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Knock, Knock, Housekeeping

Do you need fresh towels?

By Brandi PaynePublished 4 years ago 4 min read

Bruce had arrived in town a few minutes late and dropped his load off at it’s destination and headed for a motel to get some sleep since he drove his tractor trailer all night to make it in time. He rented a motel room close to some fast food restaurants so he wouldn’t have to go far for something to eat.

Once inside the room, he began undressing and then pulled out some clean clothes from his duffel bag before heading for the shower. He wanted to get clean before going to bed. He washed up and then stepped out of the shower, not knowing that he had a guest in his room.

Bruce walked out of the bathroom with only a towel around him and standing there in his room was the maid with some fresh towels and soap. He startled her because she was not aware that the room had been rented.

He noticed that she was a cute little thing with a hot body dressed in her little maid uniform which had a skirt to it and that is when he felt the rise from underneath his towel. She looked at him smiling and noticed that nice bulge growing under his towel.

Her uniform blouse was unbuttoned enough to see some cleavage of her nice plump breasts and Bruce couldn’t contain himself. He walked over and began unbuttoning more of her blouse while staring into her eyes while she smiled. He opened up her blouse and saw that she had very perky nipples that showed right through her bra. He took his hands and cupped both of them gently before he leaned down to kiss her plump ad full lips.

She reciprocated the kiss back while unwrapping his towel and dropping it to the floor with the clean towels that she still had in her hands. After the kiss was over, she looked down and saw that Bruce had a nice long penis with a swollen helmet head. She grabbed it with her hands and stroked it a few times before kneeling in front of him and wrapping those juicy and wet lips around his penis.

Bruce tilted his head backwards as she started sucking long strokes on his shaft. He would look down every so often to see her red lips pursed up around his head which became very erotic to him and aroused him even more. He placed his hands on her shoulders and helped guide her back and forth on it.

It was so hot seeing this maid down on her knees, but Bruce didn’t want to finish like that, so he grabbed and lifted her up turning her around and bending her over the bed. He took and lifted her skirt up over her butt and saw the cutest little lace panties barely covering anything. He took and slid those panties to the side exposing the pinkest little vagina he had ever seen.

He rubbed his penis up and down between her vaginal lips watching as it got wet with her juices. He then found her vaginal opening and pushed his way inside her. As he went deeper, her moans got louder. Bruce grabbed her hips and thrust in and out listening to the squishy sounds her vagina was creating with his penis.

He pumped her gently a few minutes and then as he got closer to climaxing, he began pumping her harder and her moans made for the perfect ejaculation as he exploded deep inside her wet vagina. He remained inside her until every drop had ejaculated and while he ejaculated, it sent her into an intense orgasm with juices running down his shaft.

When he pulled out of her, his penis was covered in both of their juices to which she turned around and began cleaning with her mouth. She licked every bit of those juices off his penis while his man juice dripped and ran down her legs from her under her skirt. It was an awesome relaxer before he went to bed.

He watched as she buttoned her blouse back up and straightened her panties and skirt before walking out the door to his motel room. He then rolled over and went fast asleep with a smile on his face.


About the Creator

Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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