suckle even harder on her breasts. "More, please! God, that feels sooo gooood!"

Noor obliges Sari and keeps sucking her nipple. At times, he would open his mouth further, to swallow her areole beyond his lips, before pulling back and breaking the seal with a nice *plop*. Then he would start again stimulating her nipple. Playing with her ass and pussy, Noor continued to rile Sari's ambitions and emotions. Her hand became slick with precum as she played with the tip and all along his shaft. Much to Sari's disappointment, Noor did stop. He moved her to her side again, with her back facing him. She could feel his hard cock against her bottom, pulsing. Only then did he begin to fondle her slip again as he kissed her neck. She must have felt saddened about losing the wonderful sensation on her breasts, but, a knew feeling... pressing between her cheeks, pestered her. Noor slipped his tip up and down her crack a couple of times before settling rather stiffly next to the bud of her rear. "May I, Sari, dear?" Noor asked as he continued to slip fingers past her pussy lips...

Sighing and moaning lightly as Noor suckles at her breasts, she groans now and then as he sucks more of her breast into his mouth. Feeling his hand continue to play with her, her hips writhe and wriggle beneath him. His shaft quite rigid in her hand, she cried out as she was moved over onto her side. She felt him press his cock against her and groaned yet again. Her juices seeping from her pussy lips, they coated his fingers well as he began to play with her again. Shivering as he kissed her neck, she pressed back against him firmly. Feeling him tease her with the tip, sliding it up and down her, she moaned loudly as his fingers continued to stimulate her. At his questioning, she gasped, "yes! Please!" Arching her back, trying to open herself up to him as much as possible.

Noor was enraptured with the writhing Sari. Her undulating and serpentine wriggling empowered him. He was continuously fascinated at how his touch would send her to heights of wanting and needing. She whimpered for him to stop teasing her and pressed hard against his cock. They pushed against each other a couple of times, but Sari was tense from all the play with her slit. Noor took his wet hand and lubed his shaft, then spread her cheeks apart with both hands. They tried to push again, but to no avail, the leverage just wasn’t there. "Sorry babe, I guess we should do this the right way." Noor rolled Sari to her elbows and knees and knelt behind her, the comforter and sheets of the bed were tussled every which way around them. Rubbing her slip with his cock a couple times to lube up again, Noor pressed against her butt again. "Ok babe, relax... now..." and they began to slide...

Sari wasn't surprised when they couldn't quite get things going from that position. In all honesty, she had never done this before and knew it would take some coaxing. She let Noor guide her into position, thrusting her hips up into the air. She felt him rub the tip of his cock along her lips, lubing himself with her juices. He pressed at her entrance again, and she knew he wanted her to relax, but she knew what she had to do...Bearing down as he pushed at her bud, the muscles spread open a bit more easily. Feeling him get the head in, she groaned. It felt so good, she had to have more. She went to bear down again and pushed her hips back against him. Feeling him slide all the way in, she shuddered and moaned, panting just slightly. Her bud grasped and spasmed around him as it adjusted to his girth. She looked back at him as she felt her muscles adjust, "I'm ready, love."

Sari was tight and incredibly hot inside. Her rear clamped around him uncontrollably, trying to close but pressing hard on his shaft instead. "Ok, hun. Let’s take it slow to start." She was incredibly tight as they moved against each other. He felt her shudder and spasm between relaxing her muscles and unconsciously squeezing as tight as she could. With one hand, he steadied himself on her as they moved from leaving just the tip inside, to pump deep to the hilt. With his other hand, Noor reached around her leg, and started to play with her clit again. "How's this?"

Sari moaned loudly as Noor reached around to play with her. "Oh my god, Noor! That feels so good!!" She did her best to get used to the feeling of him inside of her like this. She had played with plugs before, but it was nothing like this! He seemed to fill her beyond her comprehension. His thrusts inside of her made her whine slightly, but she got over it quickly as he toyed with her clit. The pleasure and the pain of it blending into one overwhelming feeling. She couldn't contain herself any longer, she started to writhe and twist her hips against him. Pushing back to get more of him inside of her, she spread her legs as much as she could, considering her position, wanting to give him as much access to her as possible.

Noor could feel Sari's muscles twist and contract as she writhed and undulated on him. He increased his pace more so that an audible *thump* could be made out between Sari's moans and Noor's grunts. Their rhythm was still slow but became forceful. Noor leaned most of his weight on Sari's back as he moved his other hand to her crotch. The feeling of many fingers playing and teasing her clit, lips, and inner walls as Noor's cock moved in steady timing with her own movements. "Glad you like it, babe." The familiar pressure to release rose in him at the feeling of just what he was doing to her ass.

Sari could hardly believe how good it felt to be taken this way. Moaning and whimpering as Noor thrust into her harder and harder, she loved the sound they made as their bodies bumped against each other. Twirling her hips as she pressed back against him, she started to cry out as his fingers worked her over as well. Her lower region the apex of all her pleasure, she cried out again and again as he pounded into her. She gritted her teeth as the sensations built up to an unbearable level. Feeling her walls trying to clench on something, she could also feel her bud clenching on Noor as well. Her cries blending into one long wail as she climaxes, she shudders and bucks back against him. Calling out his name over and over, she cannot help but thrust backwards as hard as she can, driving all of him into her.

They quickened again, but still nowhere near the pace of normal sex. He felt incredibly good within the confines of her and plodded along inside of her. When Sari climaxed, Noor felt her gush onto his fingers. Noor almost thought that Sari would crush him to pieces inside of her as she came. He was buried deep into her butt and could not move easily during the height of her orgasm. He continued to buck back against her during her afterglow, echoing her name as she voiced his. A few moments later, he came hard into her and continued pushing into his beloved fox. "You feel great, Sari-babe!"

She felt him explode within her, filling her with his seed. She cried out, feeling each pump of his cock as he did. Panting beneath him as he continued to rock against her, she moaned lightly enjoying the feel of him still within her. She started to collapse against the bed, pulling him down with her. Twisting her hips slightly to raise one leg at an angle, making it easy for him to withdraw when he was ready, she sighed happily as she felt his weight upon her. Smiling to herself, she whispered loud enough for him to hear, "thank you, Noor...that was wonderful!" She blushes slightly and pulls at her comforter to turn it into a pillow beneath her head. Closing her eyes, but not ready for sleep, she twitches slightly and groans happily beneath him.

Noor stays within her for a bit longer, enjoying her immensely. He moves slowly inside of her a few more times before pulling out with a sticky *smack*. A small amount of him drips from her while her o-ring begins to tighten back to normal. Laying on top of Sari, he felt at peace, "Your orgasmic, too, Sari-babe." A couple of minutes later, Noor got up and put on his boxers and t-shirt. "Feel like having some lunch, babe? My treat."

Sari looks at Noor and giggles. "Your treat? Everything in the Parlour is free, love." She winks at him and rises from the bed slowly. "I just need to clean up real quick. One minute." She pads off to the bathroom & her changing room, returning in a few minutes fully dressed in a royal purple silk dress. She smiles at him and raises an eyebrow. "You ready?"

Tugging on his jeans, and stamping into his shoes, Noor finishes unraveling his clothes as Sari appears in a beautiful dress. He hugged her next to him and wandered his hand to her rump as they exited the room. "For you, Miss Sari, I’m always ready."


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