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The Cuckolding Solution

Her answer to the husband who cheated

By Elle A. WildPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 13 min read

This is a work of erotic fiction intended for adults 18+.

I paced the living room as I waited for Lile to get home, still hoping that what I was about to do was the right thing.

At this point though, it felt like I’d tried everything else and Lile was still the same mopey, self-loathing, unemployed disaster he’d been for almost a year.

I was aware, of course, of the irony of it being me trying to fix things — me trying to lift him out of his funk when it was him who’d had the affair at work with his secretary, gotten fired over it, and let his life swirl down the toilet where it had since remained.

Yes, I’d been devastated when I’d found out. Obviously. My whole fucking world as I knew it had collapsed around me.

But I’d never been one to be defeated — by anything — and I resolved to put in the work. The work necessary to get myself a place where I’d no longer feel that if a bus were to accidentally hit me, I’d kind of be okay with it.

And eventually, I did. I got to a point of acceptance.

Because I put in the fucking work — the sort of work that Lile hadn’t been able to pull himself far enough out of the depths of self-hate and depression to do himself.

But never in my process had I ever attempted to make him feel bad. Quite to the contrary, I’d comforted and soothed and loved him through all of it. I’d been the one constant in his life.

Lile did very much love me — I knew that. And beyond that, he had never expected before the affair that he’d become a cheater. Having become one and having hurt me as badly as he did, had eaten away at his perception of himself, and he just couldn’t seem to move past it.

I, on the other hand, was ready for him to get the fuck over it. And that was what I hoped would be the result of today’s intervention.

I heard the car pull into the driveway and knew Lile was back from the store. It was the one place I could get him to go these days and it was the only opportunity to get him out of the house.

And he was back, just on time. I took in a breath, clasped my hands together to keep them from betraying my nerves, and waited.

Finally, Lile walked in, carrying a couple of plastic backs and shutting the door with his foot behind him.

“Hey,” he said, looking at me as though to ask why I was just standing around in the living room.

“Hi, honey.” I intercepted him to give him a kiss on the cheek before he walked past to drop the bags on the kitchen counter.

“Lile,” I said. “Come take a seat for me when you’re done? We need to talk.”

“Okay…” he said, his eyes newly filled with concern.

He walked over and took a seat on the couch, and I stood in front of him, ready to start my opening lines. From his expression, I guessed he thought he knew what I was going to say, but he would be very wrong.

“It’s been a year,” I started in. “Over a year, actually. And no, I’m not about to try to ask you to talk about it again.” (That had never worked very well.)

“Frankly, I’m past it. I want to move on, as I know I’ve demonstrated.”

I felt the comforting smile I’d put on start to shift to an expression that betrayed more of the undying frustration I held.

“But you’re a wreck,” I said. “And I can’t handle it anymore.”

I saw the mental self-flagellation begin within Lile, and a part of me wanted to roll my eyes.

“So I’m taking charge of this,” I continued. “We’re trying something new.”

His brow furrowed, but I didn’t give him any time to think.

“Rob!” I called. “Could you come out please?”

A couple of moments later, Rob, the tall and muscular man who’d spent the last twenty minutes waiting in my bedroom, walked through the doorway to stand beside me.

“Lile, this Rob, my coworker. And he’s here to help.”

The confusion shown on my husband’s face was at its max — too much for him apparently to think of anything to say. That was good; it made it easier.

“I know you’ve had a really hard time getting over what you did. That you had sex — multiple times — with someone else.”

Lile’s head tilted down just the slightest bit with the shame, not just of it being said aloud, but being said in front of a stranger.

“So,” I continued. “I’m going to have sex with someone else — with Rob — and you’re going to watch.”

Lile’s eyes grew wide, almost as much so as his mouth, which had dropped open at my announcement.

“I’m hoping,” I said. “That the fresh image in your brain of someone else fucking me will neutralize the image — or the shame associated with the image — of you fucking your damn secretary.”

I know it sounded a bit like it wasn’t over it, but that was more frustration with him than it was anything else.

“Got it?” I asked, but it wasn’t a question. There was a force in my voice and a resolute, take-no-bullshit air of finality.

Lile only stared at me, and that was fine. This was, of course, a shock.

I turned to Rob. “Ready?”

“Absolutely,” he said.

With surprising swiftness, his hands were at my waist and he was slipping his tongue into my mouth.

I’ll admit that I had been a bit wet beforehand, but that first taste of his mouth and the feeling of his strong fingers digging into my skin sent a fresh wave to my panties.

It was strange making out with another man in front of my husband. Hell, it was strange making out with another man at all — it had been so many years. But it was also delicious and exciting, and my body was covered in an abundance of goosebumps.

Rob pulled my shirt up and over my head, revealing the lacey bra I’d worn just for the occasion. I felt my nipples harden as he kissed his way down my neck to lick the tops of my breasts.

I snuck a quick glance at Lile, whose sadness I noticed first and which filled me with momentary guilt.

But then I saw the tent that had formed under his pants — a growing erection caused by the scene in front of him.

I looked back at Rob as he unclasped my bra and gently squeezed my breasts, one in each hand, moaning under his breath as he did.

The contrast between his night-dark skin and my milk-pale skin had never been so evident, and really, it was quite aesthetically pleasing.

The thought passed quickly through my head that a photographer could have made quite something of the scene.

Tearing his attention from my breasts, which I’d always been secretly proud of, Rob undid the zipper of my jeans. He bent as he pulled them off, running his mouth down my leg as he did, and I felt a drip of my juices slip past my panties onto my thigh.

I had a moment of conflicting feelings — feeling bad about how turned on I was. But who wouldn’t be turned on by a hunky man sexily taking your clothes off while admiring your body? Right?

Rob rose and brought his hands to my waist, and I yelped in surprise as he lifted me into the air. I wrapped my legs tight around his torso as he carried me from that spot in the living room over to the rarely used desk several yards away by the front window.

He pushed things to the side with one hand and then laid me out on it, my ass right at its edge.

“I told Rob you’d fucked her on your desk,” I called out to Lile, now a bit further of us but still granted a full view. I didn’t feel the need to look at him that time.

Rob bent his knees and knelt on the ground in front of me, tall enough that in that position his mouth was exactly at the height of my now very wet and excited pussy.

He kissed it over my lace panties that matched my sexy bra, and I moaned at the soft touch and its warmth. I closed my eyes and felt his lips on the sensitive skin at each side of my panties before he slid them down and off.

Those panties, now part of a memory-in-the-making, might become my new favorites…

I felt my juices as they slid down my slit, and I gasped when Rob’s mouth made contact with my pussy, catching them on his tongue. I heard myself moan again.

“You’re so sexy,” Rob said. “I can’t wait to make you cum with my mouth.”

And that is exactly what he proceeded to do. His lips and tongue were the most skillful I’d ever had grace my body. Their initial gentle caresses to the dedicated sucking and eventual insistent pressure.

“Oh my GOD!” I said over and over again.

I thought briefly about Lile sitting on the couch, watching as this man ate me out, and listening as my exclamations far exceeded any that Lile himself had ever provoked.

“Yes!” I moaned as I felt Rob slip a finger inside me, and I continued to think about Lile watching us — watching and listening as I shook and cried out, falling into the most unbelievable orgasm I could remember having.

I heard a zipper, and so breathing heavily, I opened my eyes just in time to see Rob take out his cock.

“Oh!” I said aloud and then clapped a hand over my mouth as though it could take back my unintended exclamation.

It was the biggest cock I had seen outside of porn, and it was already standing at attention all for me.

I knew that Lile must be mentally comparing his own to this and knowing that it didn’t at all measure up. Was he worried that I’d never be able to enjoy his as much after Rob’s?

Rob reached out and swept his hand up across my pussy, collecting my juices in his palm and proceeding to lubricate himself with them, making his cock glisten.

With his massive piece in his hand, I watched as he brought it toward my pussy, and I felt my muscles spasm just the tiniest bit in anticipation.

Rob wasn’t using a condom because, as I’d told him, Lile and his secretary never had. It only made sense to make the scene as comparable as possible.

I moaned as he slipped first the head in and then I watched, marveling as my little pussy took in and enveloped the whole of his cock. He held it there for a second letting me get used to it and locked eyes with me in a way I could’ve sworn said, ‘Get ready for the best fuck you’ve ever had.’

Then he began to move, slowly withdrawing partway and then sliding back in, each movement eliciting its own sound from me.

I enjoyed watching it retreat, appreciating its girth, and then watching it disappear inside me. Again, I wished I had a photographer to capture the beautiful contrast between the dark skin of his thighs and cock and the light sheen of my mound and abdomen.

I glanced again at Lile and noticed with a bit of surprise that he was absentmindedly stroking his own cock over his pants. What I kinky little bastard, I thought.

Rob lifted my legs up then, placing them on his shoulders and tilting my hips such that every time he moved, he massaged my happy little G-spot.

“Oh fuckkk,” I said. “Jesus. Fucking. Christ.”

God, the way he hit that spot with his cock… They make toys just for the purpose, and those damn things don’t do the job like he did.

I turned my head again to glance at Lile, to watch him watching me get fucked. This time his cock was out and gripped in his hand. He still looked unhappy, but his erection sure didn’t.

Rob swung one of my legs to join the other on his other shoulder, creating a better view of his cock thrusting into me for Lile on the couch. At least, I thought that’s what he was doing until I saw him lick his finger and then gasped as I felt it teasing the outside of my asshole.

He was playing with my ass, something Lile had never even done, and he was making sure that Lile could see it.

But I couldn’t really even think about that. The dual sensations of Rob’s cock filling my pussy and his finger pressing at my hole — they had me crying out insensibly. I felt my muscles contracting, my body starting to shake.

I was tingly all over and a bit lightheaded, but I couldn’t stop the loud, open-mouthed moaning he was provoking.

“If you keep moaning like that,” Rob said, his voice low and sexier than I’d ever heard it. “You’re going to me cum inside this pussy.”

I just moaned louder, the thought of him cumming inside me sending me right up to and then over the edge.

I cried out as I came, my legs spasming fully out of my control, my pussy contracting, again and again, squeezing his incredible cock. I felt it twitching inside me as my eyes tried to close and I approached passing out.

“Oh GOD,” Rob groaned, and even in my semi-conscious state, I felt him cumming with me, pumping his cum into me.

What a fucking turn-on. Even if I was just finishing the world’s best orgasm.

Rob eventually slowed, and I appeared to have narrowly avoided passing out. We breathed there for a moment, both getting our bearings.

Then Rob leaned over me and gave me a long, skillful kiss.

“You’re incredible,” he said as he stood up.

I was too out of it to do much more than smile at him.

Then he pulled out, and I felt, heard, and saw the cum, dripping out of my pussy to land on the floor beneath the desk. I fucking loved it.

I closed my eyes and basked in it for a moment. Then I took in a breath and opened my eyes, turning my head to look at Lile.

His shirt and one of his pant legs had fresh cum stains on them.

I heard Rob zipping up his pants.

As Rob then walked around the desk toward the front door, he paused to lift a hand in a wave to Lile.

“Hope it was helpful,” he said with a good-natured smile directed at my husband.

He passed behind me and I heard the front door open.

“See you at work, Cindy,” he called out, and then I heard the door shut.

I sat up, made sure I wasn’t still lightheaded, and then slipped off the desk onto my feet.

I felt more of Rob’s cum trying to escape my pussy as I walked across the living room toward Lile.

I sat down, still naked, next to him on the couch.

He seemed to be taking me in — my naked, flushed and messy-haired state. It took a while for his eyes to meet mine.

“So,” I began when they did, “Do you think you’re ready to stop feeling bad yet?”

I waited. He turned to look ahead, back in the direction of the desk, and I watched as he appeared to think.

Then he shook his head.

I sighed and stood up.

“Well,” I said. “I suppose I’ll let Rob know that we’ll be needing to do this again.”


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Elle A. Wild is a city girl who loves writing character-centric sexy stories that surprise even herself.

Elle writes from a perspective of female empowerment and pleasure, and if you’re not into that, well, she’s probably not for you.

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