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The Emperor and the High Priestess

by Zeddicus Zane about a month ago in erotic
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A Tale of Magic and Sex

Images from the Tori Hartman Chakra Wisdom Tarot

She was the high priestess of her temple

Sometimes she was a bitch. Others, gentle

The divine feminine was her embodiment

Water magics were her main condiment

She desired a divine masculine supplemental

After years of waiting, came the viking

A divine masculine mage of her liking

He presented a collar bearing his name

For her to submit to his masculine flame

She accepted and submitted to her king

She became the ying to his bright yang

When they fucked, the cosmos sang

Only to her would this king really bow

He claimed her field for his man plow

Arousing her much like the ylang ylang

One morning he woke to quite a surprise

Dilating the pupils in his sapphire eyes

She had balls in hand and mouthful of cock

His priestess was really making the bed rock

But it's her field he really wants to fertilize

So he rolls her over and spreads her legs

For his seed she quite desperately begs

With one hand around her collared throat

The other slides in his massive seed boat

Then goes around one of her smooth legs

He squeezes her neck and claims his territory

Her divine pleasure is very very auditory

"Your fat wet pussy is MINE!" He grunts

Hers, was indeed, the best of all the cunts

Her pussy more precious than any other quarry

As he slowly and deeply penetrates kitty

He starts sucking on her fat tender titty

Her neck he cups with both of his hands

Thumbs in her mouth. Pussy like wetlands

His kiss brings an orgasm nice and pretty

As the "Fuck!" is given in a loud manner

His hands tighten around the neck of her

Her legs tighten as he pushes in hard

One after another orgasms bombard

As his hard kisses forcefully reoccur

Having been pleased, she rolls him over

And climbs him like a lifted range rover

Placing her hands on his sculpted chest

For HIS sexual desires to be addressed

Her lips give his chest a tender once over

Like a divine goddess, showing her power

She reverses the cowgirl with her flower

So that his hands can squeeze her thick ass

His divine masculine has her ridin first class

So she takes in all of his massive tower

He warns her that he is about to blow

So she slides his dick out really slow

And shoves it deep into her throat

So he can empty out his seed boat

Her hands jiggle, starting the cum flow

She swallows all of his warm payload

But her body still leaves an erect node

So puts her on her hands and knees

And licks her slit as a kind of tease

Prepping her pussy to again explode

Her neck is encircled with hands again

As he slides in all of his inches of ten

His biceps curve as he pulls her neck

And her pussy he begins to wreck

He makes her hallucinate like psilocybin

Her mind makes an exit at left stage

He fucked her all the to the ice age

She could see mammoths and tigers

Chased by bow and arrow fighters

Her pussy had unlocked the mage

She was snapped back to reality

Because of a vicious orgasm spree

And shockingly turned to see him

Was her "king" just a pseudonym

Was he also her hierophant to be

Confused by his emanating light

And is divine masculine god-like might

So she just gave in to his divine power

As he poured magic into her for hours

She collapses fighting the good fight

Knowing that his power was too great

He slows down the magic floodgate

And lays her down on her left side

So behind her his body can slide

Allow her, with reality, to reacclimate

As his fat cock slowly penetrates her

Kisses on her neck generates a purr

One hand supports her beautiful face

The other massages her clit's space

Connections between mages occur

As they both begin to cum once more

Fully open, the dimensional planes tore

Their souls begin to completely merge

Just as each other's orgasms splurge

They are exactly what each asked for


About the author

Zeddicus Zane

I am an engineer and reiki master. I write stories and poems across various genres.

IG: @zeddicuszane

Twitter: @ZeddicusZane

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