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The Control Janice Had

Thomas was a happy camper

By Brandi PaynePublished 4 years ago 6 min read

Thomas and Janice had been married for a few years now and had no children to speak of because they both want their careers first. Thomas was a registered politician while his wife Janice was a certified accountant. They both worked long hours, and when they finally met each other at home, that is when the intimacy began.

Their sex life was nothing to talk about, it was missionary all the time and for about the same amount of time each day they were at home together. Well, Janice was at the office one day hearing other women talk about their sex lives, and then it dawned on her that her sex life was nothing but boring.

She stepped back and took a good look at her sex life with her husband, and knew that things needed to change. She began by changing her attitude and went home to make some other changes. But before going home she stopped off at a local bookstore and grabbed a few books. When she got home every night she began reading these books on how she could change her sex life.

Her husband, Thomas was always so busy that he didn’t even take notice to her reading books. Things were just the same every day with the same routine. When Janice finished reading these books, she spoke to Thomas about how boring their sex life was and that things needed to change. Thomas looked at her and then thought about things for a moment before deciding to allow her to make some changes, and that he would agree to whatever she wanted. Janice was happy that he agreed with her and she made a few notes and put things into action by going shopping for a few things.

A few hours later, Janice returned home with many shopping bags in hand and again, Thomas did not even notice. She quickly went into the bedroom and changed into a sexy goddess outfit, and did her hair and makeup. Things were going to be different and how she wanted them to be.

When she was ready, she called for Thomas to come into the bedroom, but what he didn’t count on was that Janice had this latex outfit on, and a small black leather whip in her hand. It stopped him in his tracks and then he asked what was going on, and that is when Janice reminded him of his agreement to allow her to change things up a bit.

He went to step forward and she cracked that whip startling him. Janice demanded that he take his clothes off, and he went to speak when Janice cracked the whip again at him and he started taking his clothes off. He had no clue to who this woman was and what she did with his wife, but he was finding it a little arousing and did as she demanded or face the whip she held firmly in her hand.

Once he was completely nude and before he could utter a word, she demanded that he begin stroking his penis for her. He looked at her strangely because he had never masturbated in front of her the whole time they had been together. He was almost ashamed to do so, but found the whole new wife very sexually arousing and he was almost pleased to do whatever she demanded.

Thomas grabbed his penis and began slowly stroking it while not making eye contact with Janice. She began asking him questions pertaining to how it felt and how he felt stroking it in front of her? He muttered soft words telling her that he felt embarrassed masturbating in front of her. Janice let out a small laugh and told him to get used to it because things will be different from now on.

He could not even think straight because he was finding that his penis was getting erect faster than it had ever before. His penis began to harden and grow in his hand. She stood there and watched as her husband ran his hand along his erect shaft.

She walked forward to him and grabbed his shaft squeezing it until he winced from the pain. She told him that he will do what she demands or face consequences. Janice was going to show how she had control of his penis and not him anymore. Thomas began to like it and wanted her to demand more.

She demanded that he begin stroking it again and that he was not to ejaculate until she gave him permission. He thought that she was being silly until she cracked that small black leather whip again, so he began stroking it. She wanted him to stroke it slowly with long strokes and giving the head a small squeeze each time.

Thomas stood there in front of his wife masturbating his penis as she demanded and felt so aroused. After what seemed like forever, Janice told him to stroke it faster including the swollen helmet on top with each stroke. He kept his eyes down on his penis standing there in front of her as she held him at whips end.

It got to the point at which he was about to ejaculate when he told her he was close to being finished and then she told him to stop stroking it. When he did, he looked at her as if she had gone mad knowing that he was at the point of finishing. She told him he would not ejaculate until she told him to.

She waited a few minutes and then demanded that he begin stroking it again. She gave him a few minutes to rest his arm and allow his sperm to build up in his testicles. She would not be allowing him to finish for a bit. Thomas knew what was coming and did everything she demanded and wanted more.

This went on for about an hour with Thomas having to masturbate faster each time and then having to stop right before he finishes. His testicles were beginning to hurt, and tears swelled in his eyes because with all the pleading he finally did, she would not allow him to ejaculate.

Janice told him this was how penis control was going to go, and that they would be experiencing it every so often. He had a saddened look upon his face and felt embarrassed because he knew his wife would now be in control.

For the very last time, Janice had him masturbate fast and hard with his testicles turning blue and hurting. Thomas wanted nothing more than to ejaculate and for this nightmare to be over. It took about fifteen minutes for Thomas to reach that point of ejaculating again, but this time she demanded that he put his sperm into his hand.

He could not understand why but did as she commanded and when he started to ejaculate, he caught it in his hand and felt his testicles hurt even more to release it. It felt like they were moving up into his groin as his load shot hard and slow.

Once he was finished, which took forever for them to empty out, and he stood there with a pile of sperm in his hand, Janice told him to now eat it. He looked at her if she had lost her mind and she cracked that small leather whip across his bare butt cheeks which stung. He slowly moved his hand near his mouth and began eating his own sperm and while he did, Janice stood there smiling knowing that she had full penis control of her husband. Thomas knew that things would be different, and agreed to every bit of change that his wife wanted.


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Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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