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The game of the rich second generation: When I teach the rich second generation private, he not only does not give money.

I finally know why the rich are getting richer. To a rich second generation to go abroad to catch up on English, he said he was in a plane, not only did not give me money, but also left my companion at home.

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After graduating from university, in order to earn living expenses, I co-founded an adult English education institution with two friends. I was mainly responsible for teaching one-to-one oral English lessons to some people who wanted to go abroad for postgraduate study.

There was a man, let's call him Alan, who was generous with his money. I often brought his girlfriend with me when I was in class. Once, as soon as I left my study door after class, I had not gone a few steps when I heard a woman's green cry coming through the thin panel of the door. And long, swaying hair.

What grown man can withstand this kind of stimulation, listening to the intermittent voice, I was hot inside.

That day in class, he took his girlfriend together, I kindly remind him to converge, don't brush the gun out of trouble, he dealt with said know know know know, are adults, he knew limits.

I went downstairs to pick up the package and soon I heard a gasp in the room and a whine and a murmur for him to come in. I gave them a nod to stop.

After a while, Alan opened the door and came out. "Hey, brother, you want to join us?"

I was his teasing really want to get angry, usually petty even, make what things come, I also how to make money with class!

He said that he would introduce a friend to me to study. One of his former classmates said that he was going to interview a stewardess recently. He wanted to get into an international flight and needed to learn oral English, so that I could charge more money.

I can't get angry with him because he often introduces me to some of his friends. Besides, I was intrigued by his suggestion for a second. After all, I haven't had that much fun, and I haven't had a woman for a long time since I broke up with my ex-girlfriend.

He sent me his friend's wechat account, winked at me, and said, "Brother, remember to enjoy!"

Inside, I wondered what he meant by enjoyment.

Two days later, I met the girl

"Hello, my name is Emma."

Her voice is particularly sweet, like a cotton candy, black long hair is particularly smooth, as if a small face can pinch water, eyes round, like a deer.

The most attractive thing is that full pink lips, like jelly let a person have a kind of impulse to suck.

I put on my most gentle smile and started to teach her,

But somewhat to my surprise, after a few moments of conversation,

I found that Emma's spoken English was not bad, so she didn't need to take extra lessons to cope with the interview of stewardess.

I complimented her and asked her questions.

Emma smiled at me, seemingly unsurprised by my question.

Without warning, she took off her coat,

I was a little overwhelmed, boy! Under this coat, I'm wearing nothing but a little white sling!

And the sling, I don't know if it's bad quality or something, it's kind of transparent,

Emma's black lace undergarment is almost in plain view. I looked away, pretending I didn't see it.

"I'd like to practice a little bit more to get through the interview, wouldn't I?" Emma said, turning around.

Boy, it's even more obvious from the front, with a deep chasm in the middle of Emma's stunning creature wrapped in black lace underwear, glimpsed through the white suspenders.

My head a little confused, while trying to wake up, while can not help but exclaim, this body can be very good!

"Then maybe you can find someone who has lived abroad to practice spoken English. I'm afraid I can't help you much." Though I had lost sight of God, ethics compelled me to answer her.

"I think you speak quite well and... I..." "Emma said, leaning forward with her hands on her knees, revealing a corner of her already loose sling, Emma's neckline glistening.

"Hehe hehe." I heard Emma's soft laugh and saw her staring at a certain part of me. I looked down and saw that I was already having a physical reaction, even in my thick jeans.

I hurriedly got up in a panic, said I went to the bathroom, and rushed to the toilet to calm down.

Thinking of Emma, this one worked out especially quickly. I looked at my hands full of white, a little chagrin.

How could it be so hopeless? To be infatuated by a woman like this.

But given that image, it's probably a man who sees Emma's face and her body, and he can't resist it.

I washed my hands, and I was thinking about how I was gonna hide my embarrassment later,

But I heard rapid panting and muffled groans coming from my study.

I was stunned. Was it... Emma?

I quickened my pace in spite of myself, but when I reached the door and looked at the open door,

I didn't even realize I was moving lightly.

I imagined what I was going to see, but when I opened the door, all I saw was Emma sitting at her desk,

Seems to be thinking of something, looking out of the window, her face with a trace of red...

I shook my head slightly, pushing the dirty thoughts out of my mind.

The time of a class passes quickly. The tip of my nose is full of Emma's scent,

The alarm clock went off in a trance.

I'm a little sorry, but Emma seems to have no problem packing up her things,

Also put on the wide school uniform coat, his delicate body blocked a firm.

Just as Emma was about to leave, I inexplicably followed suit.

"Come along! I'm just going downstairs to get some cigarettes." I said, also very natural to follow up.

Emma just smiled and nodded, as if she was the shy, beautiful woman she had been when we first met.

Out of the house only to find that the elevator was out of order, fortunately in the 8th floor, not too high, climbing up and down not much tired. So we both walked down the stairs slowly.

The light in the stairwell had never been very sensitive because of its old disrepair, and we walked slowly down the dark stairway. No one spoke, and for a moment the atmosphere became slightly ambiguous.

Emma seemed to be a little afraid of the dark, and she would approach me from time to time.

As I wrestled with the question of whether to take her hand and go downstairs together,

I suddenly felt a soft streak on my left hand.

At first I thought it was me, but then again, it was a finger, running gently across the back of my hand,

And then he slipped away. I looked at Emma in surprise. In the dim light,

Emma looked up at me with an indescribable smile.

Impulsively, I grabbed her hand, but she seemed frightened,

The soft, boneless hands slid right out of my hands.

I was a little chagrined that my chaotic mind had been driven away. We walked the rest of the way in silence.

I put on the mask I picked up before I left and went into the shop to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Two steps, feel a little wrong, why this mask has a trace of obvious sweet fragrance?

I am a rough man, never use the habit of perfume.

The scent on the mask, on the other hand, is a little familiar, a little like Emma's scent.

I sighed, thinking I might have gone crazy.

Somehow, I managed to open the camera monitoring APP on my phone.

I wonder what Emma does when I go out in the afternoon.

I lit a cigarette and watched the picture fast forward.

Finally wait until I walked out of the picture, I looked down, but was surprised.

In this scene, when I go out, Emma first looks in the direction I'm leaving,

And then she... He took off his suspenders and underwear to reveal his white body,

And then something even more shocking happened.


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