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The Honeymoon

by Ember Joy about a year ago in erotic
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The world vanished with that kiss

The Honeymoon
Photo by Mia Harvey on Unsplash

Amethyst bounced on her toes, the anticipation alone made each glow of the numbered button took an eternity to change. She squeezed the translucent floral printed, asymmetrical skirt that attaches to a knee-length dress of a matching pattern that held onto her curve nightly. Her long, purple locks tied in a wavy high ponytail.

A man with dark black hair in a messy mop style; dressed in a pair of khaki shorts, a white button-up short sleeves shirt, and sandals. With a smirk across his triangular face as he slowly bent his body to whisper just behind her ear.

"If you keep bouncing like that, the elevator cord might snap," She let out a gasp at his voice; deep, husky, masculine, and to her: calming.

"I-I'm just really excited. I can't believe we're finally here," She replied, face lightly pinkened from embarrassment.

The bellboy with the full cart chuckled that the couple. "Honeymoon?"

"Was it that obvious?"

After a few more agonizing seconds, the elevator doors pulled apart on a random floor.

"Room 1020. See if they have the towels we ordered," The happy bride squeaked with joy before her body jolted down the hall. Her eyes scanned the door numbers before finally; their room.

She pushed the door open to a luxury hotel room, her tropical outfit following her behind. The walls were painted with an island theme, the bathroom filled with tropical toiletries, a matching bedspread, a large television, and even a wardrobe decorated as an island. The brightest smile grew across her face as she ran from one side of the room to the other.

Her husband watched with a bright smile, handing over a large tip for the young man as he took his leave.

"Oh my god! Charlie, look at this balcony!"

"I'm coming!" He yelled back, a smirk across his face as he watched his wife dance in the Hawaii sunset; her smile more dazzling than the sky. She walked towards the balcony edge, face pointed to the pink and orange clouds as the warm sea breeze moved through the air.

His heart raced in her chest, the dyed locks framed her heart-shaped face. He couldn't pull his eyes off her; until he noticed her finger. "Where's your ring?"

She looked back then down to her hand. "Oh, I didn't want to set off the metal detectors, lose it on the flight, or risk it getting stolen so I... put it back in the box," He pressed his lips together and she rubbed her fingers. "And I'm still trying to process that we're a couple now," Awkward, playful chuckles escaped her throat. "I mean, we got married less than eighteen hours ago,"

She rambled on as he took slow strides towards his new wife. "I mean, I've been in love with you since sophomore year, got you to date me by my junior year of college, been rejected dozens of times; I just can't-"

He suddenly pressed her against the balcony wall, towered over her five and a half foot frame. Her face grew red, flushed with embarrassment as his nose pressed against the top of her head, his warm lips against her forehead.

"Where's the ring?" He breathed against her face, a shiver moved down her spine. His large hand delicately caressed her down her arm to pull her back into the hotel room. Finally, she got a good look at the bed.



Not plural.

A large, king-sized bed with two swans made of several towels and different colored rose petals decorated the white comforter set. On the bedside tables; other than a fruit gift basket, were unwrapped scented candles, CDs of romantic music, and an unopened box of condoms. This hotel definatly knows romance. A lump formed in her throat as she tried to swallow the nerves. The nerves were getting to her.

"I-I'm gonna use the bathroom real quick," She declared as she pulled herself from his grasp and sprinted to the bathroom. Once the door was locked, her balled hand pressed against her breast, the drum that was her heartbeat pressed against her ribcage. Every thump moved the blood faster through her veins, the tightness in her chest made her feel like she was suffocating.

Dedicating herself to a single man for six long years; doesn't leave much room in the world of dating. The idea of being with him; terrifying, exciting, embarrassed; a wash of emotions moved down her body. The first thing she wanted to do was shower again; shave, wash up, wear perfume, change into something more... attractive.

However; her purse was still on the bed. Her suitcase was still by the door. Even her phone wasn't by her side to calm her. She couldn't call her friends for advice. She could wish her mother goodnight. Couldn't delay this any longer.

With a deep breath, she unlocked the bathroom door only to see him on his knee, the ring between his fingers, and a warm smile across his face. Her breath caught in her throat.

"I gave you this ring to show you that your hard work paid off," He cooed, gently taking her left hand into his. "Never take this off. This means that your mine," Slowly, he slid the silver band back on her ring finger; her dark blue eyes fixated on the violet, oval-shaped stone. "I chose this stone because of you. Will you keep it on for the rest of your life?" His gaze raised back to her own.

Her heart melted into the warmth of his chocolate eyes. A weak, joyous smile followed by the sweetest tears; she didn't hesitate.

"Yes," For a moment, their eyes were locked into each other, frozen in time.

He forced himself off his knee and used his hand to gently cup her face before he pulled her head up. His head fell into her mouth, sweeter than any candy to him. Amethyst was the most delicious thing in the world; the one thing he couldn't live without. The warms of her lips made him smile, her hands hesitantly reached his waist; fingertips delicately touching his tanned skin.

One of his hands gently cupped the back of her head to push her body and mouth closer to him. The other cupped her hip, sliding the same hand up under the shorter skirt. A gasp escaped her lips at the sensual touch and her heart clenched in her stomach; he used the oppr0tunity to slide his tongue into her mouth.

Gentle, teasing glides over her teeth and tongue; enough to already get her panting with anticipation.

For a second, she pulled away for air but his lips didn't stop. As her head slowly fell back, his warm lips peppered down her chin, planted down the sensitive parts of her neck, and stopped just at the curve of her collar bone. Each kiss made her body stiff, the sensation of his lips made her tense, but it also left behind the most wonderful sensation of pleasure.

"Charlie..." She let escape as she pulled his head back up to him.

His eyes were fixated on her. Lightly tanned skin flushed pink, red think lips, and an innocent look in her beautiful eyes. His own gaze moved down to her dress, a sweetheart neckline that exposed the tender curve of her breast.

She took a deep breath as she gathered her courage. "I love you, Charlie,"

After a few more seconds, he released his arms her body, only to pull her off her feet, hoist her into his arms; followed by a surprised squeak, and carried her out of the bathroom doorway. She leaned forward, her hand against his cheek as their lips slowly moved against each other.

One knee on the mattress, he pulled the comforter off the nearest corner then gently laid her on the bed. Their lips pulled at each other, they tried to swallow each other. Instinctually, her fingers reached his buttons; a smirk grows across his face as his fingers moved to the zipper of her dress. When his warm fingers touched her bare skin, she tense. Arms and fingers froze on his buttons and her face contorts slightly into fear.

Slowly, his lips trialed away from her mouth, kissing along the soft angles of her jaw before reaching her ear. Another gasp escaped her lips, causing another smirk to grow.

"You like it here?" He teased, the top of his tongue teasing her loves. Her teeth sunk into her lip. He knew exactly where to kiss her. After a few more teasing licks, his tongue was replaced by his lips. Powerful kisses that pulled along the edges sent shovers how her waist into her lower body.

He felt her squirm under him, every soft and pleasurable moan sent sparks through his lower extremities, which made his kisses even more passionate. He pulled onto her skin like a bite and trailed down to her chest.

Finally, all his buttons were undone. Her gaze was locked onto his chest and stomach; not a ripped man, but lean with a rectangular body shape. Across his lower stomach was a long scar that cut across his stomach and barely reaches past his left hip. In a bold move, she forced herself off the bed to leave her own trail of kisses across his skin. She paid close attention to the scar, her tongue danced along the edges which forced his eyes shut. His hand combed through her purple locks.

He wanted to touch her more. His hands caressed all her exposed skin; warm fingertips sent a sensual burn through her and she wanted more of it. She craved it. He was desperate for her touch, her taste, her body against him.

"Charlie... I-" He cut her off with a deep, passionate kiss. Her fingers crawled up his back, slowly up his shoulders, and wrapped around the base of his dark hair. Her fingers tighten on his locks as they panted and pulled each other close.

The silk dress slid off her arms and down her chest, exposing her chest. Her C size breast with darkened and hard tips. His passionate kisses moved even lower, down the center of her chest. His mouth opened wide, the edges of her full chest pulled or teased with before he left wet trails down her stomach and stopped right above her navel.

"Oh, my God," She gasped out before her teeth again sunk into her lips.

He let out a deep chuckle. "You make the cutest noises," His lips kissed across her hips, playing with the soft folds of her plump body. "I want to hear more of them," A sudden, loud gasp escaped her throat as his teeth sunk into her tender flesh. "Turn around,"


He sat her up and slowly turned her to the mattress. He pulled her back against his chest, passionate kisses mixed with love nips. One hand toyed with her front as he moved from one tit to the other. All he as to do was rub at her peaks and she melted into his body, loud gasps escaped her throat, and she felt the tingling sensation become even stronger.

The other hand moved along the curve of her back; her soft skin already covered in a light sweat. "You're burning up," He breathed against the back of her neck.

"It's your touch. It's driving me crazy," She confessed. They both shared a chuckle before he pressed her into the bed with his weight, another round of hungry kisses attacked her lips. His hands moved down the curves of her plump, apple-shaped physique before he started to pull off the rest of her dress. He bent her legs to pull off the rest of her skirt, another blush that spread through her cheeks down her entire being. She burned for him.

His hand slowly trailed down her curves, fingernails scratched along the sensitive skin, teasing her thigh before his fingers reached the edge of her panties. Lightning struck her. It shocked her to the very core. She had never experienced that type of pleasure in her life.

She wanted more. She felt her hand reach for his khakis, fingers tugged at the button before even attempting the zipper. Her fingertips trailed along his stomach and chest, the same tingling burn he delivered towards her was amplified. His hand moved on its own.

Charlie had no control. He never has any control when it comes to this woman. His palm cupped the warms between her legs. The ever so sensitive warmth made her twitch with every touch. Her hand reached for his backside, her nails scratched into his skin as she attempted to push his pants down.

The tender brush of his manhood against her thigh made her mind go blank. She didn't want to wait for long. She couldn't wait for long. Neither could he. With a teasing smirk, he reached for the box of condoms and pulled one of them open. Her eyes followed the rubber down his front to the tip of his member. The first time she got a good look at him. No prior experience to compare but she was not about to complain.

With the usual cocky smile, he gently dropped her head down onto the pillows, their lips molded together in a tugging kiss, and pulled her body into his. His fingers locked with her left hand. He squeezed her hand, fingers teasing the ring that will forever be on her hand.

Her tender hands trailed up his sides and crawled up his broad back, her legs wrapped around his waist. Her touch was intoxicating. Every caress earned her another passionate love nip.

"Charlie..." She panted, eyes locked into his own. Strands of her hair stuck to her face as she laid deep into the pillow. He held her ring to his lips, kissing the ring as his lower half slowly moved into position. Her eyes screwed close in anticipation before he gave a deep thrust. "Ahh!"

She expected it to hurt. For blood. For tears. The moment he entered her, she was embraced by a wave of love, acceptance, passion. Tears did fall but they were bittersweet. She said goodbye to her old life and welcomed herself into the role of a wife.

One hand was wrapped around her waist as he pulled her against his form, the other hand cupped her head. His fingers dug into her strands as he assaulted her mouth with kisses. Her own fingers tugged at his locks, squeezing in pleasure as his other hand dug into his flesh.

His movements were slow, passionate; every deep thrust met with a soft kiss. A tightness started to form in her stomach, fingers clenched tighter into his flesh from the pleasure. He growled at the pain, breathing into her ear as she continued to claw at his back.

"You feel so good. You know that right?" He chuckled, tugging on her earlobe with his teeth. She gasped and squeaked.

"Wh-Why would you say that?" She asked, removing her hands from his back to hide her warm face, fingers spread to cover more grown.

"Because of how dramatic and adorable your reactions are," He cooed as he pulled her wrist and pinned them down on the bed. "And I love to make you feel good," With another thrust, he assaulted her neck with passionate kisses, his tongue swirled against her salty skin.

"You-you're gonna leave marks," She gasped, her body twitching with pleasure,"

"At least no one else will try to flirt with you," He chuckled, kissing and pulling against her nipples. He groaned when she suddenly clenched around him. "You're so tight. Like you're trying to suck me in. Do I feel that good?"

"No! It's embarrassing- Aaahhhh," His warm hand caressed down the front of her neck to her breast. He rolled both her nipples between his warm fingers as he continued to thrust into her entrance. Amethyst felt so wet, hot, intense; her inner walls clenched tight around his member.

He felt a warmth spread through him, it started at his groin and slowly moved to his lower extremities. One hand reached up to the headboard as he tried to move faster and harder. The sounds of their mixed moans, gasps, with the faint squeak at the bedframe. His mind was pulled from reality. The pleasure sent his mind elsewhere.

"Thistle," He breathed. A smile formed at the mention of her nickname. A loving name only he called her. That sent her mind in a spiral of pleasure. Over and over, called out the name as his thrust become more passionate. Any rhythm or beat was long interrupted.

After two more powerful thrusts, he spilled his seed into the rubber and gasped against her skin. Her fingers dug into his scalp as he used whatever sense he had left to fall to the side. He avoided crushing her, removed the used rubber, and wrapped his arms tightly around her curvy frame.

After catching her breath, she looked up to give him the most tender glance before she hid in his chest. As she tried to hide her embarrassment, she felt his heart race against his chest, a pleasant smile crawled across her face. His fingers stroked through her hair, lips pressed against the top of her head.

"So... What do we do now?" He asked in a teasing voice. Her cheeks puffed in embarrassment before she hid under the soft covers. The clock was only 8:30 pm. "I like your thinking," He growled as he reached out towards the same box before he pulled himself under the blankets.


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