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The Neighbour's Secret - 1

There was something unusual about the couple next door and I wanted to know what

By Alexa MartinezPublished 11 months ago 8 min read
Image by philm1310 from Pixabay

Jane and Robin were not your typical couple. Something was off. My husband wasn't interested and shrugged his shoulders at my detailed observations on our new neighbours.

"She seems to wear the trousers," I told him with an unexpected sigh while peering our the side of the front bay window at them.

"It happens," Jack replied picking up the cushions from the sofa. "Have you seen my glasses?"

I shook my head as I watched the new neighbours pull into their driveway. The husband Robin got out first and walked round to the passenger side. He opened Jane's door and stood back for her to get out while holding the handle. He looked for all the world like a chauffeur more than a husband.

Jane was a head taller than Robin in those heels she seemed to wear for any occassion, even the shopping. She straightened without acknowledging her husband's presence, spotted me, and waved enthusiastically without any appreant rancour at my nosiness. A bright smile crossed her face.

Robin headed for the house front door, let his wife in without any look or thanks from her, and returned to the car to get several bags of shopping from the boot. He then spotted me too, nodded a greeting then looked at the heavens for a moment as if to acknowledge his job to do tasks.

"Robin is more like a manservant than a husband," I said as I turned to see Jack looking behind the TV. "I think you left them in the bathroom, Jack."

He stood up and the look of remembering hit his face. He scuttered out of the living room and I heard his footsteps disappear upstairs.

I returned to the sofa, straightened the cushions and sat, picking up the book I needed to finish for the book club next week. Jack was a great guy but it would be nice if he was more like little Robin and thought of my needs at times.

About twenty pages in, the doorbell chimed. I waited to see if Jack would answer it. I lived in vain hope. I went to the door and opened it to see Robin standing looking sheepish. His eyes were on the step. I looked over his slight frame. His long hair kissed his shoulders and turned up a little at the ends. He had a fringe he'd pushed to one side and I wondered if in probably his mid-forties, the light brown wasn't too perfect. And not a little feminine.

I'd have sworn his eyebrows were plucked and shaped and his eyelashes black and unaturally long for a man. They couldn't be false. That was ridiculous.

"Hello, Robin, can I help you?"

He looked up, his clasped hands in front of his body. "Hello Mrs Martinez. my wife would like to know if you'd join her for an afternoon coffee and maybe a little cake? She needs some advice and thought you might help."

That was a surprise but it sounded a good opportunity to snoop and find out what was going on in their relationship. Robin was very timid.

"Please, Robin, call me Alexa."

"Yes, Mrs Martinez."

He was an oddball, that's for sure. "I'll just call for Jack to join us."

Robin fidgeted. "I'm sorry, Mrs Martinez, but my wife only asked for you."

I hadn't expected that either. Oh well, whatever. "OK, a girl's only afternoon?"

Robyn's eyes were large and brown. "Yes."


"Now, if you can."

I shrugged and called out to Jack I was going next door for a chat with Jane. A disinterested grunt answered me from upstairs. He was still in the bathroom, who knows what he did up there. I dread to think. I grabbed the doorkeys from the table by the door in case Jack was in the garden or just didn't hear the door.

I closed it behind me and followed Robin as he cut across the front lawn to the neighbour's side. I was fascinated by how his hair bobbed and flicked on the top of his narrow shoulders as he walked.

We went into their house and Robin showed me to the front room. Jane was sitting in an armchair. She stood and kissed me on both cheeks. "How lovely to see you, Alexa, please sit. Coffee? Cake?" She motioned me to the side of the sofa next to her chair. I nodded at her question, coffee sounded great and I shouldn't have any cake but one slice wouldn't hurt.

Robin waited patiently by the door. "Robin, off you go sweetheart, and bring Mrs Martinez and me coffee, milk on the side, and a slice of that wonderful cake you baked yesteday." Jane waved him away dismissively with a flick of her fingers while smiling at me.

Did she really just send her husband off to serve us coffee? And she called me Alexa but referred to me as Mrs Martinez to Robin. I was right, something unusual was going on here at my new neighbour's home. A tingle of excitement shot through me. I don't know what it was, but I liked what I was seeing.

After a little small talk, Robin returned carrying a large silver tray, two cups with saucers and a plate with two slices of sponge cake. He placed the tray on a low coffee table and stood back.

Jane sighed. "Well?" she said to him with a hint of impatience.

Robin dipped a knee. My mouth dropped open. I guessed I was mistaken but I'd have swored that was a curtsey.

"I'm sorry about Robin's manners Alexa." She raised her eyebrows at her husband.

His body stiffened and he hestitated for a moment. Reluctance and pleading flashed in his eyes. Seeing his wife's stern face, he repeated the dipped curtsey to me. My mouth dropped open once again and I felt my hand grasp the sofa arm tight. Robin had done a little curtsey to me. I tried to fight a grin forming on my lips. To be frank, I liked it. A warmth went through my chest.

"Now, Robin dearie. What else have you forgotten?" Jane was sitting bolt upright in her chair, both palms on her knees, her dark dress falling from them in a long deep bow.

"I don't think that's a good...," he started.

Jane stood so fast, I jumped. She leaned forward, her face stern, hands on her hips but her voice calm. "No one's interested what you think, sweetie. Thinking is for us ladies. Now get upstairs and get changed now. You know my rules of the house, honey." She pointed a long red nail in the direction of the stairs.

Robin's face went dark purple. He stopped breathing for a moment.He rushed out of the door and his footsteps clumped up the stairs.

Jane sat and turned to me with a look of concern. "I'm sorry about Robin. We're only been together 18 months and I'm still training her."

I had taken a sip of coffee and the burning liquid caught in my throat at that instant she explained. I gulped then coughed, putting my cup clumsily on the tray spilling coffee in the saucer. "Her?" I spluttered.

Jane sucked in on her lips. "Yes, I think it best for marital discipline to strip away masculinity; it only gets in the way of the things I want Robin to do for me." She smiled without a crease around her eyes. "It's Robyn with a 'y'. Naturally."

This was becoming surreal. Jane called her husband, 'her' and was ordering him around as if he was her personal servant. She seemed comfortable with the arrangement. Extremely comfortable. And despite the seeming reluctance, he did as he was told.

I heard Robin stomping back down the stairs. Jane shook her head. "I'm sorry Alexa, she can be so clumsy at times, I'll need to send her to someone to teach her how to be more dainty."

I heard Robyn go to the kitchen as I absorbed what Jane was telling me. She wanted her husband more daintly. Good luck if you ever wanted Jack to be like that.

""Robyn, come here now." Jane breathed out long and slow. "She likes me leading the marriage but I have to keep on top of things as men can be so lazy."

Robyn's footsteps came closer to the living room door. They sounded like heels on the wooden floor. Robyn came in with his head down and hair over his face. I took a gasp and held my breath. Robyn was in a short white dress that flared out from an elasticated waist below her flat chest.

I tried to swallow but my mouth was dry. I let my eyes fall over him. He wore four-inch thin heels and sheer tan holdup stockings. His dress was slightly flared and so short, small white panties showed. My eyes fixed on the front of his panties. A small cage-like frame was outlined in the taut cotton.

"I see, you've spotted her chastity cage," said Jane

I stared back at Jane who thought this was all perfectly normal. I guess it was for her.

"I keep her locked away, it's for the best. It keeps her on tenterhooks and submissive. Mostly. Orgasm isn't good for sissy husbands in my experience. Best to lock their little things away and keep them out of their touch."

Robyn was clearly cringing in humiliation but I saw something else in his eyes. Intense exhileration and love. He was loving and hating this in equal measure.

"And it's the chastity cage that brings me to why I need some advice, Alexa." Jane's calm honey tones broke my unblinking stare at her husband.

"Since I can't allow her to do anything, you know, sexual." She whispered the word sexual as if it were some kind of secret from Robyn. "I was wondering if you knew any real men who might be interested in..." She raised her eyebrows and widerned her eyes as if that explained everything.

My mind was fogged with the scene in front of me. Jane's husband was in a revealing dress, female hairstyle and high-heeled shoes. And some kind of cage on his private parts.

"Alexa," she said. "I'm looking for a real man. Just sex, you know. After all, I already have a husband."



About the Creator

Alexa Martinez

Alexa is an author and blogger on Female-Led Relationships, Feminisation and Femdom using her pen name Lady Alexa. Her fetish novels can be found on most online bookstores such as Amazon, Smashwords, Apple Books and many more.

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  • g.korizis3 months ago

    Sexy Dominant Jane.

  • holly holly8 months ago

    Lady Alexa has a talent to conjure up the reality of a feminised flr while making it seem perfectly natural

  • Jerry B8 months ago

    What a wonderful story so far. I would love to be Robin!

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