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Testosterone and its role in a woman's life

by Farkhanda Naz about a month ago in sexual wellness
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Where is testosterone synthesized in the body?

Where is testosterone synthesized in the body?

Testosterone and its role in a woman's life

Where is testosterone synthesized in the body?

Why is testosterone so necessary for the normal functioning of the female body?

Normal testosterone levels

A significant part of the hormones in the female body is produced cyclically, and in the male - continuously, without monthly cycles. In fact, any hormonal effects are the result of concentration and not the presence of the hormone in the body.

Testosterone still has a reputation as a "male" hormone, is the hormone of the "kings" and the "king" of hormones.

Where is testosterone synthesized in the body?

  • ovaries
  • adrenal glands
  • Adipose tissue, skin, muscles
  • Let's try to understand the physiology of testosterone

Testosterone belongs to a group of hormones known as androgens, which require cholesterol, zinc, and vitamin D3 for their synthesis. It circulates in the blood as a precursor, capable of converting to other types of androgens or estrogen.

Testosterone, having bound to its receptor, penetrates into the cell and, under the influence of the enzyme, turns into an active form and can manifest its active biological effect.

Why is testosterone so necessary for the normal functioning of the female body?

Recent scientific evidence suggests that the role of testosterone in women is not limited to the regulation of sexual function and libido - this is only a small part of the physiological effects of testosterone in women, reflects the generally accepted (and, from our point of view, rather narrow) understanding of the physiological role of testosterone in the female body.

testosterone, along with estrogens and progesterone, is an active participant in the regulation of the menstrual cycle and ovulation in women of reproductive age;

testosterone (at the right concentration) is used as a basis for the formation of estrogens, which are important for the normal maturation of the follicles and the preparation of the endometrium for embryo implantation;

participates in the processes of sexual differentiation, the development of secondary sexual characteristics in girls, starting from adolescence;

maintains libido at a high level, and helps to increase sexual desire. The rise in testosterone levels in women in the periovulatory period explains the increased sex drive during the most fertile period when the chances of pregnancy are high;

affecting the red bone marrow, the hormone stimulates the body to produce new red blood cells;

participates in the formation of physique, affects the development of muscle mass, and is responsible for the strength and volume of muscles;

affects weight (excessive testosterone levels contribute to the deposition of fat at the waist);

Maintains normal bone density;

affects endurance to physical and mental stress, stress resistance;

forms the psycho type of the "leader", improves brain activity, and cognitive function (but with an excessive increase, it affects irritability and aggressiveness);

regulates mood, and maintains a balance of psycho-emotional status.

Women who have high testosterone levels within normal limits are marked by leader qualities and a bright personality. This is the hormone of youth, it forms a certain psycho type, is responsible for our behavior, gives us energy, high spirits, and self-confidence, and increases the ability to achieve goals, lead people.

Normal testosterone levels

"Normal" or healthy blood testosterone levels vary widely depending on thyroid function, liver function, protein status, the genetic activity of an enzyme that converts one type of androgen into a more active one in its action, and other factors.

There are several fractions of testosterone. What you need to determine for you, only an experienced gynecologist-endocrinologist will help you find out.

Testosterone is not an isolated hormone in a woman's body. Therefore, to determine it, we recommend determining the hormones associated with it. Only with an integrated approach to the female body, you can get the result and success in treatment.

In women, testosterone levels are 10 times lower than in men.

A woman's testosterone levels naturally fluctuate throughout her life, her menstrual cycle, and even at different times of the day.

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