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The Hallway

by Moonlit Sky. 3 months ago in roleplay / relationships / nsfw / fiction / erotic
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Adam and Vi (erotica)

The corner comes up fast, I run through the dark hallway, the light walls making it easier to see.

"Ahh!" The shriek escapes me when I collide with a solid body. I turn to run but Adam scoops me up in his arms and carries me to the wall and gently leans me against it, lifting my wrists up and pinning them before letting them go for me to rest my head against.

His body practically forces the air out of me when he smashes me into the drywall. I rest my head on his shoulder and close my eyes as his hands start at my thighs and move to my waist. He squeezes my ribs and I grunt in pleasure. He massages the flesh resting in the black bra, running his thumbs over the sides and trying not to squeeze my nipples too hard.

He lays me down on the padded bench, ties my wrists with some basic rope, and connects them to my neck. He lifts the skirt up and puts a hand on my breasts, moving them down gently until his hand is on my crotch.

The gentle massage is nice, but the taps are even better against the fire that is now building as he teases me. He taps his fingers along it and I smile at the new sensation.

"Eager are we?" He grins at my hips starting to gyrate.

"You better be inside me in the next five minutes."

He chuckles, "as you wish milady."

I laugh at the line, liking the milady part admittedly. He loosens his pants and takes his dick out. Then, he lifts me up to a sitting position, and I use my hands to lead him into my mouth.

I start slow, liking my lips and running my tongue around the smooth flesh of the head to stimulate saliva. I work my way down the shaft, the saliva slowly following, and soon my hand is able to join in. My main fingers wrap around the base of his dick and my lips work their way under my teeth to protect his skin.

With the added pressure, he moans and his hand wrapped in my hair grips tighter, he carefully holds me firmer on his dick. I take a deep breath, and another, on the exhale I take him deeper and feel a bit of resistance. But it's comfortable.

I take him as deep in my mouth as he will go, my tongue sweeping around him and my lips working him over. He moans more and then pulls me back. He takes out a condom and slips it on. Then he lays me back down while I wipe away the tears from my gag reflex.

His fingers massage their way across my clit and soon they are inside me. I moan quietly at first until he starts moving them quickly and I moan louder. Oh, it feels good.

Then I feel him rub against me, and I open my eyes to relax fully and let him in.

"Ohhh," the thrusting feels so good when he gets going. He carefully makes his way deeper and soon most of him is in me. The pressure builds in me as he pushes against my clenching sides. "Oh gods," I whisper and he pushes harder.

The whispers continue as the pleasurable pressure builds and builds. He leans over me, my hips spread wide, bent over me in flexibility. I moan as my muscles clench and then I groan against him and my wrists try to reach up as the pleasure courses through me. Wave after wave of it. The world disappears and the only thing I'm aware of is the pleasure and his thrusting.


About the author

Moonlit Sky.

I'm a writer. Often with a dirty mind. I love animals, movies, TV shows and books.

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