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On their next encounter….

by Kit Kitsune 2 years ago in erotic
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Part 2 - Sari & Noor

On their next encounter….
Photo by Dave Lastovskiy on Unsplash

Madame leads Noor through her Parlour, to the door to her chambers. Realizing she hadn't readily brought anyone inside her private quarters before, she inhaled deeply and opened the door. The scent of gardenia and lily of the valley filled the air that wafted by as the door was opened. She looks to Noor and smiles, taking his hand and leading him inside. The carpet was very plush, the kind you sink into. Everywhere you looked, there were small flickering candles. No electrical lights could be found in her chambers and she liked it that way. The walls were a dusky blue that shifted between blue and lavender as the candlelight moved. Another door to the right led to her changing room. The furniture in her bedroom literally consisted of just that...a bed. A few larger pillows strewn about the floor, obviously meant for seating. The bed was opulent and huge. It could easily fit 4 people on it. It was decked out in a rich brocaded silk comforter, several pillows and what looked like silk sheets...everything you could see was some shade of purple. She guided Noor to the bed, "make yourself comfortable, I'm just going to change real quick." And with that, she went thru the door to her changing room & closet.

Noor was awestruck at Miss Sari's Parlour. He had been in the public partition and found it extremely comfortable and inviting. This... this was Miss Sari's home with her likes and tastes. It may have been muted by the candlelight, but it left a feeling of relaxation and ease. The items were displayed in a way to "be there" instead of "being there". Led to her bedroom, Noor was wowed again by her bedroom. It was large and expansive compared to what he was used to and made him grin about extra uses other than just for sleeping. "I’ll just be sitting here then." and just sat on the edge of the bed. *comfy* He fiddled with the alarm clock while he waited for her to comeback.

Madame swiftly removed her warmer clothing, leaving her items where they fell, not wanting to keep Noor waiting too long. She opened one of her drawers and chose a sweet pink was lacy up top, and very form-fitting, but it billowed out from below her breasts into a soft see-through material. Feeling no need for further undergarments, she grabbed a thin silk kimono styled robe, putting that on over her negligee. Returning to her bedroom to find Noor sitting on the edge of the bed, she smiled. Walking over to him confidently, she starts to take off his jacket, a coat rack appearing to the side. "I said get comfy, silly." She smiled a warm smile and bent over to kiss him on the nose. Kneeling before him, she took off his shoes, putting them to the side...From her position in front of him, she looked up into his eyes and tilted her head. "Anything else I can help you take off, dear?"

"Wow..." Noor tried to process the cute kitsune in front of him. She was dressed in a loose Japanese robe that set off her figure perfectly. Arousal kindles in him as she helps him undress. "Thank you, Sari." His shoulders and feet feel much better after being freed from coat and shoes, respectively. He smiled very wide and took a couple of pillows from the bed. One he handed to Sari for kneeling on. The other, he propped himself up with as he lay back a little on the bed. "As a matter of fact..." he unbuckles his belt, "Yes there is something you could help with. " and winks at her.

She smiles as he hands her the pillow and leans back. "Oh really?" She rises, plopping the pillow down where her knees had been, and gently removes her robe, hanging that up as well. She turns her head and smiles at Noor from over her shoulder, noting the look in his eyes. Turning back to him, she kneels before him and unbuttons & unzips his pants. Pulling down both his pants and underwear in one swift motion, she raises her eyebrows as she sees he is already erect. "Happy to see me, are we?" She chuckles lightly and pulls his clothing off completely. She then pushes his legs apart slightly, putting two more pillows down between his feet, kneeling there. Licking her lips a bit, she smiles and winks up at him, "anything else I can do for you, love?"

If this were a cartoon, Noor' nose would be bleeding, from Sari's play. He saw the pink nightie that hung from her breasts, no straps. That was all she wore and what he saw, he liked very much. "Yes, ma'am" anyone would be happy to see Sari as she was, but her playfulness was something only for Him. He leaned forward and returned her kiss on the nose, and played lightly with her hair, "I don’t think you need to ask, babe. You don’t need to ask, either. I’m yours." and settled back into place.

She smiled as he kissed her nose & played with her hair. It was rare to find someone as playful as she was, but Noor definitely fit the bill. She watched him move back into place. Running her hands over his thighs lightly, she reached forward to stroke him, pressing along the bottom ridge with her thumb as she stroked him. She carefully stroked his inner thighs with her other hand. Leaning forward a bit more, sliding her hand down to cup and play with his balls, she stuck her tongue out and licked from the base to the tip. Swirling her tongue lightly around the tip, she licked him up and down a few times before opening her mouth wide to take him in. Sucking softly as she stroked him with her mouth, she made sure to use her tongue on that ridge, knowing how sensitive it was to pressure. Flicking her tongue lightly against the spot right under the head, she releases him with a light "pop" and begins to kiss her way down, licking and sucking at his balls. Murring lightly with pleasure, she was happy to feel him growing even harder in her hand.

As Sari licked his shaft, she could taste the precum already. His shaft was throbbing as she moved around on it and responded to her tendings. "Oh, Sari... that- feels... fantastic". He was brushing his hair out of his eyes, as Sari literally played him like an instrument. She could feel him spasm occasionally as she hit sweet spots.

He watched as her form bobbed up and down on him and watched her bottom dip in and out of sight. "Such a- cutie, too. I’m the.. luckiest.. guy on earth."

She loved the taste of him, happily sucking away. Whenever she hit a sensitive spot, she took note of where it was to use again later. Sucking him into her mouth again, she started to go deeper and deeper, driving as much of his shaft into her mouth as she possibly could, down to the point where she almost couldn't breathe. Feeling him getting hard as a rock, she knew he was getting closer. She made sure to use more pressure, bobbing her head up and down at a faster pace, loving the trace amounts of precum that slipped out. Her hand around the base, meeting her mouth with her strokes, her other hand on his balls, playing with them lightly, she released him suddenly to lick at him again. Swallowing him one more time, the murring in her throat making it vibrate around him, she moaned around him, her own orgasm imminent.

"Oh my g- aah~!" Sari's murring combined with where her tongue was had snuck up on Noor and caught him. Noor grabbed her hair and helped her push his cock deeper into her mouth. He came hard into her, a fountain of cum hitting the back of her throat. "Sari, you’r- !" He started to go limp, but Sari's expertise with his shaft, had him right back up and as hard as ever. "Wow... just... wow."

She loved it when Noor grabbed her hair, loving the feeling of being pushed to her limits. Hungrily suckling at him as he comes, swallowing every droplet of cum, she continues to murr softly, knowing the feeling would help him get excited again soon. Suckling at him lightly, she felt him go hard again...Climbing up over him and sitting in his lap, his shaft caught between them, " are just so very delicious!" Licking her lips lightly, she smiles down at Noor with a twinkle in her eye. "Is there anything else I can do for you, love?" She winks and smiles.

Noor felt his heart quicken as she slid up onto him. The intensity in his shaft was close to unbearable as it pressed against her, wanting to be in her. Feeling daring, Noor slipped her supporting leg and arm out from under her. The quick turnaround leaving Noor above Sari and crumpling the silk comforter. He played with her breasts, using both hands. Rather aggressive of him, Noor cupped her breasts and alternated suckling them. Sometimes licking the areas under her breasts and inside her cleavage. "Yes, there is another something you can do, babe." He tumbled and wrestled with her on the giant bed. As they came back to Sari being below and He above, she found that during the heated match, he had tangled her arms with a sheet from the now messy bed. "You can be mine, too lovely"

Surprised as Noor flips her over, she moans heatedly as he begins to play with her breasts. His hands and mouth knowing exactly what to do to make her happy, the air was filled with her moans and sighs. Laughing as he wrestles with her on the bed, loving his playful side, she is left panting as he stops. Her arms tangled in the sheets, she looks up into his eyes, smiling warmly. "Funny, I thought I was already yours?" She inclines her head and kisses him softly. "So...why don't you take me then?"

Obliged by her encouragements, Noor slips the tip of his cock up and down her slit, her juices glossing his head, "Alright then. Here I go." Noor teases Sari by sliding very slowly into her, driving deep to the hilt. He kissed her in a line from her neck to her cheek and began buzzing her ear. As she flinched and tried to hide one ear, he'd switch and begin buzzing the other. He began moving slowly in her, increasing the torment in her. "How am I doing?" as he began to increase the pace.

She moans loudly as he takes his time entering her, gasping as he fills her completely. She smiles as he kisses her, then groans as he begins the buzzing near her ears. Her body shuddering as he buzzes at her ears, she twists and turns her head to get away from it, to no avail. As his thrusts come slow and steady, she is inarguably under torment, wanting, craving the faster pace she knows he is capable of. Slightly panting now from the torturous way, he is playing with her, she smiles as he starts to move faster. "'re so damned naughty, tormenting me...You know I love it!" And as he starts to hit her sweet spot inside, she cries out "just don't stop!!"

Noor continues his methodical pace inside of Sari. As he drives deep into her, they bounce up a little bit, swaying her breasts, before settling back into place. "I won’t stop until your satisfied." They continued to grind against each other as sweat began to prickle on them. Nothing like the profuse amount from the sauna, but just the amount from a great workout. "I love you Sari." after a short while, Noor began to increase his pace again, the force with which he piled her, increased a bit as well. "C’mon, babe, how far can you go?" She trembled as he kept hitting one of the sweet spots of Sari. Many have tried to find a woman's g-spots, but Noor knew Sari, and pushing into her, He smiled.

Moaning louder and louder as Noor drives into her, she can feel her body reacting to his in more ways than one. Lifting her legs to allow him even deeper access, she wraps them around him lightly. Making small noises each time he hits her g-spot, she smiles and bites her bottom lip as he speaks. "I love you too, Noor" Looking up into his eyes, smiling, he suddenly hits the spot again, her eyes closing, tilting her head back. As he goes faster and faster, she cries out louder. She can feel her juices overflowing as her g-spot is stimulated, feeling them dripping down from her flesh onto the bed below. Her body trembling now, her cries getting louder, she knew she was more than ready, but she did her best to hold back for him. Wanting to prolong the time they were together as much as possible. Her hands still caught up in the sheets, she yanked at them hard, crying out, "Noor!! Don't stop!"

He wanted to keep going. He wanted Sari to writhe in ecstasy, but her encouragement and meeting with him was too much. He pumped her as fast as he could to try and build up their pleasure a few more steps before he came deep into her. Her pussy spasming around him. It almost hurt for feeling so good, but Noor tried to keep going and moving inside of her. "SARI! YES! Yeeaahh!! Keep it up as long as you can!"

Her body clutching to him as her orgasm coursed through her body, thrusting her hips back up at him. As he thrust faster and faster, she cried out more and more, her pussy squeezing him rhythmically, milking him for all he's got. Letting her body ride out the orgasm, moving from one plateau to another, she could feel it building up more and more, there was one big orgasm coming...She tried holding it back, but she was like a snowball in an avalanche, utterly lost. Crying out even louder, the sound turning into a scream, she couldn't even make a word. Her body began to spasm roughly, and she could feel herself spurting, her juices running down her like a waterfall. Clinging to Noor, all she could do was ride out the waves. The power of the pleasure he gave rendering her speechless.

Sari was speaking in tongues if at all. Noor felt very proud of how much he made her feel great. He continued moving within her as she continued to cum, movement was extremely slippery as their juices mixed together. After several minutes of pumping, they came hard again. Well, Noor came again, he was unsure if Sari came again, or was still coming. "Yeeeaaa Sari!'' He grunted.

She cried out again and again as Noor continued to pump in and out of her, her orgasms coming so fast they seemed to blend into one big one. Not counting but knowing she had at least five by the time they came together, she wailed loudly. Panting heavily as Noor slowed down his thrusts, resting on top of her. "Goddamn, Noor! I don't know how you do it..." Smiling as they lie there, she slowly lowers her legs, twining them with his, kissing him softly wherever she could reach.

Relaxing... slowing... Noor brought their pumping to a slow rocking motion. "I don’t know either... but I do it for you." He helped Sari out of the sheets, settled up next to Sari in bed and moved an arm around her. The bed was in shambles, but sheets were still close to cover up if need be. His hand wandered playfully over her stomach, tracing the contours of her muscles, fingering the line between her chest and breasts, and playing with her navel. "You were fantastic, babe." He mentioned through just forming sleepy eyes.

Sari smiled at his words, thinking to herself that he did indeed 'do it for her'. She had rather liked being restrained by the sheets, but she was grateful to be released as well. Smiling and closing her eyes slightly as Noor played his fingers along her body, she blushed at his compliment. "No more fantastic than you, love." Noticing his sleepy eyes, she pulled him close to her, nuzzling at him softly. "You look sleepy, baby, why don't you get some rest." She holds him close, stroking his hair, kissing him all over, whispering sweet little words no one else could hear.

Noor felt very content in Sari's embrace. Trying to fight the sleepiness was too hard. Before he fell asleep, he kissed Sari goodnight, and hugged her tight next to him. Her voice trailed him to the edge of the abyss of consciousness. "...Love you... babe." And he was out.


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