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The Misadventures with a Tentacled Pet (Pt. 2)

A story about a woman and her tentacle monster.

By Come AgainPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Anna stood still as the tentacles reacted to her command, and slithered across the floor towards her. When they reached her, they moved up along her legs exploring her body. The sensation that coursed through her was one she had not felt yet. There was a firmness to the tentacles, and yet simultaneously, there was a soft texture to it. With each second that passed, there was another tentacle that touched her as she was slowly enveloped, almost like the tentacles were forming a cocoon. It paid particular interest in her breasts, ass, and pussy, as it ran the tip of one of its tentacles along her lips. She was getting more and more aroused by the second.

Once the tentacles were satisfied with the examination, one by one they started to retreat, revealing more of her body to the cool air. The thin layer of slime that it left behind, coupled with her arousal and the slight chill, made her nipples hard enough to cut glass. She knew that the slime was an aphrodisiac, that is secreted by the tentacled monster she had created, and she could feel her sensations build faster than she had ever experienced before. Once a majority of the tentacles had retreated, the ones that were still on her body were at her wrists, ankles, knees, elbows, torso, and neck. Out of the 16 tentacles that it had, six were holding her in place with a tight grip, tight enough that she had no way of breaking free. That was something she found out in practice, when she tested the grip out of curiosity. She was trapped in a sealed room with a monster that is larger and stronger than her, yet she was dripping with anticipation.

Her perception of time had already been thrown off, and she wondered if she should have made the sessions longer so that she could experience just how good it can be. The fact that the tentacle monster was taking its time was driving her crazy, as the only thing she was thinking of was having the tentacles inside of her, bringing orgasm after orgasm. The tentacles then ran the tips of a couple of its tentacles lightly along her body. They were light, feather-like touches along her abdomen, breasts, thighs, and lips. She was breathing heavily, and her eyes were closed. Her body was screaming for it to get on with it, yet at the same time, the pleasure that she was feeling from its treatment was far better than any man that had been with her. Her body reached a level of pleasure that she did not know existed. Her hands were clenched, and her toes were curled, as her body tried to contain the sheer amount of sexual energy building up inside her, ready to pop at any moment.

Her mouth was open, and drool was running down her chin as the tentacles moved to run their tips against her pussy lips. Two of them were playing with her nipples, two on her ass, and two on her lips. She stuck her tongue out, more through instinct than anything else. Another tentacle came over and greeted her tongue, and with the aphrodisiac making contact with her tongue, the level of pleasure she was experiencing increased that much more. She was certain that, if this lasted, she was sure to lose her mind, or have it melt until nothing was left. The final tentacle came forward, and with the two tentacles at her pussy spreading her lips, it reached for and gently touched her clitoris.

The tentacles had to strain to keep her in place, as her entire body tensed up. Her orgasm washed over her body like a tidal wave, rolling her eyes up into her head, making her groan, forcing her back to arch despite the restrictions made by the tentacles, and squirting so hard it was almost like water being sprayed from a hose.


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