Test of Love

by Ember Joy about a year ago in fiction

An Adam Lambert Fan Fiction, Pt 1. This is completely fiction, just made of my fantasies. Don't like it, don't read it.

Test of Love

First POV:

Spent, covered in sweat, naked. Looking back, Adam Lambert with his sexy grin on his sleeping face. This would be any girl's dream, right? Well... it's my reality.

My name is Celestia Anderson. I'm 25 years old. Adam Lambert is 28 years old, and I am his secret girlfriend.

We've been together for about three years. We met at one of his concerts. I spilled my drink on him, we both dropped our phones, I grabbed his phone and... that's how we met.

I still remember our first date. It was at my house with fast food and a scary movie. We joked about life as a celebrity, made fun of celebrities we hated; then something happened...


"You're kidding?" Adam Lambert asked in the middle of a hysterical laugh. The movie 'Saw' was playing in the background.

"I'm not kidding! My aunt literally got so drunk she got up on the counter and actually did the macarena. I was so embarrassed I just got out of there with my tail between my legs!" She chuckles, taking a bite out of mint. She continued to tell the story, her face with a bright smile.

He looked at her with a smile, then slightly serious. She continued on about how the food was good, how she would always go there whenever she needed a special night. Suddenly, she heard the food put down. Before she could ask, he leaned forward.

His lips pressed hard against hers. Her eyes went wide as he pressed his kiss against her, gently cupping her face. She couldn't stop him. She didn't want to. Ever so hesitantly, she wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling him closer for a deeper kiss before sliding her hand in the leather collar of his jacket.


That's how we met. That's how me and Adam became boyfriend and girlfriend. Before I could even think, I felt a finger trail up my spine. I give a gentle gasp before I felt a pair of lips kiss my shoulder-blade.

"You wanna go for another round?" he asked, whispering in my ear before nipping at it. I gasped out lightly. In his music, he is a slightly perverted guy who talks a lot about sex. When he's with me, I relieve his frustrations, and he relieves mine.

"Do you really have to ask?"

He chuckles and leans in for a kiss, forcing me back on the bed. I feel his hands on my body, his breath on my skin, the slight stubble tickling me. But I do wonder... if he truly loves me. I mean, he has slept with other people, other men. I don't mind. As long as I'm with him, I'm happy, right?


3rd POV:

She was wiping down tables and collecting dishes. Celestia is a waitress/hostess at a nice little cafe. Not like she needed to, Adam pays for her for everything. She wants to pay for herself a little bit, so she has two cards: a credit card as a gift from Adam, and a debit card. She usually uses her debit card.

"CC! Customers!" The redhead nods, pushing a stray piece of hair back before walking over with her dishes.

Adam was off in another city in maybe Massachusetts, or Vermont. She didn't know, she just missed him. As she hands in the order, a familiar voice came from behind.


Instantly, she thought it was him. Turning around, she was slightly disappointed and confused to see her ex, Damian.

"I knew that was you! I recognize the red hair."

She smirked and pushed a piece of hair back.

"I'm working right now. I need to keep my job," she states before he smiled.

He handed her a card with his number on it, telling her to give him a call. She sighed before placing the card in her pocket, then went back to serving.


Celestia's POV:

I was cooking dinner, Adam was due back home any minute and I was excited. Two days without seeing him, that was hard. I had my favorite song playing behind me and I was doing my little dance.

The door opened and I was met with Adam, a large smile on his face as I plate the pasta.

"How was Boston? It must have been great..."

I was cut off by him turning my head and pressing his lips against mine. He was always forceful, he was was always hungry for her. I wanted to drop everything, but he just did his teasing smirk.

"Dinner first," I growled teasingly at him before turning back.

"Did you bring me a souvenir?" I asked.

"Yes, I did, two scarves. But I can think of another way to use them," he growls in my ear, nipping at it.

I smirk before turning away. As I was searching for some utensils, a memory came into my head.

"Oh, you're not gonna believe who came into my restaurant."

He looked back at me confused.

"Damian, my ex." As I searched, I didn't see his face contort in confusion, then anger. "I couldn't believe it, it's been what, four years since I've seen him? He gave me his card. I was thinking of having dinner with him; try to catch up. Four years is..."

I was cut off by my vision suddenly going black.

I felt a soft, silky fabric across my skin then he pulled her back.


3rd POV:

She felt a pair of lips against her neck, making her gasp out as the silky fabric was tied around her head. After it was secure, a pair of hands trailed down her body, holding her tightly before lifting her shirt up slightly.

"W-What happened to wait after dinner?" she gasped out before he nipped her neck. She moaned before he cupped her breast.

"Not anymore..." he groans into her ear before turning her around and leaning her down on the kitchen counter. Skin started to perk and shiver at the cold feeling of marble. His lips trailed down his neck, licking down before ripping her shirt open. She gasped as he toyed with her. She sucked in a breath, his large hands toying with different parts of her body.

His hands cupped under her bra, massaging her breast in a teasing way. She could feel his rings, nails raking her skin and pinching her tit. She curls in excitement, her body shivering for his touch.

He heard his breath, the intoxicating scent of his cologne. It drove her mad. She felt one hand move away from her breast, only to be replaced with his tongue. She squeaked, feeling his free hand trailing down her side and into her leggings. Fingers teasing and toying her lips, already soaked with pleasure.

Her bosom heaved, her body shook in pleasure. It felt like everything was vibrating her body. He chuckles at her shaking body, watching the way she twitches and arches her back. Just watching her act like that, it just turned him on even more. Hands clung to the marble countertop, shaking and trembling in pleasure as she was teased.

She reached out to grab him, only to have her arm pinned. She gasped before suddenly her body was tossed over his shoulder. She wanted to take off the blindfold, see his face. Instead, before she could even try, she was forced back on the bed; hard.

Swallowing her air in anticipation; she heard a clinking sound. His belt buckle and his chains from his pants were clanking. She knew what was coming.

"Open your mouth," he states before she nods, opening her mouth slightly, slowly.

Suddenly, she felt a warmth force itself into her mouth. She was pushed back onto the bed. Hesitantly, she raised her hand up his legs, trailing his ripped jeans before feeling his flesh.

She heard his groan, making her smile as she slowly moved her head, ever so gently bobbing her head. Her tongue swirled his length, feeling him slowly move against her bobs.

Her hands reached up before clawing his lower back. Sucking harder, his groan was heard and she felt him lean forward. One hand was freed, her thumb and index finger circled tightly around his member, moving in a twisting direction as she used her pinky to tease his balls.

She moaned out against his skin, feeling his throbbing member turn hard, veins pulsing in her lips. His moans of pleasure got louder. She knew that he would give in soon.

He felt like warm wetness engulf him in pleasure, his body starting to twitch. The blindfold started to slip off her head. He felt her suck and tease him. The clock ticked minute after minute before she did something that sent him over the edge—she caressed his cock with her teeth. Gently, though, it was just enough to send him over the edge.

She felt a warm substance, bitter and thick, move down her throat. She shook before swallowing it. She coughed lightly, his member being pulled from her mouth.

Her mind was fuzzy, the blindfold was off, and she saw his face; mouth hung open, eyes craving her, and a smirk across his face. She gave a chuckle—seeing him smile made her happy. He heard her chuckle.

In an instant, he grabbed her shoulders before pulling her up and forcing a kiss on him. She groans out, wrapping her arms around his neck. He forced her down on the bed, ripping her shirt off her body. She moans and he leans down, licking up her stomach before nipping her skin.

She moans out, trembling in pleasure before he slides her hands down her legs. He felt something in her pocket and pulled it out, seeing a business card. His hand massaged her body as he studied the card.

"What's this?" he asked in a deep voice. Celestia looked up.

"It-It's my ex's card. I must have forgotten to pull it out of my pocket," she states before he smirks. His hand trails into her leggings and slowly start to massage her bundle of nerve. "AH! Fuck!" She clings to his arm, feeling pleasure shake her body.

He gave the most amusing smirk before flicking the card off to the side, leaning down and capturing her lips. She forced his leather jacket down his arms, desperately fumbling with his clothes to take them off. He smirked and pulled back, sitting up and sliding off his leather jacket then his shirt.

She trailed her hands up his body, sitting up before kissing him deeply. She opened her mouth, feeling him suck and toy with her tongue. He kissed down her throat and sucked, trying to leave marks on her body. She giggles, eyes lightly rolling in the back of her head.

Suddenly, he pushed her on the bed, grabbing her waist before slowly grinding against her body. Grabbing the headboard, she gasped and cried in pleasure when he slid in.

The sound of her liquids made her blush, he chuckles. He whispered dirty things in her ear, licking and teasing her lobe before he gave a hard thrust. She gasps, clinging to the headboard as he started moving in a dis-rhythmic passion.

She gasps and cried out at every thrust, his hands squeezing and toying her breast. She felt him pull her back, her butt sitting on his legs as he started thrusting harder into her.

Her body was coated in a thin layer of sweat, so was his. He reached down, teasing her bundle of nerves again as well as playing with her breast. It was unfair. He knew all her most sensitive spots, the right ways to tease her.

She reached up and grabbed his arm, clawing at his tattoos and begging for more. She whimpered his name, begging and pleading for more as he licked her back and neck. She gasped for air, trembling in pleasure as he started to kiss down her back.

Turning back as far as she could, she sucked on his lips, wanting nothing more than to hold him close.

"I'm not gonna let you take control of me tonight," she purrs at him before forcing him on the bed. She chuckles and kisses him deeply, forcing herself around and slowly bouncing on him.

His body curved under her hips, watching her bouncing on his member and trembling. She pants, her head arching back as she started to bounce slowly on him. He reached up, massaging her curves before she jolted forward. His curses and groans compelled her to move faster. He tried to reach up, kiss her chest, only to have him forced back on the bed.

He was confused and excited over the fact that she was taking control. The control she wanted, the control that turned him on. He felt her throb, the pleasure of making her mind fuzzy as sweat dripped down her skin. Her thrusts slow down. She couldn't control herself. Everything felt weak and she was starting to go limp.

He suddenly wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her down on the bed and picked up the pace. He was losing his mind. She was losing control.

"Fuck! Come on, Star. Come on!"

She trembles at his words, her heart beating fast.

"Adam... Adam...! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" She shakes, arching her back as he holds her close.

"Come on, baby. I wanna feel ya. I wanna feel you cum."

Her body arched, shaking in pleasure. She clung to him, clawing his chest before exploding. She cried out in pleasure, her body pulsing and shaking as her climax ripped through her.

Seeing her curl in pleasure, feeling her nails, and hearing his name being used in ecstasy drove him over the edge. He bit into her shoulder, moaning out as he exploded, his seed spilling into her.

The room smelled of sex and sweat, filled with the steam from their passionate night. She collapsed on the bed, him following on top before rolling off to the side. She chuckles, trying to regain composure before rolling to look at him.

Her pants were heavy. It was hard to catch her breath before he slid his fingers in her hair. She leaned forward and kissed him deeply before looking into his eyes. His beautiful blue eyes. Suddenly, she said something that came out by accident.

"I love you." He looked at her confused and in shock before she covered her mouth. She was in shock at her words. "Um, I-I better get to the pasta. It might be dried up and old by now." She reached down, grabbing the first thing she could, which was his t-shirt and slid it over her body. "J-Just forget what I said." She forced herself up before walking out of the room. He was in shock, forcing himself off the bed slowly.

She collapsed on the other side of the room, her legs weak from her passion before covering her mouth in shock. She trembles lightly as she covered her mouth.

"You're so stupid, Star. Why did you say that?" she groans, holding her head lightly.

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